timkmak, to random
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Here’s what we are reading today:

The deputy head of #Ukraines military intelligence told the #Economist that the order has gone out for #Russia to “take something” before #VictoryDay on May 9th, or a week later.

An offensive is expected in the #Kharkiv and #Sumy regions.


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The FM said that although his country has helped refugees, it doesn't support age Ukrainian men avoiding fighting by staying abroad.

There are 94,643 Ukrainian men aged 18 to 65 in the Czech Republic. Ukraine has been trying to get them to return.


dbsalk, to NFL
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Prove me wrong: the hype for the #NFLDraft exists so that Mel Kiper can justify his paycheck. Without the hype, he'd be selling paint at Home Depot. #NFL #Sports #Football #Draft #ESPN

matthiasott, to blogging
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Bloggers and writers! Which tool(s) are you using to draft and write your posts or articles? And how do you keep track of the status of a piece (idea/draft/edited/published etc.)?
#blogging #writing

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@matthiasott initial drafting in Bear, then copy markdown into Nova for final editing, adding figures, etc. I have a tag in Bear for ideas and a tag for drafts. I use the string tk liberally in my drafts to remind myself to add things like links and other final touches (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_come_(publishing))

skobkin, to guitar Russian
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Ковыряю тут.

Если прокатит, то будет песенка в очень низком строе (ниже, чем Drop D тут).

Даже решил попробовать гибридное звукоизвлечение одновременно медиатором и пальцами по такому поводу.

Кто узнал - тот молодец. Но пока ничего не обещаю - нужно чтобы немало факторов сложилось.

katerberg, to mtg

Today at 10:30 Central, I’ll be hosting a St Lotus event again! This is a 12 hour long Magic event where people can play cards from anywhere in the history of the game, and everything is drafted. Follow along from https://twitch.tv/stlotusmtg and see more details on https://stlotus.org

chronicallydave, to Army
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paulox, to random
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Do you have any advice on how to share a draft article in order to ask for comments? A private doc on Google comes to mind. Do you have other ideas? 😅

itnewsbot, to random

Lessons Learned: Plastic Injection Molding for Products - Injection molding is one of the technologies that makes the world go round. But wh... - https://hackaday.com/2023/10/14/lessons-learned-plastic-injection-molding-for-products/ -to

accesstoken, to Pixelfed

Draft & Schedule Posts for Later


One feature that is currently missing on PixelFed (and something I wish they had) is the capability to compose a post as a draft and schedule it for later publication.

katerberg, to MagicTheGathering

I forgot to post about when it was live, but in case anyone in is into or , I run tournaments that are Vintage Rotisserie Drafts. They play out somewhere in between Vintage and as far as power level, but because it's all face-up and you can draft things like Chill, the format is way more interactive.

The most recent video just got posted on Youtube, but all the links are on https://stlotus.org.

I love talking about this format. <3

TheEuropeanNetwork, to France

Russians who refused to fight in Ukraine are eligible for political asylum in France.

France's National Asylum Court clarified its case law on Russian deserters and draft dodgers, pointing out that the applicant must 'provide evidence that he or she has actually been called up to serve in the armed forces.'


josschuurmans, to ObsidianMD

Replacing (most?) Obsidian note tags with internal links and Maps Of Content | josschuurmans.com

"(...) In conclusion, for now, I will run both types of metadata side-by-side: hashtags as well as internal links. And I’ll create group views, ie. lists, using Maps Of Content and Dataview. (...)"


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@josschuurmans @obsidianmd @obsidian @nickmilo I’ve used both links and tags, but when the system began to feel ragged (and when it started introducing delays — “Will I link or tag this?”), I launched the Great Tag Apocalypse and converted ALL tags to links.

In practice, though, I’ve found that for status ( or ) and certain markers ( and ), tags just “feel” better to me. I realize this makes no objective sense.

So: some tags are back.

HistoPol, to ai
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A quick overview of current regulations proposals in the legislative process


Today, I read about someone still using that in his search, he had the first 3 pages of hits with "junk" results which he attributed to generated pages.

introduced a Bill Requiring Political Ads to Disclose AI Use at the beginning of May, 2023. Even though sensible, I don't see it getting passed due to the distribution of power in Congress,unless there...

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...May 11, 2023, the and the adopted a negotiating mandate on the upcoming (.)

The Future of Life Institute (), an independent , in cooperation with , has set up its own website and people can make proposals there, though this is not part of the 's legislation process. (2)


The final draft is available...

taco, to random

The new focus on the referendums is moot because the Canadian government will not be legally allowed to let a province separate knowing the entity that results will abuse the rights of minorities, currently protected by the Charter.

No one can credibly or intelligently argue an independent Quebec would do otherwise. It’s simply not a constitutional democracy at this point.



So, if decided to , what would do?

Reinstate the , train 100,000 , Quebec and people until Quebec changed its mind?

The did that in 1860. Bloodiest they ever fought.

Somehow, I don't think Ottawa and have the stomach for that.

Hitting them with a rolled-up newspaper is unlikely to work.

So, what then?

katerberg, to random

I ran a Vintage Rotisserie Draft yesterday and managed to take second place! Lots of silly powerful decks.

BPV500, to fediverse

How many people out there in -land are watching the ? If you are, boost this post and give it a like to cast a wider net and connect. I would love to get a group together to chat about it all!

Also, let me know your for tonight! Where is the drama coming from? What teams are trading up? Down? Any surprise pick predictions?

Let's do this, people! T-minus 20 minutes!

Dwight, to random

One of my low key favorite parts of draft night is seeing all the different suit liners 🕴️the NBA draft for sure started the trend though

morettiphd, to random
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The season lasts too long... but the non-stop dreck about the makes the roughly 80 day stretch between the Sewer Bowl and the draft seem like 80 years.

For crying out loud, don't those sports people have ANYTHING ELSE to talk about?

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