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Not attending PyCon US and don't want to see all the social media posts about it? (I'll certainly be sharing some)

If you're on a Mastodon instance:

  1. look up the "filters" setting
  2. filter the phrase "PyCon" (no quotes)
  3. make sure not to check "whole word' (so and related phrases are filtered too)

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Mastodon feature (or third-party integration) idea: curated/shared filters! I feel like I’ve thought about this from the spoiler angle before (platforms could have a list of potential spoiler-y phrases that get associated with a certain movie/show/etc. and then users could “subscribe” to those filters), but maybe it could be more crowdsourced? 🤔

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Thanks to a prod from @scott, I finally fixed the issue with full-screen videos looking inverted on my personal site in dark mode.

Also, just updated my blog post on how to implement quick and dirty dark mode support in a few lines of code using CSS filters with the additional code:

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Ok, so can people please use the Content Warning feature?

I feel like in the recent month, the CW feature has been going ignored. I’ve put a bunch of filters on and triggering posts still leak through. Mastodon is about creating a safe space where people can connect. “Challenge by choice” is important here (meaning people need to be able to choose when they see super triggering posts), or people in the community will be forced to leave for their own emotional well-being. Mastodon doesn’t need to turn into an emotional rollercoaster like all the other social media platforms.

I know I’m not the only one bothered by this bc I’ve seen other similar posts. Let’s keep mastodon a safe emotional space for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Please remember to use the CW feature!

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Mastodon folks you follow might post a lot about causes that you don't want to be bombarded with posts about. The secret to a sane feed is to create filters with suitable keywords so that those posts are automatically hidden in your feed.

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Sometimes I wonder why I feel so good on Mastodon. Then I remember.

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You may disagree fervently with Pres. Biden's Israel policies, and that's fine. But if you come into my feed calling him "Genocide Joe" or any variation on that theme, you're blocked.

I've already had to block a few accounts for this.

Pres. Biden is not "for genocide." I will not argue with you on this topic, nor do I discuss the Israel/Hamas war here.

But I will not tolerate accusations of "genocide" by Pres. Biden. He's not "pro genocide."

If that's a prob, it's on you.

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I think them could deny them the satisfaction of distracting you. More experienced users might could help. I don’t use because I enjoy trolling them back.

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Wait - if you subscribe to a and mute another and they are both in one post, what happens to that Schroedinger toot? Do you see it or not?

(Does it depend on the order of the hastags?)

SRDas, avatar

@ElwoodCity Yes - I saw the filters option. I wonder if including the # with the word will then just mute the hastagged wiord

echo_pbreyer, (edited ) to random German avatar

🇩🇪Instagram will junge Leute mit völlig unzuverlässigen vor Selbstverletzungen, Suiziden, Essstörungen schützen?

Funktioniert kaum, und die Grundprobleme bleiben:
Überwachungskapitalistisches Geschäftsmodell, Überwachungswerbung, selbstverstärkende und süchtig machende Timeline-Algorithmen pushen Aufreger, Wut und Hass.

So könnten wir die "sozialen Medien" wirklich sicher machen:
☑️Kontextwerbung statt Nutzerüberwachung
☑️Echte Wechselmöglichkeit (auch zu nichtkommerziellen Netzwerken) durch Plattform-Interoperabilität
☑️selbstverstärkende Timeline-Algorithmen nur auf Wunsch
☑️Kontrolle über unsere Timeline durch ein Recht, nicht-kommerzielle und einstellbare externe Sortieralgorithmen einsetzen zu können, die für uns arbeiten und nicht für Zuckerberg's Profit

Wir müssen endlich vom Produkt zu den Nutzern der Plattformen werden - dafür stehen wir !

echo_pbreyer, (edited ) avatar

🇬🇧Instagram wants to protect young people from self-harm, suicide, eating disorders with completely unreliable ?

Hardly works, and the fundamental problems remain:
Surveillance capitalist business model, surveillance advertising, engagement-based and addictive timeline algorithms push agitation, anger and hate.

This is how we could really make "social media" safe:
☑️contextual ads instead of surveillance advertising
☑️real option to switch platforms (also to non-commercial networks) by mandating platform interoperability
☑️engagement-based timeline algorithms only on user request
☑️control over our timeline by introducing a right to use non-commercial and customizable external timeline algorithms that work for us and not for Zuckerberg's profit.

We must finally stop being big tech's product and become their users - that's what we stand up for!

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New year, new blog post...

This time with some thoughts on social media for science discourse!

all comments welcome!

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@NicoleCRust re-1), there's a way to filter posts on mastodon: Hope this helps cleanse your timeline! Note to self - pin a @socialwg post about how to filter messages, and update wiki to include this as a tip

re 2) yeah, and we haven't found the recipe to make more folks transition to communities that are owned by themselves rather than by for-profit corporations :( working on this in a voluntary capacity also makes it a bit challenging as the efforts are happening in our spare time, which is limited. I will continue to try and raise funds for it. Our first attempt at fund-raising got positive reviews from all 3 reviewers but wasn't funded unfortunately :(


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kann ich irgendwie automatisiert Tröts ausblenden lassen, die Links zu Faschoplattformen wie Bluesky oder X beinhalten?

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For those who like to have a relaxed timeline or explore tab, try using filters!

It filters most of the dooming US-crap out by words or even hashtags. :)

Settings -> filters. Ah, select 'Home & lists' and 'Public Timelines' to clean the explore tab too!

p.s. the image is just a small part of all the words added. Think of 'marvel', 'furry', 'war', 'anxiety' and what not.

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Speaking of photographic lens filters, what are your favorite brands? Favorite types?

luis_in_brief, to random avatar

Reupping this. What are you filtering out? What are you filtering in?

luis_in_brief, avatar

Today's a good day to practice your fedi filtering skills!

Has anyone done a comparison of fedi clients specifically from a blocking/filtering UX perspective?

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tool that tells you which people you follow most frequently match your word

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Will some kind - @lisamelton maybe - read this short 🧵 (cos my server doesn't allow large posts). It's only 4 posts long, but I am SO FRUSTRATED!

HELP! 1/4

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Samhain is here. A day given to us by the ancient Gaelic. On this day it was believed it was easier to pass between the living and spiritual world. Practicing Celtic pagans would put on rags and cover themselves with ash from their cold hearths. This way protecting themselves from evil spirits. Then they would make their way to the highest hills outside the village. With their eyes on the night sky watching and waiting for the constellation of the Pleiades to pass across the midpoint of the sky. Once this happened then they would light a gigantic bonfire to give thanks for the yearly harvest and hope that the next year would be fruitful.


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A good way to discover interesting posts on here is to follow hashtags. When you do this, posts with the tags will start showing up in your timeline even from accounts you don't follow.

To follow a hashtag, just search for that hashtag, then click the "Follow" button at the top of the page of results for that tag.

To check what you're following, go to your profile and select "followed hashtags" or #

Lots more info about hashtag following:



@feditips would be massively improved if it allowed us to & our & when we .

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You know ?

What do you type in to filter screenshots from other social media?

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Social media filters, which invert your image to see how other people view you, are sparking mass body dysmorphia online. A 21-year-old TikToker called Mery, who once was confident about her appearance, admits to avoiding eye contact after using such a filter.

Krita 5.2 released! (

After a year of hard work, Krita 5.2 is finally here, bringing a variety of new features, ranging from fundamental changes in text and animation-audio handling to various smaller items like transforming all selected layers! The following fixes were made in response to all your bug reports for the first release candidate:...

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Hi. Anybody want to start a project for -powered clientside in a client with me?

I see the problem is the following: People want the ease of use that comes with ”semantic search”. But any actor providing filtering by algorithm is bound to self-optimize it to suit engagement.

A tech-savvy nerd can set up their fediverse experience via lists, instance following etc. But a normie can’t even imagine that. But what they can, is talking to a computer about what they like!

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man, I love me some ! it makes reading my so much more pleasant! :pooh_smile:

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