davidchavalarias, to llm French
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Il reste encore quelques jours pour postuler à l'ISC-PIF sur ce très joli poste @ISC : 3 ans de contrat pour travailler sur des technologies de pointe ( & ) avec un impact sociétal majeur en soutien du projet Albert de la Direction interministérielle du numérique (DINUM).

Vous travaillerez au @cnrs (Paris 13) en collaboration avec Maziyar Panahi.

Relayez si vous avez dans votre réseau des développeurs engagés et qui aiment les challenges !


STPo, to random French
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(J’adore ce genre de stats.)

Au pays d’internet en 2024, quelqu’un s’est amusé à compter combien de Javascript était chargé sur des sites populaires…

Medium : 3 MB
Airbnb : 7 MB
Pinterest : 10 MB
Patreon : 11 MB
Youtube : 12 MB
Instagram : 16 MB
Gmail : 20 MB
Linkedin : 31 MB (??!)
Slack : 55 MB
PornHub : 1,4 MB…

Pour rappel : le jeu Doom (entier) pesait 2,39 MB, et le programme du premier vol sur la Lune (Apollo 11) 3 MB.


niconoe, to python
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Good afternoon!

I'll have some availability (2 days/week) starting in April. Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects!

Keywords: #biodiversity #biodiversityinformatics #fullstack #python #django #vue #svelte #typescript #postgres #postgis ...

lascapi, to web French
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schizanon, to javascript
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I'm sure there's some technical reason it can't be done, but I really want to be able to wrap destructured variables with functions.

instead of:

const { prop, otherProp } = object;  
const propAsNumber = parseInt(prop);  

I want to do:

const { parseInt(prop), otherProp } = object;  

olvigg, to Ukraine Ukrainian
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Ok, last try... If I can’t get some kind of job in the near future, then I’ll just die soon.

NodeJS / React developer from Kyiv 🇺🇦

I'm looking for . Urgently.
CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TpOKEwYG02DZznxPpgixv23XdKkRA2asGQIDfuZlFno/edit?usp=sharing

@ua @rada

y0nei, to webdev

Go + templ + htmx

The only good stack out there (opinionated). You don’t need 40MB of memory taken just to start the Node.js runtime and seas of NPM dependencies just to get basic functionality working. I’m excited to learn this when I finish my portfolio.

jay, to web
@jay@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

❔ Referring to the World Wide Web, do you capitalize the words "Internet" & "Web" when you use them in a sentence?

I was doing research today & noticed the AP Stylebook changed them to non-capitalized words in 2016 (See Wired article: https://www.wired.com/2016/04/ap-finally-realizes-2016-will-let-us-stop-capitalizing-internet). I've been capitalizing these words since the 90's. To me, it seems like they should be proper nouns. What's your take on the subject?

lucalanziani, to devops
n, to blazor Swedish
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Dåliga tider. En vän blev uppsagd igår. Han är en stjärna på och . Vem var det som postade ett sådant jobb häromkring häromdagen?

mrc, to webdev
@mrc@mastodon.berlin avatar

As an upcoming project for December/January got cancelled, I am now available for work.

I do web development, fluent in , , , , , , , and . Can also do and .

Dream projects: maps / GIS, sports, health, fighting climate change, public transport, finance, audio. (But interested in anything else except crypto.)

More about me here: https://salomvary.com/

andycarolan, to random
@andycarolan@social.lol avatar

... and I’ve just made fresh Hummus.


dana_hsiao, to vr

Hello everyone!

I'm a software engineer mainly interested in , , and . I love the feeling of creating worlds for people to enjoy and solving the puzzles that creates. I also have some experience in , though frustrates me and stuff makes me a little nervous haha.

Currently my main games are and . I'm also a fan of , , and more recently .

zacchiro, to python
@zacchiro@mastodon.xyz avatar

At @swheritage we are looking for a developer to work on the Web UI and APIs that provide public access to the archive.

See job details at: https://www.softwareheritage.org/jobs/

Interested? Let us know!

remixtures, to python Portuguese
@remixtures@tldr.nettime.org avatar

I just discovered and it is great! The company behind this "low code" platform has manage to fulfill the secret dream of most back-end programmers: to "get rid" of all the shambolic code normally associated with front-end and being able to develop full-stack web applications only with the help of a drag and drop UI editor and functions: https://anvil.works/

Their documentation is very good but I also found out a huge tutorial put together by an external developer which can teach you from building a simple interactive "Hello World" app to a classified ad site: https://pythonanvil.com/

RyunoKi, to python
@RyunoKi@layer8.space avatar

Due to a difficult contract situation I'm currently open to employment offers as / .

(Assuming backend is Node.js or )

I can handle frameworks and libraries like , & but can also achieve amazing results w/ & .

I'm happy to share my knowledge in , & software architecture

Remote Work pref. I've worked internationally before (Portugal, India) but insist on German jurisdiction.

RyunoKi, to python German
@RyunoKi@layer8.space avatar

Ich habe darüber gestern bereits kurz im Blog geschrieben:

Aufgrund schlechter Auftragslage bin ich derzeit offen für eine Anstellung als - / oder -.

(Backend in dem Falle in Node.js oder )

Ich beherrsche die gängigen Frameworks & Bibliotheken wie , und . Kann aber auch mit & Ergebnisse erzielen.

Gerne teile ich mein Wissen in , & Software-Architektur.

Remote Work bevorzugt.

stevecooley, to legal
@stevecooley@mastodon.social avatar
cnsyoung, to Software
@cnsyoung@fediscience.org avatar

Know any really talented full stack software engineers? Have them apply to the Center for Open Science! One of the best perks of the job will be the ability to see all the stupid jokes I make in our Slack. (But seriously, if anyone wants an honest look at what it's like to work here, feel free to reach out!)


fortythieves, to london
@fortythieves@mastodon.social avatar

The inaugural Fair is happening next week in ! It's a fantastic opportunity to meet up-and-coming 🚀

Our will be showing off the portfolio apps they've built over the last 6 weeks and chatting with you about roles they're interested in!

All the details are here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/codeyourfuture_cyf-inaugural-job-fair-london-activity-7123257814063443968-1oNt/

svargas, to webdev

What good sources have people found to find remote Fullstack Engineer roles in UK/Europe? I'm primarily aiming for B-Corp or Tech for Good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated 🙏

ayo, to web
@ayo@ayco.io avatar

McFly readme section about writing REST APIs in the same project... thanks to unjs/nitro 🤗

✅ file-based routing for REST API endpoints
✅ e.g., ./routes/api/users.ts can be accessed via http://<domain>/api/users
✅ TypeScript or JavaScript welcome!


itnewsbot, to news
@itnewsbot@schleuss.online avatar

Why Full-Stack Developers are the Perfect Fit for Your Startup Business? - Planning to start your business startup and confused about where to begin from? Do... - https://readwrite.com/why-full-stack-developers-are-the-perfect-fit-for-your-startup-business/

@koteisaev@mastodon.online avatar

@itnewsbot The is a shorthand for "person making work of whole IT department". And I am not giving assessment whether it is good or bad. It is a fact that must be taken into account. E. g. by giving such person a salary comparable with scale of work such developer have to do.

davetron5000, to random
@davetron5000@ruby.social avatar

Other thoughts on the RailsWorld keynote, keeping in mind these things can be true and also that DHH has some toxic views:

• I liked the “here is some new Rails stuff and there are talks going deep on it here" - it makes the conference feel valuable (again, setting aside if you agree on the new things)

• I like the underlying ethos of “create tools that allow someone to do more and more of the end-to-end build/ownership of an app”. I am team for sure

• The front-end stuff…I dunno…

flaki, to javascript
@flaki@flaki.social avatar

Just realizing that I never ended up posting this here, and I know it's Saturday but here we go anyway:
I'm actually looking for work!👀

I'm looking for (with a specialization in , web standards and OS communities) or eng roles (primarily but I dabble in half a dozen other languages, from Rust to Go to embedded C/C++ & happy to learn), have quite a bit of experience/interest in , and can hold my own in (e.g. the infra used for the EuroRust live stream was hosted by us).

I am based in Tallinn, and looking exclusively for fully (ideally seasoned async/flexible remote teams and I am happy to help building a great culture as well using my previous experience at Mozilla & other companies in the past 7 years).
Also open for part-time and/or contracting with the right people/product.

If you know someone would appreciate an intro, say hello @ https://flak.is

:boostRequest: boosts appreciated

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