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Extra Egg Roll Thrown In By Mistake Becomes Man's Sole Reason For Living

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SwitchBot's robot vacuums now work with Matter, but the platforms need to step up support

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Mystery what is going in with this egg. Not eating it, but... (ridges from a serrated knife, but the yolk is not normal).

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There Go The Egg Prices Again: Bird Flu Found In Chickens

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Try your luck and see if you can crack our egg-cellent Easter quiz

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I forgot to crack the #chocolate #Easter #egg while the grandson was visiting.
so I sent him this photo and told him I was sorry and had shared it with his #StarWars figures who had left hardly anything at all when grandad and grandma got up in the morning. They’d carved it up with their light sabres and were all lying about like fat little plastic eggs plus Darth Vader had been sick and I made him clean it up.

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So in Polish wishes for #Easter we often say "happy #egg" (pol. wesołego jajka) or "tasty egg" (pol. smacznego jajka). So what about #dragon egg (smocznego jajka)? :blobcat_amused:​

For Polish readers:



#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource

The same picture but with red text "Smokojnych świąt i smocznego jajka" - could be translated as "Dragoning holidays and dragony egg".

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If Trans Day of Visibility falling on Easter Sunday makes you mad, that’s a good indication we need Trans Day of Visibility.

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Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Trans Day of Visibility 💙💖

We’re celebrating this very special occasion with a collection of trans pride creations by diverse artists from across the world celebrating Trans Visibility!

💙 💖

#easter #egg #tdov #lgbtq #lgbt #pride #equality #nonbinary #enby #trans #pronouns #transgender #transfem #transmasc #genderfluid #agender #washi #enamelpins #stickers #prints #indieartist #indieart #gift #giftideas #supportartists #art

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Happy Egg Cracking Day 🐣

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Trans Day of Visibility 💙💖

We’re celebrating this very special occasion with a collection of trans pride creations by diverse artists from across the world!

💙 💖

#easter #egg #tdov #lgbtq #lgbt #pride #equality #nonbinary #enby #trans #pronouns #transgender #transfem #transmasc #genderfluid #agender #girlslikeus #washi #enamelpins #stickers #prints #indieartist #indieart #gift #giftideas #supportartists #art

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It seems obvious this year competition is won by

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is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Mostly because I love the I get to inflict upon .

Sadly, I'm not inflicting any creativity on eggs this year, just on an upcoming software releases.

So I'd like to see your -dying, -posing, and -gathering works for this year!

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Sitting there, waiting to be embedded in an airy egg cloud ... the white is already in the oven. 😋 A good start into the Easter weekend. ... Wrote 'Eater'by mistake, but might be just as accurate. 😆

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Egg freezing patients 'misled' by clinics

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▶ Retiring The Egg Discourse (Congratulations @f1nn5ter!)

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Sizzling in one of my 's . This sisig is better than the one near the college building ​:munch:​

@pinoy @pinoy

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'Nobody talks about how good it is': Former Chick-fil-A worker shares the most underrated breakfast item

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This 1,700 year old egg still has liquid inside it.
NOTE: We can detect light from other planets and figure out what chemicals dominate their atmosphere. Wouldn't there be a way to use light, ultrasound, a cyclotron or some sort of existing technology to figure out what the contents are like without making a hole in the shell?
UPDATE #2. It turns out the researchers involved are considering using a cyclotron and other approaches to study the egg's contents. Stay tuned!

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I found that this for was cracked and in fact . So, after carefully removing the , you can see the through the clear . Still, it made a good eventually.

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Jajeczko na śniadanie 🍳

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I'm liking the soft-roasted air-fryer . 9* minutes at 250F, and then promptly get that thing under cold water until it feels less than warm, crack / tear in half and spoon it out.

(* not, LMAO WTF, 18min, the default "egg" setting!? 😱)

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