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I have started porting Microsoft's multi-agent framework Autogen to :

Have never built things in Elixir. Wish me luck! 😁

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We just reopened our mid-level Backend Engineer role at Remote again.

Have a look at it if you want to be part of a fast-growing team with a fantastic mission, and you have experience with Elixir.

As always, this is a fully remote and globally available position.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.

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Gleam v1.2.0 is out! And oh boy is it a good one! You're gunna like it a whole bunch

pepicrft, to elixir avatar

Bridging and is so convenient with Rustler. We are using it in @tuist to use an S3 SDK from Elixir

Di4na, to elixir avatar

I am looking for a new job. Elixir/erlang SWE and/or ops/SRE related. Size of the company does not matter. I have some ethical rules (gambling, blockchain and probably most AI company,...). I only work remotely from France. Yes I would prefer a FTE french contract, but I can do self employed contracts.

You can find more about my career at

brainlid, to elixir avatar

A recent addition to Phoenix LiveView is JS.toggle_class/1. It replaced my use of Alpine.js and custom hooks. Check out how it can boost your dev experience with easy visibility toggles, animations, dynamic lists, and more!

lawik, to elixir avatar

I had the most fascinating conversation with @bernini who is part of the team making Bonfire (

They have actual human users and a working system built. They've funded it on grants and stuff for 3 years.

What they need right now is some community devs to get involved and help their users get things built, maybe hosted, maybe supported.

A lot of unusual opportunity.

thedapperdiner, to elixir avatar

Doing the #sugar #cube and #Chartreuse #Elixir tasting at #HalfwayClub in #SF

ah, to neovim avatar

Showing lines not covered by tests in is such a game changer! Covered lines are not marked, uncovered lines have a red mark.

I'm using this great plugin, together with mix coveralls.lcov:

pepicrft, to elixir avatar

It blows my mind how much you can achieve with modules, functions, and basic types in

pehbehbeh, to elixir avatar

After 6 years of development, Phoenix LiveView is approaching 1.0.0 and Chris McCord (the creator) has written an excellent article about the journey and why LiveView is different.

We started using Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView in early 2020 and it has changed the way we build applications and think about problems. It still amazes me every day and most importantly: It is so much fun.

TehPenguin, to rust avatar

When posting your programming language comparison article, can you please include the context of your comparison?

"Rust vs Python, which is better? "
"Sir, this is a kernel"

"Why I switched from C++ to Go"
Taps sign: "No GC or green threads in the kernel"

Sincerely, a systems dev who'd like to remind you that APIs existed before REST...

#RustLang #Rust #cpp #go #golang #python #programming #elixir

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10 gotchas – Journeys of a not so young anymore Software Engineer

edcrypt, to elixir avatar

If a long time Pythonista wants to finally dive into , where should they start?

lawik, to elixir avatar

Nerves was one of my big ways into Elixir as a community. This Unpacking Elixir is about that project. Share it to those who might be curious or have Pis to spare.

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What's all this about "just make useless shit?"

jimfl, avatar


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🕺New Changelog interview!

We’re joined by Louis Pilfold, creator of the Gleam programming language!

We discuss Gleam's inspiration, how it compares to other languages, where it shines, the overwhelming support Louis is getting through GitHub Sponsors & what’s next 🔮


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andrew_chou, to elixir avatar

Stumbled upon this ElixirConf talk from 2018:

"Introducing Scenic A Functional UI Framework" (Boyd Multerer)

It's one of the best talks I've ever watched! The first 10 minutes resonate so strongly with what I've been exploring recently. This guy just Gets It™️ (has quite the technical background too 😉).

Everything about this was so engaging and exciting. Really has me itching to look into it, years later.

#Elixir #Scenic

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Northwind Elixir Traders by Isaak Tsalicoglou is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $29.70; get it for $15.92 with this coupon:

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Like every year, we are happy to support ElixirConf EU, which starts tomorrow in Lisbon. 💜


👀 Read about our work with and :

andrew_chou, to elixir avatar

Ongoing thread dedicated to thoughts as I read "Elixir in Action" (Volume 3)

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Leanpub book LAUNCH! Northwind Elixir Traders: A practical tutorial on databases with Ecto by Isaak Tsalicoglou

janvhs, to swift avatar

I think it’s time for a proper .

Hey, I am Jan, I am 22 years old and moved from another instance.

I love to play the bass and skateboard, when the weather allows for it.
My favorite songs are ICE579 by Temmis, Edward 40Hands by Mom Jeans. and Wellblech by Nils Keppel.

Like many others on this instance, I am a programmer. I have an interest in and development on Linux and I am trying to get more active in the community.

Looking forward to meeting you all 🫶

janvhs, avatar

Wow a lot has changed, so it’s time for a #reintroduction.

Still Jan, but I’m 23 years old by now <3

Nowadays, I’m primarily a bassist and play in a local band. However, I play electric guitar and sing, too.
I’m in love with indie rock and synthy pop. I love Temmis and Mia Morgan, but enjoy Queen, Margarita Quebrada and re6ce as well.

Prada Shoes by re6ce might be my favourite song, atm.

I’m now working at #SUSE, which introduced me to #Elixir. Furthermore, I love #GNOME and my #MacBook.

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