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The Bates eye method is an alternative therapy that purports to "cure" defective and diseases of the by means of specific exercises. It is based on the work and theories of William Horatio Bates, a medical doctor and eye specialist practicing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although rejected and later soundly debunked by his peers, Bates's method was readily adopted into the alternative medicine and health freedom scenes, where it became interwoven with nutritional and other pseudoscience in the hands of early "health fad" figureheads such as Bernarr Macfadden and Gayelord Hauser.

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Bored Ape creator says UV lights at ApeFest burned attendees’ eyes and skin - Enlarge / People walk by a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT billboard in Times ... -

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By Mike Savad - Home Decor

This is the part where I was going to try to compare how shells have hidden treasures, and eyes also have hidden treasures, but I'm not, because that would sound silly. Instead I present to you, a big creepy eye, that will always follow you.

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Have you ever seen the 👁️element in the mastodon UI and wondered what it meant?

It’s actually quite simple and useful!

When you see the 👁️, it means your webcam is active and streaming images directly to Mastodon HQ, where Eugen (@Gargron ) is watching. He reaches up and gently touches the screen, whispering “what are you going to toot next, my lovely?”

This feature is pretty handy, but if you prefer, it can be switched off simply by clicking 👁️—> 🚫👁️

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@FlockOfCats @Gargron
No, seriously!! What does that indicate? I asked someone else about it many months ago, and they didn’t have an eye on their screen. 👁️

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This is a short on a variety of that qualify as (in the US).

I found this really informative:

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The US would be wise to have a Stable Majority Party whose planks:

  • do right by the common "bottom" 90% of us

  • forbid/discourage grifters, victim cults & SIGs

  • forbid lies & liars

  • forbid traitors & criminals

NEITHER the Dem or Repub parties of today meet these criteria. so we need something to replace them. but do it in a "safe" way, like by only running in "ranked choice voting" elections. that way you vote for Ideal Choice &
Lesser Evil

and not throw the win toward the Greater Evil

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Acrylic painting on canvas using bright colors and minimalist shapes that depicts an abstracted view of what the eye is seeing.

Art is Here: "Abstracted Vision"-

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“Is it any wonder I can't sleep?
All I have is all you gave to me
Is it any wonder I found peace through you?”

#Music #SmashingPumpkins #Eye

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I’ve got a lot of whiskers for - so if any rex rabbits or skinny pigs with twirly whirly whiskers need any straight whiskers, I’ve got plenty to share! 🤗😁 -Skye💕



... and a seriously twinkly eye.

How old is the persistently-cute Skye, anyways?

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