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Winter Memories (Arrival of Winter). Taken in #Kyiv, #Ukraine.

Processed with Affinity Photo, Pixelmator Pro, and Aurora HDR for macOS

#photo #photography #landscapephotography #river #riverbank #bank #beach #snow #rime #hoar #ice #reflection #water #frozen #frost #nature #tree #vegetation #grove #copse #woods #forest #cloud #winter #waterscape #landscape #scenery #Dnipro

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I found a and broken puddle during a walk near my accommodation and came back in the evening to just try some things with the flashlight of my phone

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Few weeks ago, I said it would be the last frost.

Well, it wasn't.🙄

And this time even an ice alien👾 landed on my garden.🤣

#mystery #gardening #ice #noodles #frost
#weather #nature #chill #frozen
#Asia #Japan


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Hopefully, with one final blast of winter the weather can now turn warmer. But the pond is still frozen for a little while longer. I do feel bad for the returning geese who weren't expecting a sheet of ice!

// Sony A6700 / Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN | Contemporary
© 2024, Robert James Kaes
🚫 Not AI-generated

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I found that this for was cracked and in fact . So, after carefully removing the , you can see the through the clear . Still, it made a good eventually.

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Yeah we are worried! We extracted a number of eggs, which we then proceeded to , grow , and pic the faster growing ones from. That's a standard procedure in . Unless you only got one or two eggs left, you pick from the best. Then you the rest for next time. Except now my 's maker is broken and frankly we good with these. So what? We were paying $500 a year to keep the others for a few years. So then we stopped and now we are murderers in ?

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Doesn't seem that long ago that this tree was a fiery burst of reds and oranges! Instead, it's surrounded by a frozen lake of ice and snow.

Quite the contrast in the seasons!

// Sony A6700 / Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN | Contemporary
© 2024, Robert James Kaes
🚫 Not AI-generated
#sonyimages #artofvisuals #visualgrams #photography #fineartphotography #nature #tree #lake #winter #frozen #pond #ice #snow #contrast #blackwhite #blackwhitephotography

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Sunset over frozen river - I took this photo in Gammla Uppsala (Sweden)

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The weather has been wild the last few weeks. During the most recent cold snap, I captured this gentleman riding his bike across the frozen lake!

He's a braver man than me! 😅

// Sony A6700 / Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN | Contemporary
© 2024, Robert James Kaes
🚫 Not AI-generated

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On a walk to my bookmaking class just under the Metra. Something really striking about the tenacity of the plant in sub-zero weather.

Photo taken on 20 January 2024.

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#frozen #lake #nature

Disney’s Frozen to close in London on 8 September 2024 (

Disney’s Theatrical Group has posted closing notices for the London production of Frozen. Frozen will extend for the final time, completing its run at Theatre Royal Drury Lane after three years on 8 September 2024, having been seen by over 2.8 million people....

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We rented an igloo for Ellie Mae! We're at Merwin's warf on the river. It's a little cold but the BBQ is good. Ellie keeps trying to get it lol

The princesses stopped by to pet her

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#frozen Delaware River #photography #river

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It’s rarely cold enough here to experiment with frozen bubble photography. This weekend is a great opportunity at 19F. One of my shots out of many :))

#Seattle #Washington #PNW #Photograph #Frozen #Ice

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Castles invaded: 1
Nuts frozen: 2
Miles driven: 101

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