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Black, Gen Z Congressman Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Green For 'Hypocrisy' Of Denouncing White Supremacists

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First Gen Z Congressman Lays Bare A 'Damn Hypocrisy' Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

#farright #genz

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A younger generation of constructors is using an old form to reflect their identities, language and world.

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New 'Gen Z' Scrabble: 'It feels a bit like cheating'

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Kiddo was complaining about difficulties and meeting people in this era and that had it way easier. She bemoaned playing the dating app game; told me how much harder it is for .

So, I told her about Personals Ads and how you’d get a bunch of letters with or without photos in response to your ad and you’d then have to respond with a letter or a phone call to those you wanted to meet. It took time to get a date that way!

She decided our analog dating program was much worse. 😏

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Adults who lived through the 80s share what pop culture gets wrong about the time period

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Gen Z and millennials are as likely to own crypto as they are to own real estate

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Teacher's funny lesson explaining Gen Z terms turned into a brilliant history lesson

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▶ Gen Z'ers Are Making A MAJOR Shift In Careers

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"Na fali mody na biohacking i rozmaite metody dbania o własne zdrowie przyszła kolej na nową obsesję, która jest udziałem głównie młodych ludzi. W ostatnim czasie użytkownicy mediów społecznościowych rozpropagowali modę na noszenie sensorów glukozy — nawet jeżeli wcale nie zmagają się oni z cukrzycą ani żadną inną dolegliwością na tym tle."

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'I thought nothing could go wrong': Gen Z patient says he has the eyesight of a 50-year-old after LASIK

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Trudeau is courting Gen Z and millennials -- even as they turn to rival parties

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Hairstylist shares difference between Gen Z and Millennial salon goers with hilarious accuracy

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Auf Gen Z folgt Generation Alpha: Wer kommt da auf den Arbeitsmarkt?

Die Babyboomer scheiden aus, die Generation Z rückt nach. Wer von der Thematik bisher noch nichts gehört hat, konnte ein dominierendes Thema der Arbeitswelt bisher umschiffen. Doch die Generationsgeschichte steht nicht still: Generation Alpha ist im Anmarsch.
👉 👀

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So is the new thing to celebrate your birthday to do it the entire month now?

I’ve had younger coworkers celebrate their birthday numerous times and explain to me it’s justified and I was the dummy celebrating it on one day.

What is going on out there?! Did I miss something?

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Song lyrics becoming basic and more repetitive, study finds.

"Lyrics have also become angrier and more self-obsessed over the last 40 years, reinforcing the opinions of cranky aging music fans everywhere."

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An incredibly timely dialogue between Jonah Goldberg and Jonathan Haidt on Jonathan's new book "The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness."

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Millennial and Gen Z 'nepo-homebuyers' are about to flood the housing market

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Gen Z Reveals How They Are Meeting People Outside Dating Apps

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Co smartfony zrobiły pokoleniu Z? Depresja wśród młodzieży a korzystanie z mediów (a)społecznościowych. I co z tym można zrobić:

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I'm fasting for every Thursday until

Since last Thursday

  • Israelis have made Nasser hospital inoperable
  • Israeli/US bombs massacre hundreds of civilians in Rafah, the last refuge in Gaza
  • Biden vetos a security council resolution for a permanent ceasefire and the release of all
  • Smotrich (Israeli finance minister) says is not important
  • Israel does not allow aid to enter and the UN has given up on North Gaza aid

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For a roundup

  • USF hunger strikers suspend their strike after 2 weeks where USF refused to budge or even meet

  • Palm Beach County, where 's residence is, is also the largest holder of Israeli bonds in the world

  • SJP at FIU holds a vigil for the martyrs of Gaza during their Ramadan charity week

  • the first rep Maxwell Frost abandons his early supporters from Florida Palestine Network and turns against human rights


Article from the Palm Beach Post about how Palm Beach County is the largest investor in Israeli bonds
Screenshot from SJP at FIU for the vigil for Palestine
Part of the instagram statement from Florida Palestine Network condemning Maxwell Frost's abandonment of human rights.

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