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Me, editing something my husband wrote: What do you think? I don't want to change your voice.

Him: You didn't. You took the essence of what I wrote and made it betterer.

And isn't that what editing is?


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Add depth of field to your screenshots/images:

  • Take a screenshot, upload it (link below), - Drag it around, scroll to zoom in/out
  • Click to focus

Pretty cool idea. Free.

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Today is a regular workday, except that I'm listening to one song from The Tortured Poets Department during each Pomodoro break. Anyone else listening to it today?


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Just curious, what would be your preference here?

“We measured the values of parameters A and B and analyzed the relationship between ___________.”

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Sharing some info on an interesting conference happening at Texas A&M next week on editing in the early-modern period.

"Folio Futures: Editing Early Modern Plays for Tomorrow's Audiences" on 26 April will be live streamed.

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"Generative extend" is a fantastic example of actually useful AI feature. We've all been there with shots that we need to hold for just a liiiittle bit longer but can't. Now we should be able to.

Generative AI coming to Adobe Premiere Pro

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I wonder if I should rewrite the first scene in this book. I get a “feeling” that it might not pull enough, even thought it works. I trust my feelings enough to think about it.

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Posted about some of the things I left out of yesterday's short story.

The Cutting-Room Floor

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Editors and directors, do your circle takes usually end up in the actual edit?

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I think typos and other errors have been told to travel in pairs so it's more likely that one will sneak through while the other is attracting all the attention. Clever little things.


RedPenRabbit, to movies avatar

I think typos and other errors have been told to travel in pairs so it's more likely that one will sneak through while the other is attracting all the attention. Clever little thing.


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I’m still working through editing the next book. This one definitely needs fewer rewrites. The story holds up well. There are, of course, things I want to fix.

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I've started down a copy editing rabbit hole and I'm loving it.

I wanted to remove the word "basically" from any old blog post where it didn't make sense. (you don't "basically, do something" you "do something")

As I was going through I kept on finding other examples of words that could be clipped.

  • essentially
  • probably
  • possibly
  • just
  • you need to
  • trivial

This isn't even the full list!

80% of the time the sentence reads better without further edits

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Tenure Track Position in Fiction and Documentary Directing and Editing

@ Toronto Metropolitan University

CC @academicjobs

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QC at this nation's biggest broadcaster, operating since 1953:
"there's a glitch at TC 01:27:00:00"
Me: "that's out of bounds, the programme is 14m long"
Broadcaster: "oh, sorry, we threw all the episodes on a single timeline"
Me: 🤷‍♂️

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I would like to announce my new class titled "editing on edibles"

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Waiting for what??

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This week, the annual conference for ACES: The Society for Editing will take place in San Diego. It's always one of the highlights of my year.

I'll be speaking on a panel called "Making the Invisible Visible: Editors as Changemakers" with CaTyra Polland, Cynthia Williams, and Vee White, and I'm honored to be part of such an amazing group of people.

Will you be at ? If so, I hope to see you there!


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peeps: how can I use metadata from audio file names (dual system audio) as shot metadata with AutoSync? As in, turn 501-2t04.wav into Episode 5, scene 1, take 4 of setup 2.

I asked at Avid Forums but the post hasn't been approved in a week (fun! Even their forums do not work properly!)

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“The Angle Orthodontist” is such a weird journal name

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Loving the commentary on academic publishing at the end of this review (Speculum, April 2018).

@academicchatter @academicsunite

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“It is difficult to compare X in our study with X in previous studies because previous studies did not measure X.”

It’s difficult, but I’m sure you can do it!

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"Rewriting a passive construction to be active almost always makes what you’re saying clearer."

Example: Millions of dollars were embezzled from the company.
Revision: Two executives embezzled millions of dollars from the company.

Eva Parish:
@patrascan @Nazani @technique @writing

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