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Hey Computer people I need some help:

I have a hand me down self built computer that has an NVIDIA 2060 SUPER graphics card with more than enough storage and 32 GB of RAM. It's got Two SSD's though, One from my old Laptop that i got put into this computer and the one that this computer has. This is happening on the Laptop's SSD:

For some reason I can't play the game "Content Warning" on Steam; it fully crashes my computer not long after opening. It also happens with Friends Vs. Friends (which i have played on here before) and Baldur's Gate 3. I've tried messing around with the launch settings to start it up at a lower resolution and it still crashes.

I'm not sure what to do but my next option when i've got a chance is to try playing it on the other SSD.

Anybody have any advice on what I can do?

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I desperately need a piece of software to scan my windows 10 computer to see if the system or anything else is actually wrong. This computer is unbearably slow all of the sudden, with no obvious reason. Preferably something that is free because I am poor. #windows10 #TechSupport #computer #computers

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Second try. Almost good, the push pin connection of the two parts is still too weak though (melted mine together). Going to tweak it a little before uploading. :)

Really want to find a strong connection that works without glue to keep it recyclable at places like #Recyclingfabrik #3DPrinting #computer

Photo from above showing the external disk inside the bay, just slightly visible on the front of the desk.
One more photo from under the table, this time with the disk inserted in the bay and operational.

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As promised I published my under desk drive mount model now.
I've heard some of you liked that idea. :)

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Do people want AI in their browsers?

If the survey I did on Mastodon is anything to go by, most people do not.

2% Want AI in their browser.
25% Want AI in their browser, if their data is not used for other purposes, such as ads and profiling.
73% Do not want AI in their browser at all.

575 entered the poll.

A lot of browser companies are now pushing AI in their browsers.

I guess the 2% have a lot of browsers to choose between.

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hi, i'm spv. call me spv, or james if you want to be slightly weird without knowing me

here's an post because i don't think i've made one yet.
info to know about me: 16 from BFE, NY

i'm , and have too many other conditions to list. woooo!

i do on occasion
on the regular
i like to work with , but i don't do it enough

getting a degree in Security & from SUNY Broome (starting in august)

warning: i use a lot of

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Watercolor painting and a fountain pen drawing of connecting to Internet through a server on WebTV. My family used to have a WebTV from Dish Network. I remember seeing and hearing this from 2000-2002 ('02) . I would hear the sound effects many times, especially the music. I would watch WebTV news, sports, and the weather and also play DOOM

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From the ar(t)chive...

3D illustration for a 2006 issue of the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about healthcare via internet.

A lot of my illustrations are available as affordable high-resolution stock images:

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I have a basic Cateye wireless computer I tried installing on my Omnium cargobike. Unfortunately it doesn't work due to succeeding the max distance (70cm..) between the analog sensor and head unit.

So : I want a very basic (speed, odometer, maybe temperature and time of day). Preferably cheap and wireless. Alternatively cheap and GPS (bit worried about battery life with that).

Any suggestions are welcome!


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Im wondering if anyone here in the side of masto has any advice or experience with the Dell PowerVault MD1200 - MD1220?
I do have a PowerEdge 720 server with space for a PERC card to attach the DAS to. Im just wondering if anyone knows if these two particular PowerVault's are strictly SAS only and can only take firmware locked drives? Im thinking about getting one but dont want a massive paperweight.

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Malaysia emerges as a hotspot for semiconductor firms amid U.S.-China chip tensions.

CNBC reports: "Intel, GlobalFoundries and Infineon are some of the chip makers that have set up or expanded operations in Malaysia over the last few years."

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"Two of the leaders in quantum technologies, Quantinuum and Microsoft, today announced a breakthrough in reducing ‘noise’ that could mean quantum advantage is closer than previously thought."

TNW reports: "When it comes to quantum computing, noise refers to internal and external interference that lead to errors in quantum computations."

#Quantum #QuantumComputing #Computer #Microsoft #Tech

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From the ar(t)chive...

Stylized 3D illustration for a 2005 issue of the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about software to erase files.

#computer #monitor #software #app #tool #design #artwork #sculpture #illustration #illustrator #cartoon #style #art #arte #artist #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #GraphicDesign #3D #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

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From my 2000s ar(t)chive...

Icon-style 3D illustration for an article about then-new dual-core processors (before that you only had dual-processor systems).

#CPU #computer #tech #IT #design #artwork #sculpture #illustration #illustrator #art #arte #artist #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #GraphicDesign #3D #B3D #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

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Tron (1982) ist ein zeitloser und zu wenig beachteter Klassiker über den Kampf
PC vs Mainframe bzw. heute local vs cloud, Windows vs Apple oder menschliche digitale Kunst vs Generativer KI-Kunst. ( )

@film @filmeundserien

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From the ar(t)chive...

3D illustration from 2006 for the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about desktop search engines.

Looking at the time stamp of the original image, I finished this at 2:35 AM. Back then I was in a continuous battle with pushy deadlines and slow renderers. 😅

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From the ar(t)chive...

3D illustration from 2006 for the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about desktop search engines.

Looking at the time stamp of the original image, I finished this at 2:35 AM. Back then I was in a continuous battle with pushy deadlines and slow renderers. 😅

#desktop #search #computer #RetroComputing #IT #CharacterDesign #design #artwork #illustration #illustrator #cartoon #style #art #arte #artist #DigitalArt #3D #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

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L’ #informatica sta completamente esplodendo nell’ultima settimana… ciò è molto buffo, ma anche #preoccupante. E siamo appena a sabato mattina… c’è tutto il tempo per far andare storto anche qualcos’altro! Siamo messi veramente di cacca. 😬️

  • Prima è uscito fuori un #bug che colpisce tutte le CPU Apple Silicon, simile a cosa fu Spectre anni fa, quindi ovviamente #hardware, e chissà se sarà o meno patchabile via software in realtà in futuro (ma in tal caso, il vostro bel #computer con la mela girerà 3 volte peggio, soldi buttati). Fanno proprio schifo ‘sti #processori #moderni, tutti indistintamente, finiscono sempre per avere una caterva di #falle strane perché implementano #hack bruttissime a livello di progettazione per girare più veloci… dovremmo tornare onestamente al 6502. Il sito ufficiale è, e #LowLevelLearning ha ovviamente parlato della cosa: 🍎️

  • Poi una #falla di incremento dei privilegi a livello kernel in #Linux… è complicatissimo, ma un #ProofOfConcept è stato pubblicato qui (assieme al #writeup), e in pratica si può sfruttare un #problemino nello stack di rete per diventare #root… mi chiedo se si potrà magari utilizzare per rootare sistemi embedded ristretti (telefonini coff coff, ma non solo), anche se dice di colpire tra v5.14 e v6.6 quindi non ho molte speranze. Qui un #video se vi interessa comprendere il #glitch in modo umano: 💣️

  • E infine, #notizia di ieri, cosa estremamente grave perché è stata fatta apposta, è stata inserita una #backdoor nella libreria di compressione #XZ. Lo ha scoperto un certo #AndresFreund, che non è un ricercatore di #sicurezza, ma era semplicemente diventato estremamente salty dopo aver visto che i suoi login ad SSH facevano schizzare alle stelle l’uso di risorse del sistema, oltre ad essere stranamente più lenti. Quindi ha scavato un po’, pensando ci fosse qualche #problema benigno, ma in realtà ha scoperto che qualche stronzo ha inserito #malware nel processo di build della libreria, nascondendolo tra le cose relative al testing. Mi sarebbe piaciuto navigare tra #issue e pull request per vedere l’utente che ha mandato ‘sta merda al progetto, ma GitHub come al solito si dimostra la piattaforma di condivisione di codice più stupida al mondo, e ha sospeso tutte le repo per “violazione dei Termini di Servizio”… razza di scimmie imbananate che non siete altro, ma credete davvero che i mantenitori di #Tukaani abbiano fatto entrare codice malevolo nelle loro repo consapevolmente? È ovvio che nessuno se n’è accorto, che bisogno c’è di punire chi non ha colpa allora? (Tra l’altro, il loro sito era ospitato lì, quindi ora manco quello è più online… almeno hanno un mirror Git, ma è solo source lì). Mi piacerebbe proprio tanto fare una chiacchierata con il vero colpevole, e di persona, sia ben chiaro, non dietro una tastiera dove questo si crederebbe ovviamente Dio… “eh ma io so fare gli exploit io so programmare meglio di te io io” sei un coglione, questo sei se fai queste cose, scommetto che non riusciresti nemmeno a parlare faccia a faccia. Persino io con le mie manie di protagonismo non mi sognerei mai di fare qualcosa per garantirmi una backdoor nei server #SSH di tutto il mondo, e che cazzo… 💀️, mailing list della scoperta su, e ancora un altro filmino: (#Meme rubato da Io non ho controllato, ma personalmente direi che non sono vulnerabile sul mio server, perché uso Debian Stable (mi sembra di aver capito che lì non ci sono #rogne), e perché #OpenSSH lo tengo dietro firewall, è accessibile solo dalla mia LAN, col cazzo che arriva un bimbonutella che pensa di entrarci dentro sparando la sua chiave pubblica…

#AndresFreund #backdoor #bug #computer #falla #falle #glitch #hack #hardware #informatica #issue #Linux #LowLevelLearning #malware #moderni #notizia #OpenSSH #preoccupante #problema #problemino #processori #ProofOfConcept #rogne #root #sicurezza #SSH #Tukaani #video #writeup #XZ

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