vicgrinberg, to random avatar

It's rather about yesterday but I could not interrupt an amazing dinner to post 😉

Aleenaa, to food avatar

Good food, good mood 😋🍴


ThunderHoneySnow, to food avatar

Life Pro Tip: Wash your produce. Wash your fruit before eating. Wash your veggies.

I have been bingeing foodie videos on SM and I have been horrified with the not washing!

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vicgrinberg, to cooking avatar

Seabass with purple asparagus, purple (&white) potatoes, red onions and sea lavender 💜

#AboutToday #cooking #foodie

HorizonMass, to boston avatar

EATS: RINCON LIMEÑO “Though finding dishes can be challenging (in ), it is not impossible”

elizach, (edited ) to random avatar

Savored a red velvet cupcake to mark my 35th birthday this weekend! Also had my favorite cheesecake, though no time for a photo.😊 Still, such a blast! 🥳 😀

jeze, to pizza avatar

This delicious pepperoni pizza from Blaze. Very enjoyable indeed. I went with the spicy marinara because if it ain't spicy I'm not eating!

jeze, to food avatar

I forgot to post my Indian food I enjoyed today here at Saffron in #kalamazoo. Absolutely delicious.

#indian #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #michigan

KarenKasparArt, to art avatar

Are you in the mood for some fresh fruit?
Watermelon circle is part of my mini series of three acrylic paintings of fresh watermelons in bright shades of pink, green, white and blue in contemporary square format.

See more here:

Dadlyambitions, to random avatar

Get to spend my day reworking all the recipes the old franchise chef fucked up.

Dadlyambitions, to random avatar

Roasted beet salad with mandarins, pickled red onions, goat cheese and sunflower seeds #chef #cheflife #foodie #restaurant

eco_amandine, to random Spanish avatar

Garbanzos frescos.

Dadlyambitions, to random avatar

Got shown the first draft of the menu today, and I am beyond hype #newmenu #restaurant #chef #cheflife #foodie

KarenKasparArt, to ilaughed avatar
Dadlyambitions, to random avatar

Pulled pork sammich.

Dadlyambitions, to Poutine avatar

Buffalo chicken poutine

proborsch, to Turkey avatar

🌱 Join the culinary conversation on Mastodon! Share your White Soup journey with the decentralized foodie community.

Connect over slow-cooked stories and vibrant ingredients:

noctarius2k, to food avatar

Dinnertime, freshly made schnitzel, with potatoes, oven-baked white asparagus and sauce hollandaise


eco_amandine, to random avatar

Tomorrow is pi day so I baked a pie for tomorrow's lunch. #PiDay #HomeBaking #foodie #comidonte

MaiKueper, to random German avatar

Hat jemand eine gute Quelle für Rezepte? Deutsche Seiten kann man da ja ziemlich vergessen..

SharonCummingsArt, to art avatar
kimschulz, to random avatar

Made a nice portion of Korean style Tteokbokki with fried pork. Lots of gochujang chili paste and Gochugaru chili powder to give it a slight kick.
Kimchi on the side of course.

popcornreel, to food avatar

Eat Yo SALAD!!!! ✅👍🏿


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