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I don't like to get ahead of myself on predictions but the tell me the is in the beginning of a multi-year that could extend to a decade with the correct policy positions and a bit of luck.
Circumstances change but the US economy continues to defy the petulance from the world.

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Hello Wrld!

I'm Mabel, from Southampton UK, I like walking, jogging (or trying to) and occasionally writing and doing artsy things.

Can I get a "hell yeah" from all my cyclists, pedestrians and public transport connoisseurs

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I love in the summer time. Miles and Miles of routes closed to traffic to along ❤️

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8 road, gravel and urban from the .

The Show is a chance to check out everything from the latest bikes from global mega-brands – step forward, the new – to niche makers hidden around the four corners of the .

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streets are becoming less and less busy

The theory that more traffic is caused by paths is obviously not confirmed (in german)

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"we estimate a mean average reduction in prescriptions for and/or in the 5 years following the census of –15.1% (95% CI: –15.3% to –15.0%) amongst commuters compared with those who use any other mode to commute"

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in was fun. To work, there was a very strong which added about 25% to the time getting there, at least the sky was blue. By the time I’d finished, the had died down to a brisk but there was quite heavy . However, I always have my at this time of year and so I didn’t get wet.

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In , fewer than 1 in 3 trips are made by women. Nine out of ten women said they have experienced verbal abuse and aggression while in London. We want freedom to ride.

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. Their constant quest to stuff more into results in fewer people able to go by as owning a actually becomes than using . People have to be able to to for . Not everyone can or even if the is in the same town. are but a . is urgently needed.

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A pre-dawn ride is a grand way to celebrate some fresh snow!

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This year, I barely managed my target of riding for 230 days owing to having to wait for a new and also bouts of injury. I logged 3093 km, which again is on the lower side but I’m reasonably happy overall with the year.

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Discussion publique le 10 janvier, à Paris : congés menstruels et hormonaux, gagnons de nouveaux droits !

La santé des femmes n'est pas un confort, elle est vitale !

Organisée par Solidaires Paris.
1ère partie par votre servitrice.

Adresse : Le lieu dit, 6 rue Sorbier, Paris 20

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Et toujours tite étude en cours sur la conciliation entre vie pro et vie hormonale & procréative.

Congé de cycle hormonal, est-ce super-flux ?

Via questionnaire en lien et/ou entretien individuel.
Si vous avez un peu de temps pour entretien 🥰

360 pers répondantes à ce jour.

Des réponses édifiantes illustrant l'inadaptation des conditions de travail aux effets de la vie hormonale tout au long de la vie, et les prises de risques au travail.

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On my ride today, I noticed how many are already . Winter has hardly started and they think it’s spring already.

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It has been all day with a strong north-westerly gusting here to 80 km/h. On my usual circuit, there is about a 3 km stretch which is basically north-south and today I was travelling north on it. It was quite tough with me in the toughest parts travelling maybe 3 to 4 gears lower than usual and in parts feeling like I’d basically halted. On plus side, it was good exercise and of course in other parts the wind was behind me, making things easy.

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Cycling mastodon: am I the only person who can't make a Lezyne speed chuck work? Always leaks and falls off. Am I just doing it wrong?

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First day a little bit of this season. The ambient temperature was several degrees above zero and so nothing settled and was just in the cold, with a little added wind chill. The ground conditions were just like during rain. After that, even coming into an unheated house and quickly changing into dry clothes again made it seem surprisingly cosy for a couple of hours.

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Male deer above Dillon Beach on the Sonoma Coast. Came across him on my out-n-back ride on Thanksgiving afternoon and pulled out my iPhone to capture the scene, into the sun. The algorithm did a good job. The real scene was magical.


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Quick tip for anyone who wants more urbanism/urban planning/cycling/public transport posts in their Mastodon feed.

Thanks to the wonders of the Fediverse, you can follow and post to Lemmy groups from Mastodon.

Here are some transport/planning/cycling groups to get you started:












For those unfamiliar with it, Lemmy is basically a federated version of Reddit, distributed across multiple servers like Mastodon. (For anyone who wants to delve further,,, and are three popular Lemmy instances.)

From Mastodon, you can follow any Lemmy group by following its handle, exactly the same way that you would follow a Mastodon account. Any new posts to that group will then begin appearing in your Mastodon feed.

Even better, if you start a thread on Mastodon, you can also post it to a relevant Lemmy group just by including its handle in your post. (Please note this only seems to work with the first post of a thread.)

@feditips @FediFollows

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Hungover from a big night last night but still going to try and . Let's see how this goes.

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