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“This is one of those studies at ACC that I think is potentially practice changing,” said Kim Eagle, director of the Frankel Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan who wasn’t involved in the trial. It’s “a very important landmark study that will change the way patients who are currently managed with [heart attacks] are cared for.”

#healthcare #medicine #HeartAttack #HeartFailure #BetaBlockers #cardiology #PrimaryCare #PrescriptionDrugs

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Surprising link found between niacin and risk of heart attack and stroke - Enlarge / A shopper looks at a meat display on June 20, 2022 at the Market 32 ... -

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Here's some nut and oil - free from . Buy in the supermarket, as consuming palm oil is linked to human problems like and . @palmoildetectives

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COVID shots protect against COVID-related strokes, heart attacks, study finds - Enlarge / A vial of the updated 2023-2024 formula of Pfizer's COVID-19 ... - -19

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Can shoveling snow give you a heart attack?

#Snow shoveling is the single most #dangerous activity people can do, in the opinion of a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

#heartattack #shovelingsnow

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🎁 I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was a ‘widowmaker.’ The classic symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain and pressure, but they’re not the only red flags - by Mark Shavin - Washington Post

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Don’t know what lipstick alley is, but this has good links #tuberculosis #latentTB #Consumption

Tell me again how #HIV #AIDS is nothing whatsoever like #sarscov2 #Covid despite both destroying the #immuneSystem #opportunisticinfections

Yeah, it’s totally normal in 2023 for 22 year olds to die of #TB

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Yeah, totally normal for a 46 year old Italian fashion designer, who are known to be cardio addicts🙄, to die of a

I am exactly his age… 46 year olds don’t die from heart attacks but I will say, if I wasn’t so cautious, I’m pretty sure I’d be either dead or pretty close to it

25 years, at least, of life cut short; that’s the new normal

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Lorrrraaaaine, avatar
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Obesity drug Wegovy reduces cardiovascular risks for those at high risk - Enlarge / Wegovy an injectable prescription weight loss medicine that h... - -1

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Just got news that a friend who's my age (mid-40s) had a heart attack and is looking at a quadruple bypass.

Be honest with your doctors, y'all.

And hug the ones you love.


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This is so messed up. Some guy suffered a right outside the de Young Museum in . The guy's friend recognized that he was having a heart attack and ran into the looking for their . Museum staff refused to let him borrow it, and as a result the man died. Now, the museum is trying to re-write history with a self-serving story justifying their staff's refusal to help. Fuck the and their evil staff.

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is known to increase the risk of & . The intense inflammation that occurs throughout the body in severe cases likely contributes to this increased risk. may increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke by infecting artery wall tissue & associated macrophages. This provokes inflammation in atherosclerotic plaques could lead to heart attack or stroke.

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Following a Covid infection, individuals are at higher risk of having a heart attack, ischemia, etc for a year. A new study shows that the virus can directly infect and replicate in coronary vessels,” inducing plaque inflammation that could trigger acute cardiovascular complications and increase the long-term cardiovascular risk.”

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Teen’s death after eating a single chip highlights risks of ultra-spicy foods - Enlarge (credit: Sarah Dussault/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Ge... - #eversiblecerebralvasoconstrictionsyndrome #carolinareaperpepper #onechipchallenge #napaviperpepper #cardiovascular #harriswolobah #heartattack #capsaicin #vasospasm #arteries #headache #scoville #science #health #chilli #death #paqui #spice #teen

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Ok... so after I change my profile to say that I'm , and that I had a heart attack and , I'm now matched with three persons simultaneously.

This... never... happened before.

Let me repeat it.

This... NEVER... happened before.

I guess my profile prior to that was so positive that it looked fake??? 🤷

Oh, it's not like I did not have success, but it was much sparser.

And I'm counting only the people who are talking to me right now. (My autistic girl is not among the three, for instance.)

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Emergency room visits by people suffering and significantly decreased almost immediately after one of the largest processing plants in Pennsylvania shut down in 2016, a study published this week revealed.

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Cardiologist: "I'd love to say we can think COVID is like the common cold. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
It's not even just like the flu.This virus is very different from any other virus we have seen in our lifetime."


Je5usaurus_rex, to random

The "Lukashenka is dead" rumors keep getting less rumory:
"Belarus PM replaces Lukashenko at ceremony, sparks speculation"

Je5usaurus_rex, to random

I feel it would be irresponsible of me to not spread the rumor currently making the rounds on Twitter, that Lukashenka is kept in an induced coma following a massive heart attack, and may already be dead.

Lukashenka fell ill during his attendance of the May 9 celebrations in Moscow, and speculations about poisoning started almost immediately.

Belarusian twitter are already pointing the finger at Putin, who of course is known for his love of poison, and last year was widely suspected of having poison-murdered the Belarusian foreign minister Makei.

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