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Insider Guarantees Another Jets Free Agent Signing Is Coming

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6-Foot-4 Blocker Highlighted as Giants 'Bargain' in Free Agency

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sampler is pretty nice actually and . It provides a low friction way to create your own sample packs as well, including effects and custom graphics. There is also a tutorial video showing how. Linux, Mac, Windows.

There are also several many free sample packs from Venus Theory and others.



How to make packs


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Chaos as 26 barges break free and float down Ohio River near Pittsburgh

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Former Vikings QB Signs Contract With NFC Rival in Free Agency

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Former Bills WR Posts 3-Word Message After Signing With Ravens


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Seahawks Sign Former Jets $40 Million 'Iron Man' Starter

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The elderly lady who is visiting the hospital next week for #chemotherapy treatment has now had a #FREE #gas #water #heater installed by our subcontractors.

This was totally free of any cost, with no charge under any circumstances to her, we now know that when she returns home after every treatment, she will have running hot water without the worry of covering the cost, or borrowing.

She is a lovely lady who deserves a break, her next door, #neighbour, called us and asked if we could help.

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500 free poutines will be given out on April 20 by Chef on Call for their 15th anniversary

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500 free poutines will be given out on April 20 by Chef on Call for their 15th anniversary

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#AndroidAppRain at today with 9 updated and 1 added apps:

  • CuteMusic: a simple and lightweight offline music player

At 1 #Magisk #module was updated and 1 added:

  • Zygisk Assistant: a Zygisk module to hide root

Enjoy your #free #Android #apps with the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:

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Manager Oliver Marmol Says Cardinals Bullpen Roles Have Been Clearly Defined

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Summer McIntosh overcomes stacked field to win women's 100m free at Canadian Swimming Open

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▶ Trump takes credit for stock market, WARNS Jews in SICK interview

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After our main router/firewall died at Easter (sadly, it did not rise again), we threw a Debian laptop with an extra NIC in its place and carried on. This meant, as I hadn't spent any time configuring it, we were using our French ISP's DNS resolver.

That lasted until I tried to access , which is apparently bloqué en France! I've always run my own resolvers, so I've never come across this kind of censorship before.

New firewall deployed with an resolver. Shields up!

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Depuis le 7 mars 2021, apparement #scihub est bloqué par #Orange, #SFR, #Free et #Bouygues par ordre du TGI:

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The Papers: 'Iron clad' Biden support and 'radical NHS plan'

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Today is the last day to take advantage of Samsung's buy one, get one free TV promo

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Super Bowl-Winning Free Agent Named Potential Fit Behind Giants' Dexter Lawrence

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