heiseonline, to baking German
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Studie zum Digital Services Act: Tiktok & Co vernachlässigen Jugendschutz

Soziale Netze löschen nur 1-30 Prozent gemeldeter Beiträge zu Essstörungen, Selbstverletzungen und Suiziden. Forscher wittern DSA-Verstöße.​


#Cookies #Datenschutz #DigitalServicesAct #Instagram #Jugendschutz #OnlineWerbung #Recht #Regulierung #SocialMedia #TikTok #Twitter #Werbung #Zensur #news

david_senate, to baking
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Just received my Totoro rolling pin, Christmas treats better watch out! 🎄🍰

tksst, to baking
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Learn how to decorate -themed using royal icing with The Graceful Baker. In the you'll see different icing consistencies and techniques like creating cracked textures and pulling patterns through wet icing. 🍪⛄️🐻‍❄️❄️

👉 Watch it: https://thekidshouldseethis.com/post/decorating-9-winter-themed-cookies-with-royal-icing

nixCraft, to random
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if you do this i hate you. thanks https://turnoff.us/geek/welcome-to-hell/

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@nixCraft +9001%

Same goes for all websites that prevent |s from working and/or require and to load.

AnneTheWriter1, to mastodon
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Tech Support: "Have you tried disabling cookies?"

Me: "Well, I once bit the legs off a Gingerbread Man..."

(It's again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to .)

bsi, to baking German
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Sie machen das Surfen zwar einfacher, tracken aber auch unser Online-Verhalten: Die Rede ist von .🍪
Textdateien, die vom Browser lokal gespeichert werden, um euch zu identifizieren.
Aber halt mal – was haben denn Kekse damit zu tun? 🤔😉

lalau, to memes Spanish
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Esto es una infamia!! #memes #humor #cookies


DerEmil, to fediverse
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Etwas abseits des , aber grad ein Problem für mich:

Wo in kann ich die einer Webseite anzeigen lassen (nicht nur die Anzahl, sondern tatsächlich die einzelnen Daten)?

madrobin, to baking
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dannotdaniel, (edited ) to random
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elduvelle, to baking
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What’s the point of a cookie pop-up that 1) only gives you the option to agree to their cookies and 2) shows an error when you want to look at the privacy policy?

#TheTransmitter #Cookies

MadKane, to Humor
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pxlmo, to DadBin
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check out these photos from our pxlmo family. reply and tag if you know who posted. have fun

rasterweb, to baking
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Attempting gluten free cookies today…

@rasterweb@mastodon.social avatar

@joe Pretty good. A neighbor who often has GF stuff liked them. I definitely prefer gluten filled cookies, but hopefully these are acceptable to the GF crowd tomorrow.

#baking #cookies #glutenFree

GaymerGeek, to baking
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This my browned butter chocolate chip cookies. It has taken a lot of recipe adaptation but I got the flavour and the texture just right.

YurkshireLad, to privacy
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Websites that say "we care about your privacy" and then ask if it's ok to send me cookies that will let them give away my data to google et al. #privacy #hypocricy #cookies

MichaelPorter, to baking
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This is the only acceptable way to offer cookies.

br00t4c, to baking
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Delivery guy finds a baby turtle and his joy is contagious



jaandrle, to firefox
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🎉 Tak jsem si konečně (mohl) přidal rozšíření https://github.com/cavi-au/Consent-O-Matic do Firefoxu na Androidu (od verze 120)!

riggs7sct, to baking
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floppy, to stackoverflow
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> "Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load."

unable to close intrusive cookie banner

Excuse me?

I didn't expect that they would actually start playing that game, but it takes two to tango and I refuse.

#StackOverflow #Cookie #Cookies #DarkPattern #DarkPatterns

br00t4c, to baking
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Dianora, to baking
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I am the cookie monster this morning.

Oatmeal-raisin cookies in the oven.

#Cookies #Baking #Ottawa

kristian, to norge Norwegian Bokmål
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Det skal vel egentlig være like lett å avvise cookies som å godta dem ifølge GDPR?

Nettsider som benytter seg av valgene "Godta alle" eller "Tilpass innstillinger" etterfulgt av titalls klikk for å ikke godta, er vel noget på kanten?

erwancorre, to random French
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Pour info, Rennes Métropole recrute un « WEBMESTRE F/H » ! 😃
Ne tardez pas : le poste est alléchant ! 😉
A vous de jouer ou faites tourner...
L'annonce officielle sur ↘️

@erwancorre@mamot.fr avatar

Oui, et j'ai bien aimé le "Alerte Cookies" qui devient "Alerte Kouign Amann !" 😆
#Bretagne #KouignAmann #Cookies

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