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Engaged in absolutely unsuspicious activity at a Pacific Crest Trail trailhead (doing "Parks on The Air" #hamradio on digital 17m wavelength this past weekend)

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Okay, so I have to rethink my entire control application.

's audio "stuff" is kinda borked.

is going to require me to wrap native APIs.

If I'm going to be using native APIs anyway. . .

Yeah, we're going to do it in .

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A somewhat obscure question: are there any examples of buffered/amplified SWR circuits? If not, is there an obvious (or well-known) reason that it's a bad idea? I can't find any, so I assume there's a reason nobody makes them.

(It feels most likely to be "any situation where you need to amplify it is one where it doesn't warrant the complication of two annoying-to-dial-in amplifier circuits.")

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I've been seeing discussions lately around the YouTube fascism algorithm [not directed at me] implying that if you get those suggestions it's because that's material you have sought out.
Not true.

It's been studied and repeatedly shown--like a vehicle w/poor alignment--suggestions will drift to the right pretty quickly.
To "never" get them, you must
a) be outside targeted demographics AND
b) not look at DIY, repair, survivalism, building, cooking, sewing, politics, animal husbandry, automotive

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@_L1vY_ I had to stop using Twitter. You interact with some content, write some tricks and facts about antenna making - and the whole TRUMP MAGA content makes 95% of proposed content after one day.

And taking my last Ham radio licensing exam made me feel bad. Only MAGAts there and the tester, too. The whole time awful lies about Biden etc.

It's like AM radio. Also taken over by MAGA. CBS news on 880kc as exception.

A known Ham Radio YTber has Newsmax and OAN on his desktop shown...

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Well, my blog post on inclusivity has hit some of the local Telegram groups here in . I got one email of support from a local ham. Anxious to see how some others respond.

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Speaking of rigs, does anyone out here have any recommendations for a VHF/UHF rig that has CAT control? Doesn't need to have a built in sound card, just something that I can plug a DigiRig into with the right accessory cables for automatic frequency control. Bonus points if it can do SSB on V/UHF but not strictly a requirement.

The current one I'm working on getting set up has nothing (I think it's actually designed as a mobile rig), so to DigiRig it, the audio cable I need literally just plugs into the 8-pin mic socket, and then the external speaker jack at the back.... that's a bit too jank for my liking, long-term.

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That was fun.

Just had to pick up the local club's weekly UHF net because there was no NCS... I did sign on to be available on a fill-in basis, so I guess it was my chance to shine!

Would have been helpful if I didn't spend a full two minutes just running around looking for my NCS notebook before giving up and just using a Notepad window (turns out someone put it in the Midwest Junk Drawer™️, no wonder I couldn't find it.

Hopefully before the next time the club's simplex net rolls around I'll have this VHF/UHF rig up and running, so I'm not limited to just 7 watts of power!

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Hi #HamRadio folks, do any of you have a decent book/article reference that contains a practical explanation of using the Fourier transform to obtain a frequency spectra from a sampled audio waveform - with code if possible - that doesn’t go overboard with masses of EE-graduate-level maths? Some maths is fine. Thanks!

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I'll take "things I don't want to see for $500, Alex"

#AmateurRadio #HamRadio #RadioRepair #Fail

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Dan KB6NU was kind enough to cross-post my blog post about the and in to his blog as well.

Thanks, @kb6nu !

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Alrighty, ham radio operators! It's time for the Pride Radio Group Net to start. I have started the YouTube live stream, you can find it on my channel by searching YouTube for my callsign. If you'd like to join us on the net, refer to this post for more information:

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Yay! new 2m/70cm Comet GP3 antenna is finally up and working

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OK users: what are the main things on your "Winlink wishlist?" How would you like to see the Winlink system change or evolve? I've got some ideas (and a few gripes). What would you like to see?

KJ7OMO, to hamradio avatar

Attention ham radio operators! The Pride Radio Group Net will begin at 0200 UTC on a Sunday early morning, which is approximately 6 hours from the time of this post. Grab your favorite analog or digital radio and join us on the net. No radio? No problem, you can get in via a smartphone or a computer. Can't talk or just want to listen in? No problem! The net will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Info on how to connect is at:

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OK people, can you ELI5 (explain me like I'm 5) the topic of SWR? Most of all, is SWR important only when transmitting, or both transmitting and receiving?

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We had 30 check-ins from 6 countries for this week's ! Confirmations have been sent via and the net webpage has been updated:

Answers to this week's question (What is your favorite antenna?) can be seen here:

Thanks, everyone!

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Question for the bloggers out there, esp folks: do you post content as you write it, or queue up your drafts and post at intervals?

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I ordered a handheld from and Mark (the owner) has been great about support. No affiliation, just a happy customer!

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Hmm, did anyone lose their #hamradio #balloon recently? Apparently we're all still paranoid of stray balloons. #HAB

stfn, to hamradio avatar

I'm slowly going through the learning materials for the exam. I want to get properly prepared, not just learn the answers, I hope to take the exam somewhere in early autumn.

KJ7OMO, to hamradio avatar

Why not? I'll share some pictures of my POCSAG picture :).

Yes, I know the frequency is not the standard DAPNET frequency of 439.9875 MHz, but the pager won't receive anything below 440.4 MHz, so I set my pager to 441.1MHz and it's working fantastic with my MMDVM hotspot.

An alphanumeric pager on the idle screen. The screen reads the current time and date at the time the picture was taken, which was 6:30 PM on February 23, 2024. The time and date are set to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
The back of the alphanumeric pager. A custom-printed label that reads: "KJ7OMO Freq: 441.1 MHz Model: AP-700 GP" is affixed over the original labels.

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The ARRL And What They Think Of As Political

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Hmm... need to build myself (another) standing table + ham radio rack, and just realized this might be an opportunity to use the Ikea LACK table/19 inch rack 🤔 (instead of raw lumber and building essentially same thing) -- will bolt a couple to the top of a desk, after cutting the legs down to preferred size.

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Yes, that’s a pager receiving a message from Mastodon.

The program is on a 10 minute cron job.

So I guess you can send messages to my pager if you want.

The image shows a receive-only text pager placed on a desk. The pager is a compact device with a small monochrome LCD screen housed in a black casing. It has a sturdy appearance, with four buttons to the right of the LCD screen. Below the screen, there's a label that reads "Emergency Text Receiver," indicating its use for receiving urgent communications. The device looks well-used, with some signs of wear on its surface. The pager screen displays a message with the text “@FinnleyDolfin Hello World!” indicating a user handle followed by the iconic first program phrase. The date “08/16” and time “21:37” are also visible at the top of the screen. The pager is resting against a mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting, which has its keys glowing in shades of purple and blue. Dust particles are visible on the desk surface and underneath the keyboard, highlighting the texture of the desk’s material.

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