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Orange FM - a cartridge under development for Game Boy with a World Band 64-108 Mhz FM radio. It can utilize the Game Boy's speaker (see chart) and will be able to accommodate most FM broadcast setups around the world 📻 🤯 https://orangeglo.github.io/orangefm

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Having grown up as became a “thing”, I splurged on one of the many handhelds for me and my son. He’s an avid gamer of the generation.

Impressed by this little device, the Miyoo Mini+, which can be had for $60 to $80. Emulators for a bunch of handhelds and consoles. There are more powerful / larger options and plenty of software mods you can do.

Now my son wants us to start a YT channel and “review” old games as if they just launched. 🙄

A handheld gaming device displaying a list of Game Boy Advance games, including "Crash Bandicoot" and "Donkey Kong Country." The device has a D-pad, buttons, and shows a user's legs and feet in the background.
A person holding a handheld gaming console playing a retro-style video game.
A person is holding a retro handheld gaming device displaying a boxing game with characters "Little Mac" and "Glass Joe" on the screen.

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This trilogy of "GAME BOY ESSENTIALS" books collect articles from gameboyessentials.com

Ranging from seminal classics to forgotten titles; they offer in-depth analyses of the good and bad games you should play to understand the universal appeal of the .


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Looking for some chill beats to relax to? We've released a compilation from @beatscribe for you to enjoy:


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I haven't got a CV. I haven't had one for a decade or more. I'm trying to pull one together swiftly for an application and... huh... I forgot about some of the cool stuff I've been involved with.
No bragsies, just expressing my surprise, and making a note-to-self to reminisce more 🙂

I'll probs post some project links shortly.

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Circuit Breaker was a public domain #GameBoy Color game I made in Z80. Pretty basic, but playing to the strengths of the platform and acheivable for me in time for a competition.

You control a cursor running around a loop and have to lap the chaser before you get lapped. Up, down, left, right, A or B.
There are some wild cards ('any direction' and 'A or B') which, interestingly enough slow me down. Choice paralysis!

Thanks to folks who archive stuff, it's playable here: https://hh.gbdev.io/game/circuit-breaker

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Here is a look at another mission from

In each mission, you can challenge yourself to go for an S Rank, one of the many achievements in the game!


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Just the Crust feat. CCIVORY, Skip Sandwich DX, pouale, and .exe (and me)

a gameboy chiptune made in LSDJ that hits really hard called "Just the Crust"

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I LOVE what a #gameboy would look like in 2024. https://overkill.social/@overkillwtf/112461007709989902

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You’re on camera!


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Review for Contra on Game Boy from Mean Machines 6 - March 1991 (UK)

This magazine can be downloaded here:

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The GameBoy Advance SP: Rooted in Grief and Nostalgia

Amy Eastland speaks about her experience with the GameBoy Advance SP and how it's tied to nostalgic memories of her late grandmother.


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Will start a little series here about me browsing this Club Nintendo issue from July 1995 (Nintendo Power in the US). 📖

I explicitly bought this one recently because I have so fond childhood memories. It must have been one of the few I owned and therefore read endless times. I still remember so much of the content and now I'm excited to refresh these memories.

The cover shows Asterix & Obelix, a PAL exclusive game series. 🐗

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The magazine continues with an article about the Street Fighter II Game Boy port. 📖
Never played this game as a kid, not even on other platforms. The only fighting game I experienced back in the days was Tekken 3 on PS1. 🤼‍♂️

To compensate here I luckily can point you out to the short video about the Street Fighter II Game Boy port I published on Mastodon recently: https://mastodon.social/@repeatro/112111097342727745

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Biblioteka gier dostępnych w ramach Nintendo Switch Online poszerzyła się w maju o kolejne trzy tytuły - tym razem z Game Boy'a:

⭐ Alleyway
⭐ Baseball
⭐ Super Mario Land

Dodatkowo japońscy gracze otrzymali dostęp do jeszcze jednego tytułu: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru.

Po pełną listę gier dostępnych w ramach abonamentu NSO oraz poradnik jak skorzystać z japońskiej biblioteki gier zapraszam tutaj 👇


#giereczkowo #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchOnline #GameBoy

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Preview for Golf, Revenge of the Gator, Kwirk and Wizards & Warriors: Fortress of Fear on Game Boy from Club Nintendo Volume 2 Issue 6 - 1990 (UK)

This issue can be downloaded here:

Preview for Golf, Revenge of the Gator, Kwirk and Wizards & Warriors: Fortress of Fear on Game Boy from Club Nintendo Volume 2 Issue 6 - 1990 (UK)

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Made a replacement Gamepad ("Mouse") for a Super Quique laptop using a gutted aftermarket SNES pad.

Added the wiring diagram and other details on how to make one to the MegaDuck info page.

The multiplexing seems similar to what I understand the DMG/MGB use. (Not a surprise since it's a clone)


diagram showing how the OEM MegaDuck Quique laptop gamepad button multiplexing is wired and the connector pinout.

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Gen 1 or 2… which one are you going for?

AYANEO Is Showing Off Two Game Boy-Style Handhelds This Week -- Time Extension (www.timeextension.com)

Taking inspiration from the legendary vertical handheld consoles, AYANEO Pocket DMG marks a return to the roots of handheld gaming aspirations," says the company. The system has only been seen in close-up images so far, but appears to be based on the Game Boy...

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