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"The ENISA publishes the executive summary of this year’s ‘Foresight Cybersecurity Threats for 2030’ presenting an overview of key findings in the top 10 ranking."

"Physical of Natural/Environmental 's on Critical Digital Infrastructure [New in Top Ten]"


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No surprises there...

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As far as I'm concerned, there's few things in the world which beat red sandstone against blue skies for architectural impact.

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Ich bin auf dem Finale "Future Veedel Challenge" von project cologne, in Kooperation mit der GAG, Rheinenergie und Kölnbusiness.
Es pitchen 8 Startups um insgesamt 10.000 Euro Preisgeld. Die Themen sind und im Veedel, Energie, Immobilien, usw.


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Si vous ne l'avez pas encore vu, depuis quelques jours en accès libre : "Sainte-Soline, Autopsie d'un carnage" qui revient un an après sur la manifestation pour que l'eau reste un bien commun et que l'on commence à s’interroger sur les pratiques agricoles conventionnelles.
Une production @off & @Reporterre

Vidéo Peertube à diffuser plus que l'autre ;)

#SainteSoline #reporterre #Climat #lutte #eau #environnement #changement #action #impact #justicesociale #peertube

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Indiana Enacts Law to Allow State Child Services to Investigate More Abuse Claims at Youth Centers

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law that aims to curb abuse at youth treatment centers for those 18-21 years old.

It comes after a ProPublica-IndyStar investigation into employees at Pierceton Woods Academy.


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After making billions in #TaxDeductible donations to his philanthropy, the owner of #Tesla & SpaceX gave away far less than required in some yrs— & what he did give often supported his #SelfInterests.

Before Mar 2021, #ElonMusk’s charitable foundation never announced any donations to CameronCounty, an impoverished region at the southern tip of TX that is home to his #SpaceX launch site & local ofcls who help regulate it.


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At the same time, he runs a w/billions of dollars, the kind of resources that could make a global . But unlike , who has deployed his fortune in an effort to improve across Africa, or ’s Walton family, which has spurred change in the American system, ’s philanthropy has been haphazard & largely — making him eligible for enormous & helping his businesses.

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“The really striking thing about is the disjuncture between his outsized public persona, & his very, very minimal presence,” said Benjamin Soskis, who studies at the Urban Institute. Where other billionaires have aimed for a broad on , Mr. Soskis said ’s foundation lacks “any direction or any real focus, outside his business ventures.”

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An interesting post summarising the engagement and its at @w3c. The org does important work, and it's good to see so many people are contributing. (though it would be better to see more)


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Notice: Some bots are spamming the community. Should you notice any weird comments, please do report them.

Noticed over the last few hours at least 4-5 new bot accounts have spammed a thread I made last week with random comments with links to purchase shite. They seem to target older threads I assume to reduce the risk of people finding and removing the comments/links but should any of you see such comments, please to report them so...

Nash speaks further on attending Sting’s last match (wrestlingnews.co)

On the latest "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash said he is not on WWE payroll and cleared up what he said last week on why he won’t be at Sting’s last match. Nash previously stated that Sting invited him to be there but Nash couldn't go because of his affiliation with WWE....

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