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5 minutes before EOD, deploying a major change to our subscriptions...

What could possibly go wrong

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I love how Go and Rust programs just compile down to a single binary you can do whatever you want with. Sprinkle a systemd definition and voila, you’ve got yourself a long running service with superpowers 🥰.

#Go #Rust #systemd #DevLife

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Comment I left on a PR today:

"Parents should be defensive to make up for the stupidity of their dumb children."

Am I talking about code, or real life? Whoooooooo knowssssssssss

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10-line code review: finds 10 issues
500-line code review: “lgtm”

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Read a reddit comment that started with "Weird. I’m making a CMS and I used this for my..."

We all go through that "I'll just make a CMS" phase, don't we?

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Today's lesson is if I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "I should refactor that big ugly block of working code" I should just get rudely drunk and go back to sleep.

konstantin, to productivity avatar

TIL one of Obsidian's super-powers kicks-in when one links between different pages using [[ titles ]]!! I've been using it wrong 😅 - all this time I've had structured pages with # tags that I'd use to lookup content. The graph and a combination of both techniques seems so much cooler!

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Earlier it was waiting for 2FA codes, now we wait for DNS to propagate.

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When the timeline just works. 😂

@JasonPunyon @Em0nM4stodon

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I just spent way too long fighting with a URL that was returning 404 because it add a forward slash on the end of it.

hypolite, to programming

I'm finally working on my first microservices project of my career, and so far most design decisions have been aimed at centralization (monorepo, central GraphQL API).

I'm starting to believe microservices sounds good in theory but has absolutely no business being implemented in its purest form.

Also the Make command to build the local Docker environment can take up to 15 minutes to run on a M1 Macbook Pro. And because the environment uses an AWS token that expires every day, the command needs to be ran every day you may be working on the project. This is such an incomprehensible waste to me, have I already reached the end of my career in software development?

mjgardner, to random avatar

My lead just called my “loquacious.” I think he was trying to compliment me, but…

> loquacious | lōˈkwāSHəs |
> adjective
> tending to talk a great deal; talkative

When the hell did I become so talkative?

davidsabine, to random avatar

⭐ Speed vs. Quality

Is this the greatest source of friction between business stakeholders and engineers?

Please discuss.

kanekotic, to random

Did you know that in Extreme Programming (XP), refactoring is not just cleaning up code, but a core practice to boost agility? It's about evolving design organically, embracing change for the ultimate efficiency! 👨‍💻🔄

konstantin, to random avatar

Wow! TIL you can use mermaid syntax for diagrams in GitHub! How cool is that!

Screenshot from a github comment in edit mode showing the mermaid syntax usage to create a diagram

shawnhooper, to random avatar

Made it six days into the new year before I thought of another project idea….

Resisting the urge to register a new domain name.

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😅 Two types of : Those who backup because they've lost data, and those who will... after they lose data! Just did my quarterly backup. Tedious but better safe than sorry! 🎮💾 How's your backup game going?

jonpearse, to random avatar

After 4½ years, I’ve had my last day at Concentric Health today. We achieved great things, I’ve learned an incredible amount, we built an industry-leading platform. But now it’s time to do something else.

But first, I’m taking some time off to relax, travel, and dogfood.

I’m a little nervous of what the future’s going to hold, but it feels good.

beausimensen, to php avatar

I'd love to talk with people tomorrow! If you'd like to catch up to talk about tech, software development, art, cats, or something else, book an office hours slot.

beausimensen, to golang avatar

I'm looking for great simple projects repositories. I want to get a feel for what a solid project looks like. What are your favorites?

Likewise, solid resources for getting up to speed with go would be appreciated too!

GlenDownton, to random avatar

Today's lesson is to lint your code before performing a full run of your complex model.

GlenDownton, to random avatar

I'm in the "how did this ever work in the first place?" phase of debugging.

GlenDownton, avatar

Now in the "why does it only work sometimes?" phase of debugging.

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