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Kurze Info, ich hatte ja nach Ratschläge wegen einem Diabetologen gefragt. Mittlerweile habe ich den gewechselt und bin mit dem neuen sehr zufrieden. Danke nochmals an alle für Tips und Ratschläge.

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She was fired after not endorsing -filled salads to people with . Why? | US news | The Guardian

> Elizabeth Hanna says she was fired by the American Diabetes Association after refusing to approve recipes heaped with the additive made by a major donor

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"In a letter Tuesday to Novo Nordisk's top executives, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said the company's decision to discontinue Levemir, a long-acting insulin, 'failed to take into consideration patient access to affordable, long-acting insulin substitutes.'"

#healthcare #PHRMA #PrescriptionDrugs #insulin #diabetes

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I have consistently had my insulin refills delayed about 2 weeks (or more) for the past several fills, and I wonder what the fuck is going on.

Is this a supply chain issue?

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'It's eating what the sea provides': Galicia's Atlantic diet eclipses Mediterranean cousin

#atlantic #diabetes

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Had a BAD hypo last night. I felt like time was pliable. Like one second was three hours or three hours was one second. #diabetes #T1D #ChronicIllness

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I’m officially back on Mounjaro, at 5mg. I’m not adjusting my ratios just yet. We shall see how this goes.

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Künstliche Süßstoffe wie Aspartam und Stevia verändern das Mikrobiom zum Negativen. Es kann sogar zu diabetesähnlichen Erscheinungen kommen. Und obwohl Süßstoffe keine Kalorien enthalten, nimmt man nicht ab – ganz im Gegenteil.

Die Info habe ich von den Ernährungsdocs.

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I had a spare #CGM #sensor, so with my SO we now get to see the power of non-#diabetic #pancreas in action. And holy fuck, 100g of sweet bun, so I'd say 50g of carbs, +5 from milk in coffee and +5 from a biscuit, and half an hour after that they peaked at 125 mg/dL, and after another half an hour were barely above 100.
Meanwhile me after about 70g and a bunch of insulin and a bit of exercising and I failed to not go above 200 about 2h after.
#diabetes #t1d

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Artificial #pancreas that pumps insulin into diabetes patients launches on NHS - great to see the #NHS announcing this big advance will be rolled out #diabetes

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Ozempic costs just $5 to make, a study said. The backlash was swift

#diabetes #ozempic

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Ozempic's cheaper side, weight loss drug competition, and Amazon delivery: Pharma news roundup

#diabetes #ozempic

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Shocking Study Finds Pharmaceutical Companies Once Again Screwing Diabetes Patients

#diabetes #ozempic

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Study: ‘gamechanger’ #diabetes drugs cost up to 400 times more than needed - "Drug companies urged to ‘release stranglehold’ on medicines such as #Ozempic and #Trulicity, as millions are priced out of treatment" always profits before people with #BigPharma

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A month's supply of the weight loss drug Ozempic costs less than $5 to make, study says

#diabetes #ozempic

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It's a blood moon because of a lunar eclipse.

It's a sugar moon because it's the first full moon of spring.

It's the blood-sugar moon!

#t1d #diabetes

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STAT+: Digital tools for diabetes management did not deliver benefits that justify cost, new report finds

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Moderate success for a post- #diabetes (had a Dx 1.5 years ago, cleared the A1c back to normal a year ago) lemonade.

My body tolerates Monkfruit and allulose as non-blood-sugar- spiking sweeteners.

Tried a 1:1:3 ratio of Monkfruit-allulose, lemon juice, and water and came up with a pretty tasty lemonade.

The lemon juice (for a half cup) is only like 2g of sugar and 7g carbs.

#food #experiment

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Could the world’s insulin supply problems be solved by a herd of cows? A genetically modified cow recently produced proteins needed for human insulin in its milk. Science Alert tells us why the scientists behind the experiment are hopeful.

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#BigPharma is fighting #Biden’s program to lower #seniors#DrugCosts
In court cases nationwide, #drug companies are trying to block a new #law that would cut #prices on #medications for high #BloodPressure, #HeartDisease, #cancer & #diabetes.

#EconomicPolicy #pharma

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Red lentil pizza crust.

This looks easy and apparently is really good for diabetics! (Just add healthy toppings, skip the cheese or use a dairy free version. You can make your own using the recipe linked in the crust recipe).

I know what we're having for supper tonight!
@wfpb @vegan

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