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UK man arrested on suspicion of helping intelligence

Uptick reported in Russia-linked espionage cases across Europe in recent months, with suspected spies or saboteurs being arrested in the UK, , , , , , , , & other countries

UK authorities did not clarify the specifics of Phillips’ alleged activities but said that there was unlikely to be a threat to the public

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'Now I don't want to go': Traveler exposes what Santorini is really like, says you should skip it and go here instead


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🇪🇺 European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has backed a demand from Polish and Greek Prime ministers Donald Tusk and Kyriakos Mitsotakis to create an EU-funded air defense shield.

#europe #poland #greece

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Greek and Polish leaders asked European Commission President Ursula Von der to lead a charge to create a common air defense shield that would be financed by the bloc.

Von der Leyen blessed the idea in a post on X Thursday as she renewed her call for more common defense projects.

The two leaders are also asking for the issue to be discussed at the next summit at end of June.

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About a year and a half ago, I set myself the challenge of trying to post a new photo here every day. I've missed a few days, but not many, and it seems that this is now my 500th posting.
This is from the same batch as yesterday's offering, which means it was taken 50 years ago on a beach in the Aegean. I think it feels kind of timeless though...

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #Beach #Greece #Animals #Travel #Silhouette

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Here's one from the archives for . It was taken in lovely, grainy Ektachrome, in Matala, on Crete, in May 1974, which makes it exactly 50 years old.
It was a blowy morning, and the sand was being whipped into a bit of a haze. The fishermen had finished their day's business and hauled their boat up onto the beach. I still wonder what the chap with the walking stick was looking for in his bag though...

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More than a fifth of the 11,500 #endangered animal, plant & fungi species in #Greece are “critically endangered” & thus are #UnderThreat of #extinction a re-evaluation of the country’s #RedList has found.

The #Environment Ministry published the revised list to commemorate #European Natura 2000 Day, the anniversary of the creation in 1992 of what is now the world’s largest coordinated network of #ProtectedAreas, which in the present day includes more than 27,000 sites.

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The #Laconian Gulf has become an important logistics hub for enabling #Russia to get its oil to the world. It’s in a relatively sheltered area where #Greece’s territorial waters only stretch six miles out to sea, meaning that the cargo switching takes place in a location where it’s difficult for #Athens to intervene.

#EU #Ukraine #NATO

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Lions in the shade

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End of , and beginning of here in . Everything's just turning hot... This is a painting I did in December, but only now I have access to a scanner.

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The classic Greek Pantheon is just extra dysfunctional.

But then as Red from OSP puts it (paraphrasing): The Greek gods were representatives of what was true, not what was good; Classical Greece was absolutely horrible to women so therefore the gods were, too.

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Greece now has so much solar that they're starting to offer cheaper electricity between 11:00 and 16:00

Due to the high efficiency and large number of photovoltaic systems in Greece, it is becoming more and more common for these alternative energy sources to have to be temporarily taken off the network during the day in order to keep the electricity supply stable and to avoid power failures.

Greece has a further 16 gigawatts of renewable capacity currently under construction.

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Riot police officers clash with pro-Palestinian protestors during a rally in support of Palestinians outside the Egyptian Embassy in Athens on May 7, 2024. (Photo by Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP]


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Last thoughts of the season.
should have won - a better song and better sung.
deserved more points.
tried to make up for a so-so ditty with incredible staging, but I'm not sure the sweaty-sexy side of it worked well (but it could just be that it wasn't aimed at me).
were missed (the song, anyway, we'll see what has to be said about the singer)
was still my favourite and for bonus points the singer seems to be a nice person too.

tony, avatar

#Norway was robbed
#unitedkingdom got more points than I expected given their 'lets have a video about gay sex in a toilet.. that'll win them over' idea.
No idea how #greece got points.. generic song, poor set on the night.
#croatia won the public vote, and I feel it was the more interesting song.. but the judges disagreed.

The abba thing was absolute cringe. What I thought was impersonators was apparently some kind of AI thing.. but what was that even about? They didn't even sing..

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Turns out I should have been learning Greek instead of Spanish 🥲

The view from my room

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Nicht sicher ob streaming kaputt oder Kunst

meraord, to Germany Swedish avatar

has a really talented singer, lots of fire on stage, and a decent mid-tempo song that unfortunately will get forgotten in a few days.

And the staging now feels like a great visual of the mess the Eurovision song contest is this year...

meraord, avatar

: If we are discussing clothes, then we HAVE to mention the Greek singer's skirt. What is it? And why? Why so poofy?

An "Opa!" dance break is never wrong though, even if it was short.

Half of me loves this song because of its rythm and catchyness, half of me wonders why they didnt call the song "ta".

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At a friend's place where we are BOTH wearing our Måneskin concert tees to watch the finals and singing along to "Hooked On A Feelin'" like completely normal people.

JillsJoy, avatar

I love how Latvians are all plural with their names. Dons. Daniels. Olivers. This guy looked like he maybe regretted that blue plastic chest plate in the opening, but his voice is great. This song makes me feel a bit weepy. #Latvia

#Greece comes out very high-pitched. Not a fan of her spaceman-diaper shorts outfit thing. The shin-guard boots are cool, though.

#UnitedKingdom has an appreciation of jock straps and locker room shower hookups. Song is ok but dancing is good.


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A few hours before the show but sending out an early toot to start my Eurovision thread!

Picked up a lot via osmosis, especially the various dramas this year, but avoided the actual songs so hopefully going in blind-ish.

DuncanMSussex, avatar

Greece me up woman!

Just wanted that Simpsons reference really.

This is okay. Seems like something that would chart and then exit without a trace. With a bit of folk influence, as befits Eurovision.

#eurovision #greece

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