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▶ Glenn Beck Pisses On The Grave Of Hero Aaron Bushnell | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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Whenever 's trash-rag wants to promote offensive lies about someone, they publish the article with a generic "Blaze TV Staff" byline rather than the name of the writer. This way, there's no individual to direct outrage at. It's just another in a long line of behavior by the right.

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The #January6th #Insurrection was a #hoax because #GlennBeck's shitty #propaganda rag discovered that a member of the #CapitolPolice didn't have perfect recall when testifying about what happened on that day. So, of course now the #Republicans are are demanding a new #investigation! Scoundrels like #BarryLoudermilk (R-GA) are #pathetic, and the only thing we should be focused on is voting these #scumbags out of office.

#GOPfascists #GOPLies #RepublicansAreTheProblem

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Glenn Beck Offers To Donate Himself To Israel, If Israel Is Into That Sort Of Thing

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is said to be announcing some move by tomorrow at 9 AM to fight censorship. I suspect they may launch some sort of social media platform? Prolly won’t connect to the though.

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I remember the guys who called me a "fag," roughed me up, and spit on me many mornings a week as I walked to high school. Now apparently they have "media outlets."

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@stevesilberman is a Christian. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Now that is leaving & , do I need to start watching to see what happens next?

Him leaving reminds me of the successful campaign with & to get advertisers to leave the show.
I asked how long he was going to support the money losing show.
Beck was fired after this for lack of revenue after thia story.

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There is not a single man alive who has done more harm on a global level, over a longer period of time and across more issues (Iraq, climate, Covid, white supremacy, authoritarianism) than Rupert Murdoch. You can’t change my mind.

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@Strandjunker I agreed. Most people do, & I think people should act to thwart his empire. That's why I worked with #ColorOfChange & #AngeloCarusone to get advertisers to leave #GlennBeck's #FoxNews show.
The campaign cost #newscorp millions & led to Beck being fired.
It didn't stop Murdoch, but it did show him corporate sponsors won't support race baiters like Beck. We also used this method on Tucker. If Lachlan Murdoch is like his dad, we need to act to thwart him too.

Spocko asks Rupert Murdock how long will he keep subsidizing the money losing Glenn Beck Show. From 2011 Quarterly con call.

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▶ Trump Says He'll Definitely 'Lock Up' His Political Enemies If He Wins Election

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Ramaswamy Boasts To Glenn Beck He Knows Bible Better Than 'Christian Friends' And Shares 'Same Value Sets': 'There Are Many Branches Of Hinduism'

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▶ Glenn Beck Had Too Much Dumb Juice For Breakfast

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Revealed: Glenn Beck has business ties to 'warlord' shampoo magnate he condemns as a 'false prophet'

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Glenn Beck condemns wannabe 'warlord' businessman despite commercial ties

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Ummmmm, no. Because the are not taking 's , nor do they have any control over the procedures at the . is such a dishonest trash-rag, and is 17 different types of ridiculous.

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▶ Glenn Beck Tells Retirees To Shut Up & Work More | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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They 'Deplatformed Me!' Glenn Beck Goes Off on Apple for Temporarily Pulling His Podcast Catalog, Bashes Company Chalking it Up to a 'Trademark Dispute'

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Glenn Beck Say His Entire Show's Been Removed From Apple Podcast Network 'Without Explanation'

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