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You know. You get back into #gaming just a little bit to take your mind off work and be more engaged in something in our off time. Easy peasy.

Before you know it, you have game research docs and are downloading emulators to play Mother 3 on your #iPhone

GAH! What have I become??? WHO AM I????

#videogames #emulators #tech #technology #mobilegaming #games #rpg #jrpg #gameboy #gameboyadvance


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Cheap coffee table to not so cheap to build but quite awesome arcade cocktail table. Took ages to finish. Running an old I7 alienware x51 with a 1080TI. PC route so i can run ps2 emulation, modern stuff. Font on the panel for the power button and usb cluster is taken from attack of the mutant camels and the game running is sheep in space. One of my first games from back in the day and one of my all time c64 favourites. Both by @llamasoft_ox

#mame #arcadegames #cocktailtable #emulators #c64


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Psst! You can go here for "official" Super #Mario Bros DX images and logos for making box art to use in various #emulators and launchers. Anniversary Edition and #Aesthetic Edition variants are included!

#Nintendo #NES #Famicom #8bit #ROMhack #retro #emulation #coverart #boxart #VaporwaveAesthetic

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#Linux and #Gaming is not working - #Incorrect, #Wrong, #False!
@ebuzz_central shows you how to install and utilize several #emulators and also how to play #Windows games on Linux using #Steam.

Take a look:

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Wesley Fenlon (@wes) is the creator of Read Only Memo, a Substack devoted to video-game emulation. Here, he's interviewing programmer Rich Whitehouse about how he's creating 32-player multi-player support for the Atari Jaguar's Alien Vs. Predator — a single-player game — using his BigPEmu emulator.

#VideoGames #Programming #Emulators #RetroGaming

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There's something special and doubly nostalgic about emulating SNES on the Wii 🥹

A CRT TV showing Snes9xGX running on the Nintendo Wii

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Alathra the rogue is now level 12, I'm on the 5th floor of the dungeon - just grabbed Arkaine's Valor!

#Diablo #ArkainesValor #armor #rogue #rogues #PS1 #PSX #emulation #emulated #emulators #arpg #arpgs #PlayStation

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Moved the hacked PS1 mini (it has like 80+ games on it now thanks to Autobleem, the most important of them being Diablo) to the living room to start up a new Diablo run. I beat it two years ago in September and I started my run(s) in August 2021. Something about August and fall, I guess. Last time, I tried a sorcerer but struggled til I switched to fighter, which I beat it with. This time, I'm trying a rogue. Never tried rogue before. Should be wild. Time for tons of saving and leaving all my gear on the ground in town! 🤣

#Diablo #PS1 #PSX #PS1Mini #PSXMini #emulation #emulators #rogue #rogues #Autobleem #RetroGames #RetroGaming #Diablo1 #PlayStation #PlayStationMini

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Alathra's now level 16 and I'm starting in on floor 9, which is of course where that difficulty ramps up! However, I just went back to kill the Butcher and now I'm gonna take out Leoric. The Butcher was SO easy to take out with a level 16 rogue 🤣 I figure Leoric will be too. Diablo tip - wait to kill these two til later, when you're stronger! 🔥

#Diablo #PS1 #PSX #PS1Mini #PSXMini #arpg #arpgs #emulating #emulation #emulators #Autobleem #rogue #rogues

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Down in level 13 (and Alathra is now level 20). Was thankfully able to skip a lot of level 11, as those damn demons there kept surrounding me and killing me- but the succubi and other demons aren't too bad now since I found this BADASS bow that adds 101% damage. Almost breezing through level 13. Only a couple more to go!

Lots of decapitated bodies down here.

jake4480, avatar
jake4480, avatar

Killed Lazarus, and I'm at the end - exactly 30 days after starting my run as Alathra the rogue! I like to take it fairly slow, and I have. Now for the big demon himself. I suspect I won't have too much trouble - Lazarus is usually tougher and he was pretty much a breeze. Rogue arrows ftw! Find or buy a good bow!

@dabbling_duck @Vyothric @Englebert3rd @ellestad

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My son just scored his last goal in
Now the game is completely shut down.

"Cloud dependent" games and software is not something game makes should strive towards.


@StampedingLonghorn @selea even then discs and cartridges can degrade over time. Modding systems and being able to play backups is something worth protecting imo. That's why #emulators are awesome. If we are still here in a 100 years some kid can still boot up a crash bandicoot game and see what the fuss was.

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What are the best #emulators out there for #z80 assembly and #cpm? I want to dip my toes into them but I don't have the space for any more toys.

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#Xbox #Emulators running on Retail Mode Is BACK 🎮

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Developers restore “retail” Xbox emulators after Microsoft crackdown - "Le Bombe." (credit:'s been about three months since Microsoft ... - #emulators #microsoft #retroarch #dolphin #gaming #xenia #xbox

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Anyone here have any experience with #GrapheneOS? I'm in need of a new phone, and I'm kinda considering getting a #Pixel7 or #Pixel7a and flashing Graphene, but I have some questions.

  1. Can you game on it? lol I mostly play #emulators, not many #Android games (though I do get down on some of the #NetflixGames). I know the Pixel's chipset should be able to handle up through some PS2 and Gamecube, which is def enough for me, but if it can handle some Yuzu and/or Vita3K, that would be rad. Just curious if that all works within Graphene's sandboxing and if there are any performance issues.

  2. How does the sandboxed Play Services work? Do you install it, then have to give specific apps permission to access Play Services? How much can you lock down Google apps, like Google Camera, Google Maps, etc., if I choose to use those over the stock/FOSS options? I'll probably go #FOSS like I usually do, but it never hurts to have options.

  3. I've messed with custom roms a fair bit, but not a specifically privacy/security-oriented one like Graphene. Is there anything that someone coming from a relatively vanilla AOSP experience would find jarring or unexpected?

  4. I use #Spotify via #xmanager currently. Does anyone on Graphene currently use this? Does it work as expected?

  5. I know GrapheneOS + the #Pixel is kind of the pinnacle of security in mobile devices rn. What have you personally noticed about the #privacy and #security of your own digital experience since switching?

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome! Thanks, friends. 😃

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Enjoying a sensible chuckle at the #Nintendo claim of #emulators mysteriously stifling innovation when the only innovative thing they've allowed themselves to do in the past 30 years of franchise iterations is creating a goat I want to fuck.

A man enjoying a sensible chuckle while flipping through a magazine titled Sensible Chuckle.

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The article on Nintendo blocking the Dolphin emulator release on Steam was updated with newer info #Emulation #Nintendo #Steam #Gaming

opensoul, avatar

@gamingonlinux Shame on #Nintendo 😠 #Emulators are perfectly legal, they will lose

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Since I did the same on my old instance, thought I should have an intro here as well, it’s mostly stolen from there

insert [#introduction #intro #introductions since it seems those hashtags are popular or something]

My name is Ștefan (ș being sh or s if you’re English), 20 y.o., ♑, he/him, leftist and all that. I’m sadly living in Romania, I’m an undergrad in computer science and I’ve tried waaaay too many programming languages.

My usual speciality is programming, I prefer functional programming (and Lisps such as #scheme, #commonlisp and #elisp sometimes), math (mostly real analysis, calculus, number theory and geometric algebra).

I am also interested in #linguistics (and NLP), post-WWII history (especially post-‘89), #compilers and #emulators (and generally low-level stuff), #typography and #latex, #linux and #bsd (and #dos stuff) and #philosophy, #astronomy and #astrology (don’t @ me) among many other things. I hope I’ll be welcomed here!

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