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If you have never been to #Halifax, I highly recommend it. Especially if you can go and be part of #AtlSecCon
Here is my recap of this year's awesome event.

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In #Halifax

What time is the solar eclipse?

Xitter: Why are the woke people trying to stop you looking directly at the Sun? What is it that they're hiding from us? The Sun isn't millions of miles away, everyone knows that. It's safe to stare at the Sun. I do it all the time.

Mastodon: St Mary's University Burke-Gaffney Observatory will have solar telescopes set up in the football field and will have a limited supply of eclipse viewing glasses available between 3:30 PM and 5:45 PM.


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5 Apr 1695: George Savile, MP and later Marquess of #Halifax, opponent of James II, d. #otd from a rupture caused by vomiting after eating an undercooked chicken (NPG) #foodsafety

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On 1 kilometer of the main road, 2 people turned left suddenly, across 3 lanes, right in front of me.

3 of 5 grey cars had no lights on. It's been mandatory in Canada since 2015
Always running lights

Vehicles that blend best, in dense fog & rain, should require background checks of potential to buyers.

#Sackville Imagine if I had to go to #Halifax ? The numbers increase exponentially with density..

"UKenSafeGaz" said the driver of the F150

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#Halifax developers aren't going to be happy until the entire peninsula is nothing but towers full of rich people and the street level is nothing but extreme wind tunnels, making for the perfect environment to keep people away, like modern moats.

I hate what this city is becoming. Latest for the chop are those charming multicolor houses hosting small shops with apartments on the 2nd floor a block from the old main branch library.

It will make a lovely hostile wind tunnel.

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#Dalhousie students question university’s response to report of gunman in library - #Halifax

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Had all their cassettes too. They played #Halifax before.

♫ Jam Session ♫ #NowPlaying #NSR Messenjah
#Messenjah became one of the most successful & popular #reggae groups in the history of Canadian #music.
#Canada #Reggae #Music 🔴🟡🟢

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I used to call them 'Canada's best known Reggae band'... @zorrita
I've met them all several times, in #Halifax & #Toronto.
I have their early cassettes signed! Sadly Jo-Jo has passed.

♫ Easier Said Than Done ♫ #NowPlaying #NSR The Sattalites
#Canada #Reggae #Music 🔴🟡🟢

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Haven't seen a like this in a while...

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Rasta, to Halifax avatar

I kinda like the sound of this #Halifax but we've all been disappointed before.. #HRMPoli #Housing #Development

Developer proposes new Halifax neighbourhood; plan includes 3,500 housing units

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"Annnnd we don't have power"
Hmm, wonder what up? Or down?

also, it's very damp out
#NSPower #NSStorm #Halifax #Weather #NovaScotia

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I might understand, if it wasn't #HalifaxWater. They have some business model questions.. If they won't explain a slight $0.16 on the end of every bill (under TIER) than they could be pinching $16,000 per billing period in bad accounting. They charge $12 to print your bill. They just lost another CEO, they are 'bigly in debt', like Trump.

#Halifax senior stuck with $45K bill for new sewer, water lines before she can sell her duplex #HalifaxWater

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People need to question #HalifaxWater ?

They answer to no one, are lax with our money, and now they want an increase to deal with their former mistakes. The CEO just left again.
Their work trucks shop, meet kids at school, and we pay the gas. #Halifax #HRMPoli #CBC
WATCH EVERYTHING A MONOPOLY DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE. They charge fees unlike other Water Companies of similar size. We're paying their bad management errors forever

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💥 Must-read report from Tim Bousquet on Pierre Poilievre's latest campaign rally in .

"As spoke, I realized that he in fact needs lots of fact-checking.
The crowd seemed relatively healthy, relatively prosperous & to all outward appearances, has done them well, at least in comparison to most people in most places in the world.
So I wondered about their evident resentment and anger. Just how have they been wronged?"

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Has anyone actually heard Conservative leader Pierre #Poilievre claim that after he's cancelled the carbon tax, Canadian consumers will see big box retailers, gas companies & grocery stores reduce their prices enough to result in significant savings?

Because that's what many of PP's #AxeTheTax rally attendees think is going to happen. 🤦 Some even think they'll be buying a house straightaway once he's elected.

#AxeTheFacts #BaloneyFactory #Halifax #NsPoli #cdnpoli

gemelliz, avatar

Today, Mr. #Poilievre started off his #Halifax rally with a massive lie when he shouted out, "On April 1st your food is going up 23%."

Then he held up a St, Patricks Day beer and yelled “Every time someone says ‘axe the tax’ I’m going to have to take a sip”

#BaloneyFactory #AlwaysCampaigning

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Best guess for my NS Government website problem is the NS Government website has a bunch of exclusionary rules on the web server that block TOR or anything it might think is a VPN.

Since I'm not on any VPN, just plain old Bell internet in a house, and getting blocked, their exclusionary rules are broken horse shit denying me access while serving no useful purpose.

Whatever this particular change was kicked in within the past month.

Making the government website inaccessible is so on brand.

adwright, avatar


I now run a VPN.

My end point is in the United States.

I can now, a resident, access Government of Nova Scotia websites from home ONLY by coming from the US via VPN to do it.

So mission accomplished you NS Government morons running the web server.

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🥈For only the 2nd time in recorded history, #Halifax-Stanfield had more than 210mm of precipitation during a February (February 2024). #YhzWx #YHZ #NSWx

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if you can find it, downtown #Halifax parking was $3.95 an hour? Is that right? And only valid for 1 hour but we spent 3 hours in the line up. it cost me $11 to do business there. Services Canada really needs a second satellite office. Full service in Bedford perhaps?
Anyway. Whole day gone. Cellular wasn't good so messages sometimes didn't refresh.
I did snag more Nectarines and some Yellow Plums.. (I need the seeds) , first time we got a chance to pop in to Gateway on the way back.

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I tried to use my phone to post, it locked up.
#GoodMorning #Bonjour #Montag

So, I gave up on the painful narrative I had finger poked onto my phone, and here's a meme for you instead..
I've got to go to an office downtown today.
Other than for Healthcare, it's been more than a year since I went downtown #Halifax. maybe longer.

I pass dozens of food places before downtown. Shopping districts with ample parking, exit ramps off 4 lane highways to shop.
Downtown is bumper-to-bumper confusion

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RCMP #Halifax Regional Detachment Investigating Fatal Collision With Train

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Victoria Park, by HRM (2024)

The sheer spite of locking away park benches, all to just drive the homeless a couple of dozen metres south to provincial owned land, make them their problem.

#Halifax City Council and Halifax Mayor Savage are cruel people who have fashioned a cruel city under their tenure.

I can tell you from personal experience how cold it gets in the wee hours trying to sleep rough. Minutes pass like hours, like they do when you're in a lot of pain.

People feel pain.

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🥇For the 1st time in recorded history, -Stanfield had more than 133 cm of snow during a February (February 2024).

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