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Secret Service notified as Trump aide brags about 'causing innocent people to be arrested'

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The popularity of livestream shopping is growing in the United States, but technology to police counterfeit goods has, so far, not kept up. #business #tech #livestreaming #ecommerce #shopping #socialmedia #counterfeit

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Ok reflecting back on the . I loved it! It was a good challenge both choosing countries / coins & getting it all written. My first thought was to make the posts shorter.... but they didn't end up any shorter, which I take as my own inability to compromise on information - & how fascinating everything is! One I learnt a lot writing was the Roman Denarius Fouree:
@Numismatics @histodons

Shield inscribed with S P Q R /C LV in two lines, in oak-wreath. Script: Latin Lettering: OB CIVIS SERVATOS S P Q R CL V Translation: Ob Civis Servatos. Senatus Popuusque Romanus. Clipeus Votivus. For saving the citizens. The senate and the Roman people. Votive shield.

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CDC: CDC Investigating Harmful Reactions to Counterfeit Botox

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On the slim chance this helps someone avoid being ripped off: I recently bought an icom IC-M25 VHF radio off ebay. It worked fine when I got it but I had doubts about its authenticity. The security hologram didn't match the description, and the immersion sensor pad was not connected to the PCB.

I posted the fake for a refund and paid an extra $50 for another one from a more reputable seller. The hologram sticker on the new one matched the description.

A collage of photos of the inside of a genuine radio, with visible changes in the holographic sticker based on angle, and a wire connected to the immersion sensor pad.

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Amazon marketplace crackdown has sellers searching for legal help - Enlarge (credit: Leon Neal | Getty Images)

Merchants who have ... -

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When Is A 6502 Not Quite A 6502? - We all know that fake chips are a risk when it comes to buying parts on eBay or fr... -

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An arrest and huge seizure of 26,000 allegedly counterfeit $2 coins in Quebec, and a second smaller seizure of the same dodgy coins in a northern Ontario city a few months later, suggests that a new counterfeit toonie variety is circulating across Canada

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Odd... So I ordered some "" multiturn precision from an seller, both linear, but two different values.

They were , so you expect them to be . Real Bourns stuff isn't cheap.

But as far as I can tell, the 10kΩ ones are fake, but the 100kΩ ones I received appear to be the thing. Now, they could be "3rd shift" or factory floor sweepings... but they're marked . Seller is in China.

Anyone see this before?

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Cheap Power Supplies with Fake Chips Might Not be That Bad - We all know the old maxim: if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably made with fa... - -dc

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This Free Software Can Tell If Your Storage Drive is Counterfeit
Veteran software engineer and security expert Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation has developed a free application for Windows to help users spot-check any USB mass storage drive, whether it’s a thumb drive, memory card, or external drive.

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    @Vittoria parts does not automatically mean lower quality, although there is some probability that they won't last as long.
    But please don't call them "fake"; they are real parts and they obviously work, otherwise mechanics wouldn't be able to put them in and successfully test the engine.
    To figure out if engines with those counterfeit parts were actually less reliable in operation needs to be seen, but may be very hard to actually find out. So far, engine failures are still very very few and far between.
    To be clear, this is still very worrying, but probably not an immediate threat to .

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    Selling fake AI generated books with known authors on the cover should not be possible…

    Please spread this so it gets some traction. Unacceptable that platforms like Goodreads and Amazon support this.


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    Day One of selling products in spite of being told.

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    Welp, it turns out that if you buy an M2.2230 (half-length) 2Tb SSD that says Western Digital on AliExpress, what you get is … a 2Tb Western Digital SSD without the drop-shipper mark-up on So, about £150 but the price is dropping and it's WAY faster than an external USB-C SSD. (Sustained 2Gb/s writes for 600Gb and the data is readable afterwards, it's not a 32Gb floor sweeping playing make-believe.)

    Side-eyes Apple and their £800 extra cost for 2Tb of storage in a Macbook Air.



    Are you certain you didn't get a ? I love AliExpress, but suspiciously-cheap name-brand electronics are an absolute minefield there. SSDs are one of the riskier products for this.

    is another one that is charging 5x the market rate for upgraded SSDs in machines right now.

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