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please help octo! she still needs anything she can get to continue paying off her debt. her safe housing depends on this payment, she's at high risk for homelessness. anything helps!

donation links:


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Highly concentrated liquid gay – just add water! 🫧
#vintageAd #gay #cleaning

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I love my family but dear $yourDiety.shortName I'm ready to go home. The TV choices are unbearable and the longer I'm here, the more I realize the pantry is... odd.

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I think I figured it out: this pantry was stocked by people who like to buy things that they perceive to be good value, such as on sale or has a coupon, not by people who are trying to make their pantry match their eating habits.

Like, there are a LOT of jars of green olives, which both my parents hate. But I guarantee they were buy-one-get-two-free or something.

There's lots of good Harney's The Official [ Of Mastodon™️] though, enough that they won't notice when I steal some.

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New: Becca Seymour's MM fantasy Brighter Than Fear.

In the world of covert operations, trust is paramount, yet I’ve been straying, fostering secret ties with the elusive “unicorn hacker,” challenging my loyalty to the ITU, my SICB family. No doubt about it, I’m going to be in deep shit ...


#Fantasy #Paranormal #NewRelease #GayRomance #MMRomance #gay #MMBookstodon @MMbookstodon #LGBTQ #LGBTQBookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon @diversebooks #bookstodon @bookstodon #book #books

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Dear GQP, QAnon, Christo-Fascist Americans and others of that ilk, every time you see a rainbow know that we are watching you. And every time there is a rainbow with rain, and that rain falls on your shoulders, you are being made one of us.

Stay in your little enclaves where it is safe! Don't come out of the house! Switch Fox News on extra loud and Save Yourselves!!!

#USPolitics #Fascism #NotSerious #USA #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Gay #Conspiracy

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F-femboy moment 46~

What if I wore all black alpaca wool clothing for improved healthy and aesthetic and comfort, and then did a silly lil thing of running away and bouncing around on my bed and hiding behind the feather pillar!


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Vor 10 Jahren, mit 30, habe ich meinen Eltern diesen Brief geschrieben:

"Liebe Mama, lieber Papa!

Es wird endlich Zeit euch etwas Wichtiges über mich zu sagen: Ich bin schwul.

Ich weiß das schon sehr lange, hatte aber bisher nicht den Mut, es euch zu sagen.

Ich hoffe, ihr lernt das zu akzeptieren und dass sich dadurch nichts an unserer Beziehung verändert.

Euer ..."

#lauteshirn #gay #lgbtqi #lgbtq #lgbt #outing

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There are sugar daddies, and then there are Schlitz seniors 🍻

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Cayden, god of beer, drinking, and freedom, survived the Godsrain Prophecies! Let's drink to him!

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…go to bed with a man tonight?
#vintageAd #gay #Ovaltine

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I've not found a 'real' use for AI yet. But xmen slash fiction is not a bad attempt. Amused me at least.


In the secluded depths of the
Canadian wilderness, under the moonlit canopy of the dense forest, Wolverine and Gambit found themselves locked in an intense, primal embrace. Their bodies entwined, fueled by the fiery passion that had been smoldering between them for so long. Wolverine's rugged strength clashed with Gambit's lithe agility, creating an electrifying tension that ignited with every touch.

As the night echoed with the symphony of their desires, they surrendered to the raw, untamed longing that consumed them. Gambit's nimble fingers traced the contours of Wolverine's adamantium-laced muscles, while Wolverine's rough hands explored every inch of Gambit's sinuous frame. In the heat of the moment, they abandoned themselves to the ecstasy of their forbidden love, their hearts beating as one in the rhythm of their shared passion.

#xmen #ai #gay

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Spread #love not hate. #Gay

Taurya, to greece
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lesbians can now get married on the isle of lesbos

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Today's review!

The Thousand-and-One Rides of the Devil's Horse by Eric Alan Westfall:

"Diablo was known as the “devils own horse,” and for good reason. He was a dark-as-sin, blacker-than-black horse... a blend of fantasy/paranormal and mystery with a great surprise ending! It's a quick read and a lot of fun."


@lgbtqbookstodon @diversebooks @bookstodon

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prismnpen, to transgender
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Somehow, it feels like decades ago that I celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Bostock v. Clayton County) that declared that Americans enjoy the civil right to be hired (and not to be fired) if we happen to identify as or .

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The adorable and charming amphibious contestant of the System Stars is posing for one of his many promos. He's a popular pick to win. Do you think he's got a chance?

Uncensored on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/micahdraws

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Ce matin j'ai appris la mort d'une vieille connaissance, jamais vue, d'IRC, de l'époque où j'ai découvert ma vraie vie de pédé. Nous étions sur un chan #gay, discutions beaucoup, il était plus vieux que nous tous et aidait tout le monde.
Il faisait des cadeaux kinky à tous et les mettait en note de frais.

Ni ami, ni contact régulier. Ça fait qd même qqchose.
Ces événements se multiplient autour de nous, on vieillit.


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Blackouts, by Justin Torres. You are a youngish gay man who finds an elderly, dying gay man who was also in the asylum you were put in as a teenager, and as you talk about his life and yours, you are guided by a poetically erased volume of mid century scientific case studies of homosexuals, which helps him die and you live, though fact and fiction here are intertwined as lovers.
5 of 5 library cats 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈.
@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #gay #queer #death

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Rebecca Solnit wrote: “I don’t know whether these know what a city is, but I do know that they have laid their hands on the city that’s been my home since 1980 & used their wealth to undermine its diversity & affordability, demonise its poor, turn its politicians into puppets & push its politics to the right. They have produced many kinds of dystopia without ever deviating from the line that they are bringing us all to a glorious utopia for which they deserve our admiration.
By producing​ such extremes of wealth, tech is returning us to a kind of feudalism, with a few powerful figures accountable to no one. Here’s , the world’s richest person, who invited in misinformation, disinformation & hate, providing a platform for extreme right-wingers, racists & theorists, while also using his technology first for & then against the Ukrainian military in their conflict with . ”


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2/ (snip) "Here’s Peter Thiel, founder of , who put $10 million into the lawsuit that in 2016 bankrupted Gawker, which had outed him as . This might make you think he cared about , but he also founded Palantir, which surveils for the Department of Homeland Security, assisted in ’s weaponisation of user data on ’s behalf &, according to the Intercept, ‘has helped expand & accelerate the NSA’s global spy network, which is jointly administered with allied foreign agencies around the world’. Big tech is ferociously protective of its own privacy while abusing ours. Frank Wilhoit’s claim that ‘conservatism consists of One Proposition: there must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect’ applies precisely to the industry & its captains."

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