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'In “Cotton–Cork Blended Fabric: An Innovative and Sustainable Apparel Textile for the Fashion Industry,” published in April in the peer-reviewed journal Sustainability, the duo compared the material properties of a cotton fabric to a 10 percent-cork fabric, which is also a natural and sustainable material. The cotton-cork blend was found to be strong, pliable, easily dyed, and resistant to shrinkage.”'

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Traces of banned Chinese cotton were found in 19% of a sample of merchandise selling at U.S. and global retailers in the past year.

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Wow. That is one intense #tornado. Tornado Warning continues for parts of #Comanche, #Cotton, and #Tillman counties. #wx


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Now in cotton! Zoonbags presents the Holmes Bay Bag and the Boardwalk Bag.

#handmade #crochet #handbag #etsyshop #etsygifts #maker #cotton

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I really love Cotton Bureau’s lightweight 100% cotton T-shirts because they’re thin and comfortable enough to wear as undershirts, perfect for the microclimates of the .

Does anyone sell these shirts in solid colors in larger volumes? I wear them under shirts, so I don’t need the designs.

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Cotton picking scenes on Roger Williams Plantation in the Delta, new Drew, Mississippi

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'This is my worst nightmare': Cotton On shopper shocked at 'creepy' feature in dressing room

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" could face up to 30-35 per cent water shortages during the upcoming kharif cropping season starting April 1. This could negatively affect some of the key cash crops like and revive inter-provincial controversy over water allocations."

Most of the article deals with water sharing and canal and power generation, but does devote one or two paragraphs to the actual culprit - low precipitation

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Of Magic Beans and Modified Mustard: How GMOs Will Destroy Indian Agriculture and Impact Health

The introduction of Bt and HT crops will harm the health of 1 billion Indians and their animals.

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Thinking of getting my ancient OpenCage business card laminated.

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@jez ran out recently. Ordered some new ones in the hope of being -ly friendly. They’re not.

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One yarn I can't get away with is cotton. I had to really force myself to finish this evil eye granny square blanket. It was from Hobbii and 70% off! Was making 2 freeform cushions with leftovers but have hidden them under the bed. I like a bit of give in yarns. Also a super chunky premium acrylic which crocheted up like a board. Never again.

#Yarnuary #yarns #wool #textiles #fiberart #fibreart #crochet #freeformcrochet #freeform #cotton #acrylic #jumpers #grannysquares #evileye #blanket

Freeform crochet cushion cover in cotton which will never be finished!
Super chunky peacock premium acrylic yarn
Close-up of super chunky peacock premium acrylic jumper

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The line for the show was so long but we made it. It was pretty good. Also I found out Degas’s family was in the cotton business and had to look it up. 😬

“Members of the Musson and Degas families owned slaves, supported the Confederacy, and had ties to and participated in white supremacist groups during Reconstruction.”

Painting of an 1873 scene in a cotton business office
Exhibit label: Degas A Cotton Office in New Orleans, 1873 Oil on canvas Musée des Beaux-Arts, Pau (878.1.2) During his sojourn in New Orleans, Degas painted the lively office of his family's cotton business. The artist's maternal uncle, pictured in the foreground, assesses the quality of the valuable commodity, while his brother René reads the local Daily Times-Picyune and his other brother Achille leans casually against a counter at left, looking on as employees busy themselves with activity. Degas had hoped to sell the painting to a cotton spinner in Manchester. Ultimately acquired by the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Pau in 1878, this work was the artist's first to enter a public collection.
Members of the Musson and Degas families owned slaves, supported the Confederacy, and had ties to and participated in white supremacist groups during Reconstruction. Germain and Michel Musson both owned slaves. Edgar Degas's mother had her dowry increased by her father's sale of a young slave girl. Michel Musson, Auguste and René Degas invested in confederate bonds. In 1873, Musson was briefly a supporter of the Louisiana Unification Movement, which sought interracial cooperation and public integration. However, he, René Degas, William Bell, and Bell's associate Frederick Nash Ogden, became members and leaders of the White League and would participate in the Battle of Liberty Place.

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They Were Wrongfully Convicted. Now They're Denied Compensation Despite Michigan Law.

traditional dresses online | Rain and Rainbow (

Evaluate your style with our Premium Quality Cotton Kurtas and Upgrade your Style with the Rain & Rainbow Cotton Kurtas Collection. Add an Elegance of Prints with Premium Quality in Your Wordrop Today. Buy Today and Upgrade your Standards with Rain & Rainbow Now.

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Today in Labor History December 20, 1790: The first American cotton mill began operation in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The mill, owned by Samuel Slater, employed children aged 4-10. Ann Arnold, aged 9, was Slater’s first employee. The children worked 12-hour days, 6 days per week in the winter. In the summer, they were forced to work 16 hours per day. They spent twice as many hours in the mill than kids spend in the classroom today. Kids were fined for not working hard enough. By 1835, 55% of all millworkers were children.

# mill

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Plastic Pollution From Cigarettes Likely Costs $26 Billion Annually, Study Finds

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'Unprepared' hiker rescued after getting lost wearing only a cotton sweatshirt for warmth

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