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Alleged cryptojacking scheme consumed $3.5M of stolen computing to make just $1M

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The SIGBOVIK 2024 conference papers make interesting reading

"SIGBOVIK - is an annual multidisciplinary conference specializing in lesser-known areas of academic research such as Integer-Based Vulnerabilities, Natural Intelligence, and Cloud Offload in Hostile Environments."

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Updated Lorenz attractor analog computer circuit.

I tweaked the DC voltage offsets on the two multipliers and dialed up the memory depth of the oscilloscope. The image on the scope is much better now.

, , , ,

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Premiering today, ZX Spectrum: The Next Generation explores the weird and wonderful world of software available for the much-loved Sinclair (later Amstrad) ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit home computer from the 1980s, and it’s modern successor the ZX Spectrum Next.
ZX Spectrum: The Next Generation. Program: Dizzy. , , , , , ,

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switched us from Visa to Mastercard. Fine, but the Mastercard never appears in your online banking account so there’s no way to pay it off. As of today, the balances for all accounts have vanished on Vivaldi, though you can still see them on Firefox. Still no credit card entry though.
They’ve had how many years to prepare this transition?
I don’t think I should be charged any interest at all for the last two weeks.

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With I be automated out of a career? asks a computer science Ph.D. graduate who's job-hunting. Check out Kode Vicious' answer here:

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Watercolor painting and a fountain pen drawing of connecting to Internet through a server on WebTV. My family used to have a WebTV from Dish Network. I remember seeing and hearing this from 2000-2002 ('02) . I would hear the sound effects many times, especially the music. I would watch WebTV news, sports, and the weather and also play DOOM
#WebTV #watercolor #watercolorpainting #fountainpen #computer #computing #taysuisketches #Microsoft #microsoftwebtv

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DELIGHTED to say that my latest tech history column is live on Every and they've made this one free-to-read.

Because it covers one of the most overlooked founders of the golden age of computing: Lore Harp McGovern, founder of Vector Graphic who pioneered small/medium business computing.

She deserves to be better known. Certainly deserves more than a single paragraph on Wikipedia. Read and spread the word #computing #history

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Fascinating article from IEEE Spectrum that discusses the carbon footprint of software and how we can both measure and improve it:

The benefit is not only less carbon, but following some of the principles that are outlined can decrease costs and improve efficiency.

The article references tools such as Firefox Profiler and Ecograder as well as an open source Sustainable Software Engineering course.

#computing #computerscience #softwareengineering #sustainability

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Around the time I was born (1979), Atari's "Asteroids" was about to appear and Namco's "Galaxian" had improved over the previous year's "Space Invaders" with tile-based color graphics.

Both used existing 8-bit CPUs (MOS' 6502 and Zilog's Z80 respectively) but 1979 also saw the introduction of the two most significant 16-bit CPUs:

Intel's 8088 and Motorola's 68000...

1/2 🧵

#retrogaming #computing #history #arcade

Screen capture of Namco's "Galaxian" (September 1979) running under emulation (FinalBurn Neo). Galaxian's original hardware used a Z80 CPU (1976).

carlosefr, avatar

Motorola's 68000, with its 32-bit registers and 24-bit flat addresses, was an advancement.

Intel's 8088 was just a cost-reduced (8-bit data bus) 8086. It might've been forgotten if IBM hadn't chosen it for the PC, over the 68000 no less.

But the 68000 still saw lots of use in arcades, consoles and computers – Neo Geo MVS, Mega Drive, Amiga...

Thanks to AMD, the x86 went 64-bit in 2000 and is still thriving, while the 68000 got replaced in 1992 by the PowerPC.

2/2 🧵

Microscope photo of a Motorola 68000 die. From:

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Running in my x280 for this entire year is going to be distractionless and super productive workstation. I dinnae miss the browser at all. Also I'm learning tons of new things. There is no way back. Thank you to every single person and to the developers for this amazing experience.

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Watching this always amazes me how right they got it back in 1974.

Jonathon is now living on his phone!

#retro #retrocomputing #computing #tech #technology #pc


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Listening to Black Box (Episode one – The connectionists):

This is the story of Geoffrey Hinton, a man who set out to understand the brain and ended up working with a group of researchers who invented a technology so powerful that even they don’t truly understand how it works. This is about a collision between two mysterious intelligences – two black boxes – human and artificial. And it’s already having profound consequences.

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As I explore retro games, patterns emerge about why a game may feel vintage vs. feeling old. One such pattern is whether a game chose to flaunt some technical gimmick, or fully embraced the limitations of the time for the best artistic effect.

With the latter, I can think about how technically challenging it might have been. With the former, context is never enough to overcome the fact that whatever the gimmick was, it’s long since obsolete.

1/3 🧵

(more in alt text)

Nintendo's "Radar Scope" (1980) is two years older than "Robotron: 2084" but looks (arguably) much better graphically. It clearly follows the "Space Invaders with better graphics" pattern but, to me, it doesn't look like they were trying to show off anything in particular, and it feels vintage, and very enjoyable.
Sega's "Zaxxon" (1982) is from the same year as "Robotron: 2084". It has (much) better graphics, but Robotron is the better game. Zaxxon feels older than both Robotron and Radar Scope to me, although still vintage (I'm trying to use only positive examples). It feels like they spent a bit too much time thinking on how to impress with the visuals, and the gameplay suffered.

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Please join us for the second SIGCAS Works in Progress event of 2024 where Julia Gersey will be giving an opening talk on "Fine-Grained Air Quality Sensing with Internet-of-Things" and Dr. Trystan Goetze will be giving a talk on "Soothsayers, Illusionists, Con Artists, and 'Artificial Intelligence'"!

The talks will be on May 3rd 2024 at 12pm EDT (4pm UTC).

Registration is required for the event where you can register here:

@sigcas @ACM

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Microsoft has a new Windows and Surface chief.

@theverge reports: "After Panos Panay’s surprise departure to Amazon last year, Microsoft split up the Windows and Surface groups under two different leaders." Now the company is reunited the two groups.

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This one little add-on for your II makes all the difference!

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"Cloudflare translates photos of 100 lava lamps into random data for use in SSL encryption."

Wait, what? This true?

Apparently so. @cloudflare uses a clever camera rig pointed at a wall of lava lamps to generate random numbers.

#science #computing #programming #SSL #Encryption

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Apple Vision Pro Review: A Little Too Far Out

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Of the many nuggets of oral history I've found digging into Vector Graphic and its founders, Lore Harp and Carole Ely, I think this is legit my favourite. From when they were running their memory board production out of Harp's spare room.

Just a quiet moment of lifting someone else up with them.

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What's the use case for access time in ?

In my entire career I don't think I needed it once.

What was so important that people were ready to pay the penalty of writing on every read?

What is the of that anyway?

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metin, avatar

Commodore 64 tribute update…

Started modeling a stylized version of the classic C= 1702 monitor.

Love working on this. It brings back precious childhood memories, although I had a C128, which had a C64 inside.

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