elmo, to retrogaming German
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Got a Miyoo Mini+ a few days ago and I'm absolutely in love with this thing 😄

It's a pure nostalgia machine.
Has all the games I used to play as a kid on it and you don't even have to swap around cartridges anymore :awesome:

Linux, to linuxgaming
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🎮 Steam Deck: the world's #1 gaming handheld - GET ONE CHEAP :thinkergunsunglasses:

Valve's refurbish sales are back! The quick shall prevail....


johnmacintosh, to ps1graphics German
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Happy Birthday Game Boy die Legende wird heute 35 Jahre jung.

ordinaryluke, to Steamdeck Polish

Drugi rok ze i uważam że niczego lepszego na tej półce cenowej (a nawet wyższej) nie wymyślono. Nie mówiąc o wsparciu, dużym community, systemie operacyjnym, itd.

Zastanawiam się nad oficjalnym dockiem do mojego decka. Warto czy inni producenci ogarniają to równie dobrze?

cliophate, to random
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This is a thicc boy!

MAME 0.264 (www.mamedev.org)

MAME 0.264 is ready right on time! Before we get to emulation improvements, there are some changes to the debugger that may affect you. The debugger’s printf and logerror commands now support more formatting conversions and options, including NUL-terminated strings from emulated memory, hexadecimal numbers with lowercase...

iamdtms, (edited ) to Steamdeck
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