megasnes64, to retrogaming

Oh hey, it's a boring #introduction post.

S/he child of the 1980s. Nostalgic as fuck.

Happily married to my long suffering wife. We have more than 5 cats but less than 7.

Loves: music / movies / television / books/ video games/ audio dramas

Hashtags of interest: #retrogaming, #liminal, #vaporwave, #horrorlit, and a bunch of others.

Trying to be interesting.

jake, to Horror avatar

a book announcement by K Silva? One by M Yardley? ANOTHER By G Kiste??

It's not Sunday, but have you read the news?

#horror #horrorlit #horrorfam @horrorbooks

jake, to Horror avatar

Morning ! I made a thing! and it's for you, AND I need your help.

Sunday Morning Horror News! It pulls from the RSS feeds of horror writer and publisher blogs to make a nice list for you to read and your pace, not the pace of social media.

Check it out! and let me know what blogs I should add! The starting list is small, but I am going to always be adding things!


jake, to Horror

Ok , Apex Magazine is doing a subscription drive, the number of subs they get will determine the future of the magazine.

Apex is one of the best we have, and deserve our support.

and to prove that, they also have a great list of other mags that ALSO should be subscribed to.

Short fiction needs our support, so if you can, now is the time.

@horror @horrorbooks @bookstodon

OutZoned, to Anime

Hello! I’m a Reddit and Twitter user trying to figure out this whole Fediverse thing because I’d like to drop those apps entirely. My longest-term anime fandom is Mobile Suit Gundam, and of course my current obsession is Witch from Mercury.

Looking for a non-toxic space for discourse on the medium in general, and it seems like this instance has a strong ethos and identity. My time is fairly limited, so I likely be more lurker than contributor, though I may share photos of my (not-so-great) Gunpla builds from time to time.

Beyond that, I think my number one personal interest is in narratives, both fictional and socially-constructed, and how people interface with storytelling. That includes narratives constructed by games, although my gaming interests have slowly drifted away from big AAA fare and more toward small-studio RPGs, horror, retro emulation, and arcade-style games, as well as abstract board games like checkers, chess, and go.

jake, to horror

morning @horror ! does anyone use Bookwyrm to keep track of their reading? I've got an account set up, but it is lonely on my island and looking to connect with other horror readers!

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