exchgr, to animals
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sollat, to Cats
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Dinner and a show.

Box seat.

What more could she want?

#Cats #FensterFreitag

solarpunk, to random
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meets and frankly would appreciate a little more privacy.

DieGesellschafterinLang, to hamburg German
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deganowa, to France
brigeh, to random

Der Blick geht rein ins Fenster und doch ins Draußen. Vom 23.4. in der #Heidelandschaft.

ursula, to random

Ich habe immer noch kein frisches #APuddleADay... 🥺 (vereinzelt hätte es heute schon welche gegeben, aber heute hatte ich einfach keine Zeit) Hier eins zum #Fensterfreitag aus der Altstadt von Gdańsk. #WindowFriday #puddle #puddlereflection

Infrogmation, to windows
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Window at Preservation Hall back patio, French Quarter, New Orleans


stefano, to photography
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One of my favourite "windows", one of my favourite views

Alice, to random
ametonym, to random
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Likewise, to photography
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One can be instructed
in society, one is only
Inspired in solitude.

J Wolfgang von Goethe
#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday #photography

graceinnyc, to photography
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GabrielaHofmann, to Switzerland German
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Skye, to random German
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Pont-Aven: Katze am Fenster - Cat at the window.

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Caturday

kyonshi, to books
RiversideBryan, to Florida
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kubikpixel, to fotografia German
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RickGaehl, to photography
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A spot of desolation from Witley Court, in Worcestershire, for #FensterFreitag.
It was burnt down in 1937, and only made safe for visitors after 1972, when it was taken into the care of English Heritage.
It's main claim to fame is as the location for the video made to accompany Procul Harum's debut single 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'.

#Photography #Interiors #Psychogeography #History #Architecture

sarble, to photography
RalphBassfeld, to random
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Rainy day #Fensterfreitag

victorvicpal, to spain
chopps, to photography
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AlanC, to photography
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mflessner, to photography
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