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the youtube algorithm thinks, I should listen to more bavarian and austrian hardstyle remixes, so I have to share this, so that I am not suffering alone.

dth, to indonesia

Hi everyone! I'm Detha, a new member of Beige Party-goers with from , .

I'm currently in my late-20s and a — I speak three languages fluently: , , and . I've also been learning , currently trying to memorise Hiragana and Katakana letters.

I work in as a high school , teaching . I'm married to a fellow teacher, but he teaches primary English.

I love playing , despite me being quite bad at it lol. Some of my all-time favourites include , , and . I play and as well. I also like being a backseat and watch other people play games (mostly my husband and YouTubers). My favourite video game genres are , , and .

Other than that, I love reading a lot. Currently I'm making it my mission to read older mangas from my childhood, like and . I like reading in general, just not "actual books" haha — my attention span can't handle it.

The music that I listen to are mostly the loud stuff, but my favourite genres are , , and EDMs like and . I actually have a of on my left forearm!

I guess that's what I can think of for my for now. I have a lot more scattered interests though, so you'll be seeing more of it on my account.

Thank you to @theropologist for accepting my request to join this instance, and nice to meet you all! Beige-bless :bb:

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I woke up later than I wanted to so hopefully I'm not too late for my monthly announcement.

It's !!

Last week, I released my first single of the year, Everything is OK! It's a fast-paced, hardcore EDM track with hard kicks and a simple, but gripping melody.

You can check this out on my page, in addition to several other tracks I've released throughout multiple years! If you don't feel like buying, you could always support by giving it a listen!

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Excuse me.. I’ve got.. questions? @jorijn


@boby_biq location music (if u'd stll call it that) 😎


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Hi! Since my post got buried somewhere, here is another one. I'm a dragon, hear me roar. I'm Bulgarian, speak fluently both Bulgarian and English. Linguistics and IT student. I love singing, appreciate good music and conversations. I like reading and writing in my spare time too. I also game, though terrible it might be. I absolutely love and as well as and I used to draw and still love anything crafty. I am and I'm also although this is not expressed much. I wish to keep things private, as much as I can, and all agree on it. I have a spirit and I am often confused about the meanings of some human things. My brain literally interprets almost everything, so I am going to be asking questions. A lot of them sometimes. I also study and whenever time allows and my preferred music genre is I also enjoy and I love British English and accents, although I can both write and speak either standards - American and British. I currently work in HR and I used to work as an event coordinator. That's all! Few! It was a long intro! Follow me, I do not bite.

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