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Hey there, folks and people! Would you argue javascript is, or isn’t a functional programming language? And: why?

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🦾 Functional TypeScript #1: Algebraic Data Types | Injuly

"In functional programming, algebraic types are so ubiquitous that you would be hard pressed to find a language that doesn't support them. Strangely though, nothing about them demands that a language be functional by paradigm. That imperative languages have avoided ADTs for decades seems almost an accident."


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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 26: Variable-arity functions. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres LΓΆh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/5wbgRlzJYUU #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming

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Thinking Functionally in PHP by Larry Garfield is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $25.00! http://leanpub.com/thinking-functionally-in-php #Php #FunctionalProgramming

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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 25: from Java to Haskell. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres LΓΆh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/YwshlQXKO80

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The GHC developers are very pleased to announce the release of GHC 9.10.1! πŸŽ‰

On the menu:
β†’ GHC2024 language edition
β†’ Linear let and where
β†’ Annotation of exceptions with backtraces
β†’ Required type arguments for functions
β†’ Javascript FFI support in the WebAssembly backend
… and many more!


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🐫 Pretty Printing in OCaml: A Format Primer
βž₯ Vladimir Keleshev


#ocaml #functionalprogramming

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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 24: generic (un)folds. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres LΓΆh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/QTgRKWGDVr0

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Since the backend post (https://www.moonbitlang.com/blog/js-support) is trending, I thought I'd compare backend optimizer (https://github.com/aristanetworks/purescript-backend-optimizer) output to see how it fares. The results were pretty good!

With basically this PureScript code -

run = fromArray  
 >>> flatMapF (fromArray <<< _.members)  
 >>> filterF _.gender  
 >>> mapF (\x -> min 100 (x.score + 5))  
 >>> mapF grade  
 >>> filterF (_ == 'A')  
 >>> foldF (\_ x -> x+1) 0  

the benchmark results are as follows. PureScript is roughly 6x faster than plain JS, and 6x slower than Moonbit output ( -

β”‚ (index) β”‚ Task Name β”‚ ops/sec β”‚ Average Time (ns) β”‚ Margin β”‚ Samples β”‚  
β”‚ 0 β”‚ 'Moonbit' β”‚ '34,67,542' β”‚ 288.38869989829305 β”‚ 'Β±0.06%' β”‚ 1733772 β”‚  
β”‚ 1 β”‚ 'Plain Js' β”‚ '74,816' β”‚ 13365.983827421464 β”‚ 'Β±0.54%' β”‚ 37409 β”‚  
β”‚ 2 β”‚ 'Kotlin Js' β”‚ '1,90,241' β”‚ 5256.474017304151 β”‚ 'Β±0.38%' β”‚ 95121 β”‚  
β”‚ 3 β”‚ 'PureScript' β”‚ '4,99,456' β”‚ 2002.1768597161156 β”‚ 'Β±0.70%' β”‚ 249729 β”‚  

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Flatmaps and do-notation, but different >.>

Functional Semantics in Imperative Clothing - https://rtfeldman.com/imperative-clothing

#fp #roclang #functionalProgramming

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γ€Œ CakeML is a functional programming language and an ecosystem of proofs and tools built around the language. The ecosystem includes a proven-correct compiler that can bootstrap itself 」


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Effectful - An easy to use, fast extensible effects library with seamless integration with the existing Haskell ecosystem.


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We are super glad to inform you that LAMBDA WORLD CADIZ is BACK...

πŸ—“οΈ2-4 October 2024
πŸ“ŒPalacio de Congresos de Cadiz
🎟️Early CamarΓ³n at €150

Should the best Rock-Funky-Hard SolYNaranjaS band make a noise there...? Should not ?

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Practical FP in Scala + Functional event-driven architecture https://leanpub.com/b/pfp-feda-scala by Gabriel Volpe is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage! https://leanpub.com

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Getting your Haskell executable statically linked with Nix. ~ Tom Sydney Kerckhove. https://cs-syd.eu/posts/2024-04-20-static-linking-haskell-nix #FunctionalProgramming #Haskell #Nix

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fp-ts brought advanced #FunctionalProgramming to #TypeScript. Now a related project implementing an effect system for TypeScript (effect-ts) seems to have gotten a lot of VC money. Interesting... Docs look very polished, not sure how they will make money though.


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1/7 ""Moving IO to the edges of your app: Functional Core, Imperative Shell - Scott Wlaschin" βΈ± +8k views βΈ± 12 Apr 2024 βΈ± 01h 00m 35s

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The Haskell Unfolder Episode 23: specialisation. ~ Edsko de Vries (@EdskoDeVries), Andres LΓΆh (@kosmikus). https://www.youtube.com/live/ksW04Cl2dgo

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