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My plastic wreath is still up, sorry Robert Herrick. Why? Well, I was taking it down around , and noticed there was a nest in it. Now I see a sitting in the nest from time to time. I guess my front door is unusable for a bit.

Been unable to get a good snap of the bird.

harld, to random Dutch avatar

Stel een eens voor dat Rutte niet naar Nato kan omdat hij niet weg kan uit zijn huidige rol.....

Dat zou pas karma zijn.

"Reacties op mogelijk vertrek Rutte: ‘Bemanning is al incompleet, verlaat kapitein het schip nu ook?’"

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endeavorance, to news avatar

It is Monday, February 5th, and Stuff has Happened.

We pulled a rodent out of a stump to predict the weather. Farmers in the EU have made their voices heard. Hideo Kojima attacks me, specifically. The US is jealous that someone else likes drone strikes.

Today's newsletter:

Watch it here:

Listen to the podcast:

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Today is an old friend’s , so of course I had to send the appropriate repeated felicitations

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CatherineBabault, to wildlife avatar

A Vancouver Island marmot in its pantry. They eat those white flowers called pearly everlasting.

#VancouverIslandMarmot #marmot #wildlife #EndangeredSpecies #conservation #Canada #WildlifePhotography #photographer

Robinbonhomme, to Columbus avatar


  1. The movie #GroundhogDay
  2. “Chapstick” by COIN
  3. My local alternative radio station that survives despite all the odds against it! If you like alternative music and great DJs, you can stream WWCD too - #columbus #ohio


Galley, to random avatar

I have always hoped to spot a groundhog in the wild on Groundhog Day. The closest I have come is Feb. 3rd. Perhaps next year. ☹️

janerationx, to random avatar

Happy Wake Up a Hibernating Rodent to See If the Sun is Out Day!

micheleann, to random avatar

Well, if I have a Groundhog's Day situation where I repeat today, #1 on my list will be NOT crushing a finger in a door jam.

StampedingLonghorn, to random

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early pothole season!

Bee Cave Bob predicts spring will arrive on 11 March.

maxleibman, to random avatar

The groundhog came out and saw what you were doing, and said to tell you everyone thinks you're doing a really great job. Keep it up.

Sheril, to climate avatar

Well, it's , again.
“Only in America do we accept weather predictions from a rodent but deny evidence from scientists.”
I share this meme every year on February 2.

xs4me2, avatar


This indeed. all over again… and again…

maxleibman, to random avatar

The groundhog hit the snooze five times too many and then posted “I'm on my way, be there shortly" in Teams as he got into the shower.

ahimsa_pdx, (edited ) to oregon avatar

Tired: Groundhog predictions 🥱

Wired: Beaver predictions! 😁

‘Stumptown Fil’ (short for Filbert) predicts an early spring

Includes a cute video!

ArchusByte, to music avatar

KEXP started things off by playing "I Got You Babe" two times in a row to start off The Morning Show. Perfect.

jd, to random avatar

That time I videoed the emergence of our local ground hog.
(OK, OK, so it wasn’t exactly ground hog day).

With abject apologies to David Attenborough

TheConversationUS, to nature avatar

While they may be an adorable weatherman, groundhogs don’t emerge each February just to give us a forecast. The real reason lies in the guy’s strategy to bond with a partner to make little groundhogs with.

funhouseradio, to Meme avatar
micheleann, (edited ) to Weather avatar

Fuck that lobster.
Stay in your lane, man.

gbhnews, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Hello ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 40F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Flaco the Owl, once a resident of the Central Park Zoo, continues to be seen around NYC and appears content with his new life in the city.

Teachers in Newton, MA, are still on strike. February school vacation has been cancelled due to the length of the strike, but the two sides appear closer.

Punxatawney Phil predicted an early spring this .

alan, (edited ) to uk avatar

On I was checking in with my namesake and I learned that apparently at overnight music festivals in the UK it's become a thing to yell "Alan" in the middle of the night?

Via TheTab: "Who is Alan? The hunt for the lost soul who keeps us all awake at festivals every year"

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literalgrill, to random avatar

I've been watching Groundhog Day, once a day, every day, to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary.

As of today, that means I've watched Groundhog Day 129 times!

I'll be updating the number in this thread every day, but don't be surprised if I just talk about cool time loop related things now and then either.

literalgrill, avatar

On February 2, 2024 I rolled into the Tomorrow Theater in Portland, OR and watched Groundhog Day for the 365th day in a row!

When I started this back in 2023 for the movie's 30th anniversary, I couldn't have imagined something not stopping the streak. But I made it here, and along the way ran a podcast, became an expect on time loop media, presented on the topic at conventions, and made so many friends to talk about this silly little adventure with.

In 2023, just like in the film, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter just like in the movie. This year, he predicted an early spring. It's taken an entire year to reach this grand accomplishment, but now it's time to move onto something new.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my daily posts and encouraged me all this time. I can't wait to see what bonkers challenge I try to tackle next!

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