chiefgyk3d, to gaming avatar

I so far have been really enjoying Helldivers 2 and definitely see myself continuing to play it for the foreseeable future. It also plays extremely well on Linux with no issues. Just install from steam and Play. I did use Proton-GE as I tend to have better performance with games using it but that was it.

I'm so glad Gaming on Linux has become so easy that now I can play games with most of my friends without issues.

InfiniteHench, to random avatar

All the Automotons need to completely stop us in our tracks is a new model with tennis rackets for hands.

Just swat back every stratagem pokeball we toss at em, we’ll eagle bomb ourselves to oblivion.

InfiniteHench, to random avatar

Considering Arrowhead is designing a cloak to commemorate the review bomb and resurrection, I am so down for this.

juergen_hubert, to random avatar

A lot of people are upset about plans of video game companies to add in-game ads.

But in this particular case, I think I am okay with it.

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arbitraryhero, avatar

We're live! Come Dive with us in ! We'll be diving and spilling oil and would love for you to play with us!

juergen_hubert, to random avatar

My impression is that the satire of HellDivers 2 was made so extremely unsubtle that even the people who didn't realize that the Starship Troopers movie was satire will get it this time.

massivelyop, to random avatar

Helldivers 2 is delisted in three more countries on Steam because of an ‘administrative error correction’

InfiniteHench, to random avatar

I’m watching an essay breaking down from a live service and monetization standpoint and starting to wonder how long its currently formula will work.

has said they’re shooting for around one warbond per month. That’s 12 new sets of weapons, armor, and cosmetics. Is that a realistic pace? Will these weapons just start feeling same-y (some argue they already are)? Yeah you can earn currency in-game, but at face value that’s ~ $120/year game.

tomgwynplaine, to memes avatar
Artemis201, to random avatar

@stux uh oh. Looks like SONY is doubling down on their PSN bans. In addition to not actually walking anything back, they've now added 3 more countries to their banned list.

Not only that, they've now done the same for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Edition

massivelyop, to random avatar

Helldivers 2 CEO holds an impromptu Q&A about balance, gameplay, and returning the game to Steam

Imperor, to Twitch avatar

Join today for some Helldivers 2 - For Democracy!

Let's squash some bugs and free some planets! We're starting a bit early today at 17:00 GMT+2 (Berlin)


InfiniteHench, to random avatar

“A smart player relies on calling down air strikes and support weapons with a neat little dial-a-warcrime system.” 😆

Note that Yahtzee isn’t keen on multiplayer games in general, not even PvE games, so of course he isn’t that keen on HD2. But that line was too good not to share.

massivelyop, to random avatar

Helldivers 2 players try to undo reviewbomb damage and restore a fired community manager

InfiniteHench, to random avatar

Has anyone found a non-Twitter social bot, subreddit, whatever that posts the daily Super Store offerings? I'm tired of booting the game just to check

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toplesstopics, to random avatar

Just played for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I think we just had our first true encounter with of them kept calling in air strikes everywhere we had to be at, and the other shot us any time we had samples, including right outside of the extraction point right as we were getting on ship.

We've been pretty lucky in helldivers so far, actually met a few people we sent friend requests to after because we got along great. I don't understand what enjoyment griefers get from making the game suck for others. Guess I'm not fked up enough 🙃

Imperor, to Sony avatar

Tonight we dive into hell with Helldivers 2

Join in 30 minutes over on and cheer for democracy with this new recruit. Capitalism for once defeated itself and thus the stream card for tonight will commemorate this momentous event!


chiefgyk3d, to gaming avatar

Looks like Sony reversed their decision on forcing people to create a PSN account and link it to steam to continue playing Helldivers2. So maybe next stream I can finally play Helldivers 2, not that I don't like Fallout 4, but I can always come back to Fallout 4 later.

I may stream again tonight or at least Wednesday seeing how I feel this evening.

anon2020, to Sony Spanish avatar

¿Vieron que Sony quería que para usar Helldivers 2 te hicieras una cuenta de Playstation y cada vez que jugaras entraras en ella? Esto era en PC

Pues los fanáticos se hicieron escuchar, y lograron que Sony diera marcha atrás!.


64bithero, to gaming avatar

Outside of the countries without PSN loosing access I saw this whole Hell Divers 2 thing as ridiculous. But hell, If review bombing actually gets publishers to stop doing evil shit I’m all for it …

stux, to Sony avatar

Protesting helps! :blobcheerwitch:

The devs & gamers won from #Sony

Sony is now backing down with it's PSN requirement for #HELLDIVERS2

massivelyop, to random avatar

Sony walks back returning PSN account requirements for Helldivers 2 PC players

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