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"Reading Rainbow," which ran on PBS from 1983 until 2006, is remembered with love in a new documentary, "Butterfly in the Sky." Kevin Makin reviews it for @csmonitor. "Ultimately, the documentary is more of a triumph than a requiem. Aside from its praise of programming that advocates for literacy and of [LeVar] Burton himself, there’s a sense of humanity that perseveres and goes beyond the warmness of nostalgia. Maybe it’s watching the smiling kids who became loving adults. Or it could be watching the series’ founders speak about familial ties that went beyond educational rhetoric," he writes.


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practices came under after a highlighted being burned for power in the .

The documentary was not broadcast in . Hansen said the reason B.C.’s wood pellet industry is a focus in is the Power Station in .

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ICC, You CC, We all CC for Accountability, with #NoamShusterEliassi

#MattLieb's conversation with progressive #israel|i stand-up comic Noam Shuster-Eliassi about the state of #IsraeliPolitics and the #IsraeliLeft (such as it is) in the wake of Oct 7th.

The AJE #documentary about her, #ReckoningWithLaughter is viewable here:
#Palestine #humorists #PoliticalHumour @palestine

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Lil Nas X being so open about his life and experience as a queer hip-hop artist is going to be one hell of a great watch! It's available for streaming in so many places that I will watch this documentary at some point.

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Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has died at 53 after a private battle with cancer. Spurlock's works include Super Size Me, 7 Deadly Sins, Mansome and One Direction: This Is Us.

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Remember the Oscar-nominated 2004 feature documentary “Super Size Me?"

Its director, Morgan Spurlock, died Thursday in upstate New York due to complications of cancer. He was 53. Variety has his obituary:

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Read about the motivation behind the Photography Series UNREST.

I will regularly provide background info on some of my minted work via my paragraph newsletter. Please feel free to subscribe and spread the word.

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– Soyez réalistes, demandez l'impossible.

, May 24, Grands soirs & petits matins [May Days] (William Klein, 1978) is the . @film ★★★★½

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After months of internal strife and questions surrounding its , Hot Docs, 's largest , announced it will begin "temporary" layoffs and a three-month closure of its landmark cinema in .

is expected to publicly announce the and closure of its on Wednesday afternoon, changes which it says are necessary "to address urgent challenges."

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is set to celebrate with release of a exploring of .

looks into & expressions in the . From primates to clownfish, the documentary showcases extraordinary creatures. The series aims to challenge traditional concepts of what is considered natural regarding & gender, presenting insights from experts.

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🎵 :anarchismred: 📽️

🎦 The Decline Of Western Civilization (1981)

an american documentary filmed through 1979 and 1980. The movie is about the Los Angeles punk rock scene and was directed by Penelope Spheeris. In 1981, the LAPD Chief of Police Daryl Gates wrote a letter demanding the film not be shown again in the city.


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Die-In For Life-In Gaza, 18th May 2024, Old Town in Warsaw, Poland

Organized by the collectives Wschód and Kefija, it was a die-in protest commemorating 76th anniversary of Nakba - the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians during the war in Palestine in 1948. Particularly significant in the context of the on-going genocide in Gaza.

I'm not Rafał Milach and I'll cut my usual irrelevant yadda-yadda to say this: if you know enough of history, either of your own country or theirs, it's very hard not to feel sympathy to those folks. Listening to their stories was incredibly heart-wrenching.

More photos on my website if anyone's curious:

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The Cowichan Sweater: Our Knitted Legacy - nominated for Best Program award at 2024 , set for May 31.

The tells the story of Galloway’s quest for a knit in the same pattern as her grandfather’s, touching on the & importance of the garment to the themselves.

Considered a symbol — the sweater was given a national historically significant designation in 2011.

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2399 Days with Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli 2023 ジブリと宮崎駿の2399日

A produced by following the director Hayao Miyazaki in the production of “The Boy & The Heron” over 7 years.

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"When Beethoven Realized he was going deaf..."
20 minute documentary


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#Women as spoils of #war at the end of #WWII #documentary.

In early 1945, at least 860,000 women & #girls in #Germany were #SexuallyAbused by #AlliedSoldiers. The #victims & children born after being raped, suffer #trauma to this day. Many stayed silent & took their stories to their graves.

This #film hears stories of some victims, talks to their children & grandchildren & #historians to reveal how the trauma has affected them.

#SurvivorStories #PostWarHorrors

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Since reportage and documentary are among my strongest interests in photography, this deserves some of my attention as well.

So, for various reasons I happened to be awake as early as 4am on Sunday and I saw this huge smoke above the block of flats in my area. At first I thought it was a rain cloud, but I looked deeper and something was clearly off.

I decided to take an early morning stroll to see what was going on and saw this.

I thought it was something close to my area, but my senses couldn't stop second-guessing me. I hadn't heard any explosion. I couldn't smell anything or feel the heat. It was still damn cold minutes before sunrise.

Funny enough, a day earlier I installed Fallout Shelter on my tablet and I had a lot of apocalyptic thoughts looking at that.

What happened is that a huge shopping center in Warsaw caught massive fire. So massive it could be seen from literally anywhere in the city. No reports on injuries, but thousands of people lost their businesses, many of them family-run.

There's also a lot of political background as well as quite a sizable room for conspiracy theories, but that's for another time maybe.

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TIL. Seems fascinating.

Review: ‘Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg’ supplies belated respect for a rock muse

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NEW PUBLICATION: "Film Review: 'Snack Sakura' Reflects Ambiguity of Japan’s Vintage Nightlife." Unseen Japan (April 2024).

This review, at a popular site for people interested in Japan, could serve as a guide to watching the new documentary about Japanese hostess bars. It's a new genre for me, although I have some background in journalism:

My academic publications on Japan are available at

@unseenjapan @sociology @psychology

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Cyber World: The Future is Now |

The prefix comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to control". But is mankind really in control of this ? From the invention of the internet to Shimon Dotan's documentary takes stock of the galloping growth of the cyberworld.

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"Let It Be," restored by Peter Jackson and the team that worked on "The Beatles: Get Back," will be released on Disney+ tomorrow (May 8). Variety's Owen Gleiberman compares the new version to the original, which he first watched in the summer of 1970, and says it's "one of the most joyful rock documentaries ever made." What do you think of the constant repackaging of the Beatles archive?

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Ooooooh! Our first 50/50 split on a poll. Exactly half of voters are all for the constant repackaging of the Beatles archive, and the rest say let it be. Here's an interview from Paste Magazine with "Let It Be" director Michael Lindsay-Hogg about the unearthing and restoration of his Oscar-winning documentary.

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Whuh duh fuh?

Via News

Three men in from the same family have fathered more than 600 , according to a by .

The trio served as for across the province trying to get pregnant.

The women apparently responded to ads in part of an online "parallel universe" of free sperm donation not regulated by .

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