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As we gaze in horror at the state of the #MiddleEast, let us remember we could have had actual peace in the Me decades ago if it weren't for #HenryKissinger, that evil bastard.

#RotInHellKissinger #Kissinger #RotInPiss #Israel

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I got mail today! :akko_excited:

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In the second part of this two-part episode of , Phil Nash, Associate Professor of History at Penn State Shenango discusses the legacy of Henry

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A lot of shitty stuff may be going on, but at least Kissinger's dead!

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Always room to add another reason to want to resurrect to life, just so as you can have the pleasure of beating him to death all over again.

, not on his watch.

What is going on in and right now? That, it seems, is all on too. What a fucking, festering, cancerous, boil of a person he was.

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@Santaclaus I know you traditionally give coal to the naughty, but given the carbon emissions involved with the sheer size of that list, have you considered a less fossil fuel based punishment? Maybe little plaster busts of ? That should drive home the point about being naughty.

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I know some people are going through a tough time, so I hope I can help with the knowledge that you are loved, valued, improve the world with your presence, and that is still dead.

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Following the death of Henry Kissinger, what is needed is an international activist campaign to ensure that Kissinger is remembered at home and abroad for who he really was. #HenryKissinger #KissingerWarCriminal

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In 1980, I applied to be a foreign exchange student. Because of the timing, I was restricted to countries in the southern hemisphere program, and we were allowed to list one country we would like to live in and two or three that we absolutely would not live in.

I said I would not go to or South Africa, because I could not keep my mouth shut there. That was when was still in power. Regardless of who pulled the trigger, he killed .

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Between , another 1/6 going to prison for a long time, and getting expelled and probably going to prison, this has been a good week to be American. #🇺🇲

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"Henry Kissinger died on Wednesday at his home in Connecticut, his consulting firm said in a statement. The notorious war criminal was 100. …

The infamy of Nixon's foreign-policy architect sits, eternally, beside that of history's worst mass murderers. A deeper shame attaches to the country that celebrates him."

~ Spencer Ackerman

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Thinking of and , I have no patience anymore with the idea villains don't realize they're . BULLSHIT.
Because usually they do, and they like the power that gives them, being willing to do things lesser, "decent" people would feel bad about doing. They believe it's their lack of conscience that MAKES them better than others, that conscience is just a hangup, at best resulting from naivete.

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If you go through music history since 1969, you'll find there's at least one song to go with just about each of 's crimes

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lol god DAMN this is the entirety of the White House statement on the death of .

This is about as close as I think you could get to Biden publicly saying "fuck that guy I'm glad he's dead."

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