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WHAT THE F@$& PK!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Drapery fabric is okay for making suits, but COUCH COVER FABRIC IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!


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Do you remember when women and men had leather jackets like this in the 70s? I still have my father's coat in my closet. I even wore it when I was young.

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When Fashion Meets Film: Ruby Modine Embodies Joynoelle's Newest Collection

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Japan's Rakuten Group is partnering with eBay to test U.S. demand for used Japanese fashion goods, made all the cheaper with the yen trading near a 34-year low.

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⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #GeorgeMayer in Loc.: #LosAngeles USA 🇺🇸 2020 - Title: "Nadine in her Wedding dress" - #Art #Streetart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #Monochrome #BnW #Artist #Fashion #Wedding ➡️ #APhotoLove

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1950's Italy by Regina Relang: Model Joan Olsen and with friend on the ...

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Princess Diana's Former Hairdresser Reveals The Real Reason She Decided to Wear a Necklace as a Headband

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Princess Diana's Former Hairdresser Reveals The Real Reason She Decided to Wear a Necklace as a Headband

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Is it or a cry connecting the hysteria and ennui of an oversaturated industry?
“I think people are recognising that they’re really and really ” - they: the people or the ?
as in a time of .
"There might also be an ironic parallel between the jellyfish and the current turbulent , as well as a feeling of ." When fashion becomes a mirror of the human angst:

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1974 zodiac pendants advertisement
#Zodiac #ZodiacSigns #Jewelry #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage #Style #Fashion

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Five Fits With: Tanner Dean, Who Loves a Small Fashion Brand With a Story to Tell

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Featured today in The Shot, @Flipboard's newsletter, is this gorgeous roundup from @stellakalaw on iconic fashion collaborations.

"These partnerships exemplify the creative synergy that continues to reshape the boundaries of fashion," she writes.

Includes stories like "How Irving Penn and Issey Miyake Redefined the Fashion Photograph" and "Linda Evangelista and the Canny Eye of Steven Meisel."

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I have a running personal theory that no one really pays attention to the Cannes red carpet unless they’re on it. I know it’s all over TikTok and Insta but it rarely feels like a “moment” anymore. It’s been overtaken by the Met Gala.


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New video! We visit with the manager of the Bankfield Museum in a wide ranging discussion talking about their fashion collection, access to the collection and how it inspires reproductions and new fashion.

This is also reflected in the current exhibit.

@histodons @histodon @fashionhistory #fashionhistory #fashion

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What styling outfit are you wearing today?
Jeans 76 and Gentlemen G's Casual Denim, Eaton's Catalog, 1976 ad
#Denim #Advertisement #70sStyle #Style #Fashion #70sFashion #retro #vintage

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I recently posted about my hatred for cargo pants.

I don't resile from that judgement, but some posts from @pixelcats expressive of her generosity of spirit reminded me that I need to take care not to be a curmudgeon:

So, in keeping with that more affirmative mode, I put it to you that the Chelsea boot is a thing of beauty and a joy for ever:

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Absolutely reeling over the news about Mara Hoffmann closing her label after 24 years. The market is just so tough. She’s such a pioneer.

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