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"Final" state of the N-Body-Problem demo of my FOSS Entity-Component System, https://fennecs.tech 🦊💫

glowy simulations of 2, 3, 4, and 5 star systems, stylized in a demo for a game Engine. The title reads "N-BODY PROBLEM", and there's a logo of a fox stylized as a lightning bolt in the center. An FPS counter reads values at around 500 fps for 100 parallel simulations. A larger block of text reads: This demo showcases the power of fennecs Entity-Entity relations in solving a common ECS challenge: managing N:N relationships efficiently. The renowned 3-Body-Problem demonstrates that even slight variations in initial conditions can lead to dramatically different and chaotic outcomes in systems with three or more interacting bodies. With fennecs, multiple Entities can interact with each other seamlessly, enabling complex behaviors such as flocking, leader-following, and grouping by spheres of influence. The framework achieves this while maintaining good cache coherence, memory locality, and optimal iteration order. Each colored cluster represents a small, self-contained clique where 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars (Entities) have relationships with all other Entities within the same group, forming a distinct Archetype. All simulations coexist harmoniously and interactions are driven by the same runner passed to a single Query, ensuring each Entity is processed exactly once for each other Entity it interacts with. The two other Queries then simply integrate the calculated forces into movement and position.

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Looks like implementing Context Based Steering is on the menu for today.

I can't even really test my prototype properly anymore because enemies are just bumping into each other.

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Are there any paid Godot assets/plugins that you like/use? I'm doing some research and I don't want to miss anything obvious 👀 Most of the ones I know are FOSS, so I'm not that familiar with paid ones.

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LIVE! More making Robot Shooter.

Finishing up a fancy music transition thingy. Then more making the game be, like, good. Or something


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Randomize rotation and scale while duplicating👀


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Yes, you CAN make more than just RPGs! 🕹️

AUSPEX, created by longtime community member lectronice, is set in an ever-growing labyrinth built upon iterations of itself, offering an existential crawl through daily hand-crafted levels.

You can download and play AUSPEX here:

A new level is being added every day throughout 2024!


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You were just trying to take a dump in peace when all of a sudden you find yourself stuck in:

The Buttrooms! 💩🚽

You must find a way out at all costs!

"Avoiding The Buttrooms" is a parody of The Backrooms created with RPG in a Box by community member 8Pancakes4Lunch. You can download and play it here:


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This we are showing our rigid body tank running through rigid body blocks that were a building before I knocked it over.

Performance has been a recurring problem in this project... A big goal is impact and destruction, which is all good until the frame rare starts dropping! Things are smooth here, mainly because there are no path finding enemies.

Our arcadey tank tries to climb a pile of Lego block like debris.

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Yes, you CAN make more than just 3D games! 🕹️

Nil Bogg's Tiny Adventure is a short and minimalist RPG created with RPG in a Box by community member Poulet Rôti! ⚔️

"You are Nil Bogg, a little goblin always looking for shiny treasures!"

Download and play Nil Bogg's Tiny Adventure here:


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Yes, you CAN make more than just RPGs! 🕹️

"The Hole in my Living Room" is a short atmospheric horror game about a man and the hole in his living room, created with RPG in a Box by community member Poulet Rôti! 🏠

You can download and play "The Hole in my Living Room" here:


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Yes, you CAN make more than just RPGs! 🕹️

Gardiny is a cozy garden sim created with RPG in a Box by community member Poulet Rôti! 🌽

"Take a moment to relax by caring for a small plot of land in your own way and at your own pace!"

You can download and play Gardiny here:


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writing a batch image processing tool in gdscript because I love convenience and despise performance : ) : ) : )

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Exciting news about Blockbench support! 🥳

Community member mail.wi created an export plugin for Blockbench that fixes a few current issues with loading bbmodel files. Check it out and show me what you imported!

Plugin link and video with instructions in reply 👇

A bouncy, animated computer, which has been imported from Blockbench into RPG in a Box's model editor.

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Already familiar with RPG in a Box? Please consider sharing this post with someone, or just tell them about how fun and simple it is to make games with RPG in a Box. Help a dream become attainable for someone! 💖

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I have continued to work on the live shader editor I created in Godot. I use this whenever I just want to fiddle with a shader, as an alternative to Shadertoy. If a shader works here, I can just copy it into my project.


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Progress on the UI for the demo.

Also, screaming performance, as always. :) (and those line renderers are really dumb GDscript objects)

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@godotengine trying to find details of an official (or W4 games) commercial asset store. Is one in the works? I'll be honest, I'd like to make some money with Godot.

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With the delay over with it's time for another LIVE GAMEDEV stream!

Picking up where I left off trying to get a release together for Robot Shooter. More art and more audio funtimes


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Installed this week, have a repo setup with a partner in crime who wants to collaborate on something.

Hit me with your favorite tutorials for getting started with if you’ve got ‘em.

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Not convinced about RPG in a Box yet? Just a few words from the lovely community making so many wonderful things with it - for many, an opportunity to bring an idea to life and create their very first game! 😊

What worlds will you create? 💖

#rpginabox #godotengine

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I recently saw a video about parallax corrected cubemaps and fell in love. Strange enough I never heard of this technique before.

Found out how to enable them in Godot :godot: using Reflection Probes by cheking "Box Projection". The bounding box must match the room size + some additional space to include walls.

It's simple and awesome 🍑


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