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There are entire supporting aging, expensive, profitable human performance-challenges, waiting to be eaten by .


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Worldwide over the past 35 years, dams and land reclamation activities have converted 250,000 acres of estuary to urban land or agricultural fields, with most land conversion and estuary loss in rapidly developing countries...

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Fire in the desert

Fueled by invasive grasses and climate change, desert fires are growing larger and more dangerous.
#ecology #ecosystems #climatechange #biodiversity #fire

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A project literally years in the making 🤯

We restored 5 acres of Oregon upland prairie – a vanishing ecosystem – and ended up with a mind-blowing Lupine bloom.

To celebrate, we made a T-shirt! You can get one at


‘Ecocide in Gaza’: does scale of environmental destruction amount to a war crime? (

Exclusive: Satellite analysis revealed to the Guardian shows farms devastated and nearly half of the territory’s trees razed. Alongside mounting air and water pollution, experts says Israel’s onslaught on Gaza’s ecosystems has made the area unlivable

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Estella Bergere Leopold (1927–2024), passionate environmentalist who traced changing ecosystems
The trailblazing palaeobotanist investigated how climate change affected Earth in the past — and firmly believed science should be used in its defence now.

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Good morning.

I created some new photo art this morning. 2 new pieces; 1 b/w piece here.

They're visual contrasts between devastating logging & world famous tree, Big Lonely Doug. These creations are sparked by my lifelong love of ancient & the need to keep protecting them, against government lies & industry greed.

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My 2nd piece; colour version.

Visual contrasts between devastating logging clearcuts & world famous tree, Big Lonely Doug. These creations are sparked by my lifelong love of ancient & needs to keep protecting them, against government lies & industry greed.

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How from humans is wreaking havoc on U.S.

Nation Jul 18, 2017 2:20 PM EDT

"As transportation networks expand and urban areas grow, noise from sources such as vehicle engines is spreading into remote places. Human-caused noise has consequences for wildlife, entire and people. It reduces the ability to hear natural sounds, which can mean the difference between life and death for many animals, and degrade the calming effect that we feel when we spend time in wild places."

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Hello dear Fedis
wherever you are ♥️

Today is the 20th
and that means...


Today's topic....

Only in second place in the last vote

But we all love movies, don't we?

_____ 🎥🍿🎬

Post your favorite movie
One that you have seen many times
That you like to watch again and again
Or just a movie that holds a special place in your heart for some reason
______ 📽️🎞️🍿

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...the sensitivity of , , , and more.

If you don't have a dislike for movies, make sure to watch it (again 😉.)

If you've already watched the 1984 and 2021 version, you might enjoy this synopsis:


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Redwoods are growing almost as fast in the UK as their Californian cousins

New study finds that giant sequoias add 70 cm of height and store 160 kg of carbon per year.

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It seems that, as with the introduction of new animals (, e.g. rabbits to ) the introduction of new plants( *) can be a huge source of disruption regional as well.

After reading through the aforementioned article about , I now begin to understand the complexities involved.

I have a hunch that, from a systems point of...

@conditional_soup @arstechnica

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Europe is not prepared for rapidly growing climate risks

is the fastest warming continent in the world, and risks are threatening its energy and security, , , resources, financial , and people’s . According to the European Environment Agency’s assessment, published today, many of these risks have already reached critical levels and could become catastrophic without urgent and decisive action.

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EU hits Apple with first-ever fine: €1.8B for stifling music streaming - The EU has fined Apple €1.8bn for stifling music streaming rivals — the first pena... -

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How can startups raise funds in this shitty economical climate? 3 investors share their insider tips - When it comes to raising startup capital, 2023 was rough, to say the least. In fac... -

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TNW and Startup Valencia are back together — and on a date to VDS - TNW is taking our relationship with one of Europe’s top innovation hubs to the nex... -

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‘Revolutionary’: EU Parliament votes to criminalise most serious cases of ecosystem destruction

"Countries will have two years to put the updated directive, which covers crimes 'comparable to ecocide', into national law. Ecosystem destruction, including habitat loss and illegal logging, will be punished with tougher penalties and prison sentences under the EU’s updated environmental crime directive."

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TNW Podcast: Zeynep Yavuz talks European tech; Mistral and SiloAI release new LLMs - Welcome to the new episode of the TNW Podcast — the show where we discuss the late... -

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