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As Paris Olympics approach, concerns continue after doping watchdog cleared Chinese swimmers in 2021

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Is tennis catching doping cheats or ruining careers?

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China's doping case will be an extra source of motivation for Australia's swimmers at the Paris Olympics, according to rising freestyle specialist Flynn Southam.

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The World Anti-Doping Agency asked an independent prosecutor to review its handling of the case where 23 Chinese swimmers tested positive for a prescription heart drug. The United States Anti-Doping Agency called the announcement "self-serving."

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The anti-doping authorities of Britain and Australia have called for a review of WADA's processes following the global body's handling of failed drug tests in Chinese swimming. #moresports #worldantidopingagency #china #swimming #doping

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Australian coach Denis Cotterell, who works with the Chinese Swimming Association, has rejected claims of systemic state-run doping, saying it is "so far from anything I have seen."

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Faeser fordert nach Doping-Verdacht gegen China Aufarbeitung

Nach Bekanntwerden des Verdachts eines massiven Dopingvergehens des chinesische Schwimmteams hat Bundesinnenministerin Faeser konsequente Aufklärung gefordert. Die Berichte erschütterten das Vertrauen in die Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur.


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Niesamowite. Ależ zdziwienie! 😳🫣

„Robert Karaś znów otrzymał pozytywny wynik testu antydopingowego!“,64998,30823450,karas-znowu-wpadl-musze-teraz-poniesc-konsekwencje-swojej.html

edit: I chyba pobił rekord świata w utrzymywaniu się substancji niedozwolonych. 🫣

„Niestety nadal mam w sobie pozostałości po tych substancjach. Nie wiem jeszcze, jakie konsekwencje formalne mnie czekają, ale nie to jest najważniejsze. Niech moja historia będzie przestrogą dla każdego sportowca, zwłaszcza dla ludzi młodych. Nie szukam wytłumaczeń, muszę teraz ponieść konsekwencje swojej głupoty i nieostrożności. Błąd popełniony 1,5 roku temu zostanie ze mną już na zawsze“


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Athletes from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Portugal will face more stringent out-of-competition (OOC) testing to be eligible for the Paris Olympics, the Athletics Integrity Unit has said.

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Halep vows to return 'invigorated' after doping 'ordeal'

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Former world No. 1 Simona Halep was cleared to resume her tennis career on Tuesday after her four-year doping ban was reduced to nine months by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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Halep's doping ban reduced to nine months

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Paul Pogba - z nieba do piekła. Miał wszystko i żeby sięgnąć po prymitywny testosteron... 4 lata dyskwalifikacji. IMO koniec kariery 30-latka.

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I listened to the Simona Halep judgement episode from "No Challenges Remaining". The episode was published on Sep 26, 2023.

Learnt a couple of new things: I had missed that Halep got two separate sentences of 4 years which she has to serve in parallel. So, even if she gets one conviction reduced or overturned with appeal to CAS, she will stil need to serve 4 years for the other.

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I did disagree with couple of points that Ben Rothenberg made on the pod.

He said he wished authorities had done more to transparently communicate decision to ban meldonium. This was in context of when Sharapova tested positive.

What he's missing is that AFAIK the way they communicated meldonium ban was same as the way they communicate on other banned substances. I am not sure why exception has to be made for meldonium.

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Also, if I recall correctly - Sharapova was allegedly (& IMO) negligent. Apparently, Eisenbud (her agent) was the one who would make sure at the end of each year that her supplements did not violate any substance bans. To me, that's RIDICULOUS. He's not a trained doctor or physician or anything.

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Und ich Naivling dachte, im würde ausschließlich mit Fleischwurst und Maggi stattfinden.

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won't change it's habits, so letting them compete even without the war in is just stupid.

"A Russian weightlifter has been provisionally suspended after being charged with doping offences nine years apart and will miss the 2021 International Weightlifting Federation () World Championships in in December.

Rodion , who had already been named in Russia’s men’s team"

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