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@Azurakumo reminded me: remember when #GenshinImpact was coming to the #NintendoSwitch? :cat_think: wtf happened there?

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So I recently celebrated a 2 year goldworkaversary (yes, I went there. Don’t look at me)

This is all the stuff I made in that time! I started small with an ‘S’ and ended up with an animated briefcase. I started in traditional embroidery so it was probably easier to pick up, but it’s been a really fun 2 years of crazy projects✨

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A series of goldwork embroidery projects in various states of development. Most of them are props for Genshin Impact cosplays but some are small items from other fandoms like Sailor Moon and SpyxFamily. They’re all hand sewn using different types of gold threads, cord and hollow metal springs called Purl.

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It feels like HSR is really not for me. I really like the story but the thing is after I am done with the story I don't really play it that much after that much. So I will be playing it but not too much and if I am only playing for story I don't really need to farm too much and yeah Genshin will always remain on the top for me.

hazel, to honkaistarrail

Maybe one day, Hoyoverse will finally discover how to give their MCs a second outfit?

cincinmasukmangkok, to Genshin_Impact

Lawan mini boss HP 3M di Fontaine


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Lil Honkai painting I did with watercolor and ink

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I think I'm going to play a bit of this morning.

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