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Michigan Woman Living Inside Grocery Store Sign Had Keurig, Desk, Police Say

#contractors #michigan

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A million Australian pubgoers wake up to find personal info listed on leak site

#australian #contractors

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Defunct Lynx Air blames contractor for delayed passenger refunds - BNN Bloomberg @cdnpoli

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A+++ contracting and painting work! #contractors

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Have two guys here replacing the final two windows/sliding glass door (which I should have replaced when they were here last time), and they appear to have been raptured... Stopped work, stuff all here, but they disappeared, LOL #mystery #contractors

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Hmm, can't go back to my house for a bit, because the contractors are either going to be embarrassed or mad I emailed a photo of them clogging my toilet and leaving to their project manager (now that they have returned). 🤔

#disasterremodeling #contractors

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Hmm, well, went to check on the house and the contractors left a giant dump (#2) unflushed and clogged in the toilet, if you're wondering how my remodeling is going. #disasterremodeling

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Really, they should have rented a porta potty for the duration of the job. I didn't know that until halfway through (thanks whoever here on the Fediverse told me about that law), but I did not push the issue as there were so many things I was fighting the contractor over... CA code that governs access to toilets (or porta potties) at job sites: #contractors #legal #law #california #bathrooms

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Contractor told me carpet hadn't come in yesterday, but I see from an email they told the insurance company that it had arrived. 🤔

Wondering if it arrived late and they just didn't bother to tell me yet, or they're lying to the insurance company (who pays them). 🤔

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It appears today's game is "who said what"...

Contractor: we can't proceed until insurance approves a supplement to cover this.

Email insurance: "These guys say they can't work on this until you guys approve X"... radio silence.

Soon afterwards: Contractors resumes work.

(item is on their original estimate... so I suspect they are attempting to get insurance to pay the more money, in general).

🤔 #disasterremodeling #contractors

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Interesting on the responsiveness difference between one contractor's project manager and another.

The one that originally pulled all the wet carpet, drywall, and content out of our house after our plumbing disaster texted me back instantly (arranging a move back soon). 30 seconds later.

The project manager for the folks doing the restoration usually takes two days to reply (to text, calls... does not respond to emails).

#gripes #contractors

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ArriveCan contractor exec became public servant after project was completed, company says

#contractor #contractors

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ArriveCan contractor exec became public servant after project was completed, company says

#contractor #contractors

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Anyone in and around the area with recommendations on ?

We are finally in a position to start taking care of some very much needed and very much overdue and I would prefer recommendations from people who have personally had quality work done by a local contractor rather than picking one at random online.

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Warner Bros. Is Shuttering Rooster Teeth, Creator of RWBY and gen:LOCK

#contractors #creator

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Pointing fingers, here's what they say
It's not our fault, insurance won't pay
Things aren't done yet, don't look at us
It's someone else's problem, don't make a fuss

Cutting corners, cutting costs
Why should we care, it's the homeowners loss
The only problem, unforunately
Is those pesky owners keep bugging me

(Contractor's lament)
#poem (human)

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The carpet, in fact, had not been ordered. #gripe #contractors #disasterremodeling

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Week+ ago from the contractor: "carpet has been ordered from Home Depot"

Friday (after I asked about delivery time): "I'll ask the office when it will be in"

Today, talking to the office:
"Home Depot did not have the selection you chose..."

#contractors #disasterremodeling

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Based on complete failure by the project manager to respond to either phone call or text, and the inside office person pointing fingers at the project manager (after the project manager pointed at the inside office person), I am going to file this under "likely contractor SNAFU" ie carpet likely not ordered. So now, to see how quickly they move to fix the situation, or if it's another ask-insurance-to-lean-into-situation problem. I may be wrong, but past experience with these folks is silence = screwup of some sort. #snafu #contractors #disasterremodeling

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Unionized YouTube Workers Laid Off During Live City Council Stream

#contractors #youtube

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Week 1: "Can you provide carpet samples so we can pick out the color/carpet?" (no reply)

(repeat every week for 6 weeks)

Two weeks ago: Carpet samples FINALLY show up, finally... contractor didn't tell me, but I saw them there, so I texted the color/carpet choice.

Late last week: "We just ordered and are waiting for carpet before we can do more work."

#contractors #gripe

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LOL. This plumber does great work, but man, does he have opinions.

"You really should get rid of this s*** in your yard"

"Yeah, I know, we JUST HAD OUR ENTIRE HOUSE FLOODED OUT and we threw a bunch of stuff out there."

"Well, I'm not like you, I am always moving and working, I would have hauled that stuff away by now."

(Left him to his own devices so I don't need to hear any more... last time he called me a "slumlord")

#gripes #contractors

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Sigh. Drywall screws down in the toilet outlet, says the plumber. Which need to be removed before they cause a disaster. Contractor informed. I suppose I should figure out how to clean that out myself given these guys' track record.

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