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Hey , y'all need to rein in your marketing and web development team(s). I go to my Dropbox once every two or three months--and each time I end up having to learn how to use your website again because there has been so many changes. Please give me a basic file manager button, so I can by pass all of the BS website bloat FFS. Oy... :/

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How to Use a Simpler, Less Intrusive Version of Dropbox


arturN, to Symfony
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The #dropbox extension for #joomla now also works with Joomla 5!
Check it out to publish content directly from your cloud-storage to your website and to receive file uploads of your users in your cloud-storage https://extensions.joomla.org/index.php?option=com_jed&view=extension&layout=default&id=741&Itemid=145

Demo: http://joomla.in-nepal.de/index.php/en/?option=com_dropbox&id=1

#opensource #foss #CloudStorage #CMS

thomas, to random German
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Boah, ist Dropbox asozial geworden. Früher konnte man über einen Klick auf einen Share-Link einfach die geteilte Datei herunterladen.

Mittlerweile wird so getan, als müsse man sich einloggen. Darunter dann ein kleiner Link, über den es doch auch ohne Account geht. Und das 2x.

Ziemlich aufdringlich, nervig und irreführend.

sfwrtr, to Writers
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#psa Okay, learned a lesson today. I either missed this or the setting changed in an update. Both #OneDrive and #Dropbox have a setting for keeping all the files in the cloud rather than on your Mac, downloading them as you need them. This means that if you need them and the service is responding poorly, or you have no connectivity, you can't get to your files. If you use #scrivener, for example, which syncs through dropbox, this can cause sync errors between devices!

Both services appear to set all files online only. Both services have a way to change this to ensure all files are downloaded for offline use.

#Writers, #authors, as well as #artists, I strongly suggest you keep your files on disk as well as in the cloud. Change these settings now!

#writersOfMastodon #writingCommunity

sfwrtr, to random
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Okay. Interesting. Moving files from Dropbox creates placeholder files that are empty but take up space. There's a little cloud symbol beside the files in the dropbox directories, but they refused to download. Sheesh. Luckily, the files exist online. I've logged on to the online dropbox and downloaded all my files to my hard disk in a separate directory as a backup. I'm trying bypassing the dropbox refused to sync issue by signing out of dropbox and orphaning the current directories. Signing on again, but creating new dropbox directory tree on disk that must be downloaded again from the #dropbox #cloud.Hoping that this fixes the #sync problems I'm having between platforms, at least from the Mac perspective.

#writingCommunity #writersOfMastodon #scrivener

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And Bam! Less than 10 minutes later, has laid down all the files from the in the new directories. opens the previously damage project (because dropbox had refused to download things) with everything consistent with the iPhone version. Yay!

Sometimes starting from Vanilla is the way to go!

NeadReport, to hacking
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Here's another rant about a large corporation bending us over a chair with a huge security breach. But first the bits emailed to me from Dropbox:

"We can confirm that Dropbox Sign customer information such as emails, usernames, phone numbers, hashed passwords, multi-factor authentication, and general account settings were obtained."

Me: Fuck you Dropbox

"At Dropbox, our number one value is to be worthy of trust. We hold ourselves to a high standard when protecting our customers and their content. We didn’t live up to that standard here, and we’re deeply sorry for the impact it caused our customers."

Me: Fuck you Dropbox

julie, to Cybersecurity

Super weird to me that Dropbox has told Dropbox Sign customers to "delete your existing entry and then reset it" if they use app-based MFA. I have never seen "delete your MFA and create new tokens" in post-compromise account hygiene advice before.

I suspect two things:
1.) Dropbox was storing plain text MFA seeds right next to their password hashes
2.) We're going to hear a lot more about this soon.

ref: https://sign.dropbox.com/blog/a-recent-security-incident-involving-dropbox-sign

#Cybersecurity #DFIR #InformationSecurity #Dropbox #DropboxSign

gerowen, to privacy
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If you use Dropbox you should probably change your password.

Headline: #Dropbox Hacked! Threat Actor Accessed Passwords and Phone Numbers

Snippet: A quick analysis revealed that a threat actor had broken in to access customer information such as emails, usernames, phone numbers and hashed passwords, as well as general account settings and certain authentication information (API keys, OAuth tokens, and multi-factor authentication).


#Privacy #Security #Cybersecurity

amministratore, to random Italian
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Visti i problemi di sicurezza di dropbox:


vi ricordiamo che da 1 anno tutti gli utenti di possono fare richiesta di un account Nextcloud da 25GB per poter conservare e condividere file senza le limitazioni presenti su mastodon.

Nextcloud è un progetto open source e permette di importare automaticamente tutti i file dall'account .

Questo è il modulo di richiesta per ricevere i dati di accesso:

:nextcloud: https://cloud.mastodon.uno/apps/forms/s/YSCoCC37D9omTN8iXSKkQqz9

informapirata, to informatica Italian
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Dropbox sarebbe stato violato. Rubati i dati dei clienti e i token di autenticazione

Dropbox ha affermato che gli #hacker sono penetrati nei #sistemi di #produzione della piattaforma di firma elettronica #Dropbox #Sign. Hanno ottenuto l’accesso a #token di #autenticazione, #dati di autenticazione a più fattori (#MFA), #password con hash e #informazioni sui clienti.


Notizia segnalata su @redhotcyber


br00t4c, to random
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Dropbox dropped the ball on security, haemorrhaging customer and third-party info


governa, to random
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br00t4c, to random
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jgreig, to random
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Cloud storage company reported that a hacker breached company systems on April 24 and gained access to sensitive information like passwords and more.


ai6yr, to ai
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Rhetorical question: Why does your cloud file storage service need AI? Does AI store my files better? 🤔

br00t4c, to random
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Dropbox CEO Drew Houston wants you to embrace AI and remote work


Tutanota, to random
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may be popular, but is it safe? 🔒

We've analyzed this Big Tech service, but would be curious to hear your thoughts!

What's your favorite solution?

➡️ https://tuta.com/blog/is-dropbox-secure

0xSim, to random
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Hey kids, do you rent a #VPS? Wanna get your very own #GoogleDrive or #Dropbox equivalent?

Install https://syncthing.net/ and https://filebrowser.org/

#selfhosting #p2p

syntaxseed, to Bash
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Wrote a script to use WP-CLI to dump the database, then to sync the files to Dropbox.

It pings HealthChecks.io to monitor progress & success/fail.

That was finally working well. 👍

Then calling it from a revealed the need to use full paths to commands like & WP-CLI. Took a bit to find (force) the logging of the cron to see what was wrong.

Still unclear why some commands (curl, etc) work fine.

Anyway... this is coming along!

@syntaxseed@phpc.social avatar

The nice thing, is using the sync mode of #Rclone means the initial upload took ages but successive backups only do the changed files so it's pretty quick.

Also had to debug ways to ease back the rate limiting from #Dropbox, luckily there was some good info about this in the Rclone discussion forums.

It cracks me up that Rclone refuses to sync Thumbs.db files. It spits an error when it encounters them. Even file copy utilities hate these! 🤣 This was an effective way to find and purge these.

tezoatlipoca, to OneNote
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POLL TIME - Do you make / / in electronic form? Do you like making ? If so, HOW? ? ? txt files in your ? ? send yourself emails? TheBrain?

In particular WHY that particular method? need cross device/platform? 2 b available online? What (about this, or any method) are challenges to you? Do you struggle to organize your notes? What would you wish was better?

Y? am working on a thing that may help.

Boosts appreciated :)

AAKL, to Cybersecurity
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ICYMI, here are the February top articles on our blog ⬇️

1 / 4

@protonmail@mastodon.social avatar

In addition to these, many of you have been interested in:

📣 The big news: https://proton.me/blog/proton-pass-windows-app

🔑 How to export passwords from : https://proton.me/blog/ow-to-export-passwords-from-chrome

🔍 What we found when we analyzed ’s privacy policy: https://proton.me/blog/dropbox-privacy

3 / 4

Nonilex, to Michigan
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PlymouthTwp posted an image Tues on FB of the person who installed the equipment at the #ballot #DropBox outside Risen Christ Lutheran Church on AnnArbor Rd, which also was an #EarlyVoting location. The post from the twp asked anyone w/info on the individual to contact the #police at (734) 354-3250.

The twp had its own cameras monitoring the drop box which captured images of the person installing the fake camera in Jan & the solar-powered lighting device in early Feb.

#law #VoterIntimidation

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