Razor58, to random
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just spent my last $20 on food.until Wednesday feb21 when I get my social security ✔️ if I don't get anymore $$$im going hungry until Wednesday feb21st when I get my social security ✔️ cashapp $raymondkennon just enough to hold me till feb21st Wednesday thanks

Razor58, to random
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in Amarillo Texas cashapp $raymondkennon need $230 for another week stay at fiesta motel Amarillo Texas for feb14th to feb21 please boost donate if you can I'm sick as well thanks to everyone for keeping me shelter this week of feb7th to feb13 they calling for snow this weekend up to three inches n very cold highs in 30 s Saturday n Sunday brrrrrr thanks again everyone

mikemathia, to random
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hiisikoloart, to ADHD Finnish
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Finally feeling creative again today after quitting the medication but alas, one must also eat and not keep working into the fifth hour...

(I worked on commission, comic needs to wait until tomorrow or next week since everything backed up)

17Christiana, to Cat
SomeGadgetGuy, to DadBin
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Happy Thanksgiving! A loving kitchen full of family and our favorite dishes. My hope for you every day (but especially on the special days) is that you are safe, warm, well fed, and spending time with people who care about you.

Shot on the and .

Turkey in a smoker
Pistachio cheesecake

bunbrary, to Rabbits
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Somebunny woke up in a bad mood today.

[video: Finnegan yanking on hoom’s ankle socks with his teeth while she’s standing at her desk]




And you let him ... 😂

George - big, dumb George, who we moved into the living room and my office after we lost Lena and Gracie - has now learned to pull on my slippers or pant leg under my office desk to tell me "My food bowl is empty".

Maybe he's not quite so dumb as we thought...

JackTheCat, to random
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Ooh! Breakfast time!

BoydStephenSmithJr, to random
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I swear, sometimes I snack and find myself more afterwards.

I've been around 220 lbs. for too long. I think I really should get down to at most 195 to be healthy.

111rich, to random
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FiStitchWitch, to breakfast
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Made a decent start on this mornings , but the creature from the deep has started to rumble so I've had to pause for some .

Was sitting thinking I could smell something citrus like, nice and fresh......then I remembered I've got a wax melt on the go just now.

I may be a little dim this morning (no different from any other day, but shush).

MilaEmmieLiz, to Seattle

If I say “I’m hungry” we have about 27 minutes until I’m a different person.

ai6yr, to Futurology
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This is amusing... for . Apparently someone is over there.

MGFarm, to VegetableGardening
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Date 3 of harvest and I have already eaten up my combine snacks 😢

Rasta, to random
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Right at this moment, what are the chances, that someone reading this, is making a sandwich?

IF YOU, are making a SANDWICH RIGHT NOW, please, Like, Boost, and make me one too? I'm starving!

Burt and Ernie (Sesame Street) making a sandwich appear in a poof of smoke

peterdeppisch, to random
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'People who feed us are hungry': Ontario migrant worker support group seeing increase in need
"The Farmworker Hub says it has seen a 27 per cent increase in demand this year.
An increasing number of migrant farm workers in Ontario's Niagara region, whose work helps bring local produce to market, are facing food insecurity, according a local organization that supports them."

voidf1sh, to Help

My partner and I are at the ER getting a possible GI bleed looked at and it's looking like we're going to be here for a few hours more at least, meaning we won't have time to cook dinner when we get home. Any chance someone could spare $20 so we can get something to eat on the way home? We have nothing in the bank account until Friday and will be unable to eat tonight otherwise. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help <3


Lifecoach5000, to random
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Feeling like this homie cuz no one ever wants to go to Red Lobster with me

shawnhooper, to ontario
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Can’t wait until all this corn is ready for eating.

sportsguysean, to food

Only Canadians know what these yummy vittles are.

ElNosferatu, to random

Why do I get hungry whenever I see this🤤🤤


Hare, to animals

The owner just came to our room and wants $500 by tonight??

Idk how the fuck were supposed to manage that, but we have to do our best to keep him off our ass or he’ll give us another eviction notice. 😭


Thank you so much, everyone! 💗

We're now $355 from making rent today & avoiding trouble with the owners, can we raise this in the next 2 hours 30 minutes while our safe person is still in the office?? 🥺

If so, then I can hopefully raise enough for groceries because we're literally out of everything, and are painfully hungry...

Please boost to help these queers & kitties stay off the streets! 🙏🏻


Thank you so much for the $25 and $100 donations for shelter!!! 💖

Can anyone match either of these? 🙏🏻

After rent our most urgent goals are our pain, psych, & seizure meds ($200 for both of ours), groceries ($100), our storage unit + late fees ($100), and our phone bill ($55)! 😟

Please keep boosting, y'all rock, thank you so much!!! 🥺


Don't have enough after paying for shelter, but omg thank y'all so much because we were able to pay the owners the $500 they expected yesterday! 😭💗✨

Now we need help getting our family our pain, psych, and seizure meds, groceries, cat litter, storage, and our phone bill 😰

Hare, to random

A very dear friend saved our asses from having to face the owner again today, although we still have to come up with over $200 by tomorrow because we’re so far behind. 😓

Right now we really need to get some groceries, so if any comrades can help with $18, we can put an order through. Ca in bio, tysm!!! 💗✨

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