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Don't send your kids to Farmington (NM). That school district had personnel rip the Native American headdress off of an student who was graduating from school. Protecting Native American headgear at graduations is a priority supported by both parties. Governor Doug Ducey signed a measure into law. Elections matter. It is time for Ranked Choice Voting so that extremists don't hijack our schools.

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AnnaAnthro, to Canada avatar

‘One hell of a storm is coming’: Canadian graphic novel created in a university history class on identity sparks outrage

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Daniel Larison's "Logic of a forgotten American Atrocity" reviews Kim Wagner's book, "Massacre in the Clouds," on the 1906 massacre of nearly 1000 people in the southern . In the journal Responsible Statecraft:

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Kanaks (the indigenous peoples of New Caledonia) are revolting against French colonialism, and the French govt is blocking access to tiktok in an attempt to stop them organising and posting about what's happening.

"Why did France ban TikTok?

As we mentioned, France gave an order to block access to TikTok across the island as part of a state of emergency declaration. Other measures also include the deployment of French troops to secure ports and international airports, alongside a national curfew.

This harsh response came as a reaction to three days of violent clashes that left four dead (including a French gendarme) and hundreds wounded. As Politico reported, protests erupted as French lawmakers passed a bill to change the voting system by allowing all citizens residing on the island for more than 10 years to vote in local elections. New Caledonia's indigenous population, the Kanaks, believes this law will ultimately weaken their representation."

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"Thursday is graduation day for the first class of the nation’s only tribally affiliated medical school, the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation. Started in 2020, it’s an effort to boost the numbers of both Indigenous physicians and doctors willing to treat patients in rural areas experiencing severe physician shortages."

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Indigenous singer Rebecca Strong is the $1M winner of 'Canada's Got Talent'

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Congratulations to Canadian Public Policy on its special 50th volume Issue & to Professor Donn Feir who gives the CPP lecture May 30 at the CEA meeting in Toronto "Policies for Other People: Reflections from an Economist on Research & Federal Policy Regarding Indigenous Nations in Canada Post-1975"

@economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @econhist @devecon @archaeodons

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Another day, another unflattering portrait of a public figure, and this time, the Streisand effect is in play too. TIME magazine reports on Australia's wealthiest person, Gina Rinehart, and her attempts to get a painting of her removed from the National Gallery of Australia. The portrait by Vincent Namatjira, an Aboriginal Australian artist, is part of a series in which he uses humor and exaggerated features to portray the rich. “People don’t have to like my paintings, but I hope they take the time to look and think, ‘why has this Aboriginal bloke painted these powerful people? What is he trying to say?’” he said in a statement shared with TIME. The gallery, to which Rinehart is a donor, is not backing down, saying it “welcomes the public having a dialogue on our collection and displays.”

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There’s a debate about who’s indigenous to Palestine. Some argue that Europeans Jews have genetic markers linking them to Moddle East. A lot of Southern Europeans have genetic markers linking them to Middle East. In fact, many who do not consider themselves Jewish—because Judaism has not been their family religion for generations—have Jewish genetic markers. There’s a significant amount of “Jewish” as well as “Arab” DNA in Spain and Italy.

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Right-wing Australian billionaire and money-bag climate change denier Gina Reinhart apparently doesn't want people to see her portrait by the Indigenous artist Vincent Namatjira in the National Gallery.

So it would be just awful if people share this article and her portrait.

Personally, I think it's great - and might make a very attractive t-shirt?

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Still fighting for help to meet my basic needs

$800 needed to stay off the street
$200 to cover Car Insurance that already came out my account
We used pretty much all $800 that Mom gets monthly that would have been used for food to stay off the street to avoid dying in the toxic heat of our state that's deeply in a - this last link might not even work anymore


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I'm unmarried
I'm not breeding
I'm disabled
I'm a woman
I'm Latina
I'm a displaced person
I'm not white
I'm not dark enough to be used as a pawn for their BS game with superficial temporary gains

Anyone who asks the marginalized to keep swollowing the tripe of the bourgeois and using fascists' systems for survival is a damn fucking ignorant privileged

You're next, once the and + are dead the thought control and police will only have you to eat


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William Crowther: Vandals topple statue of an Australian colonial-era official who mutilated an man’s body.

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Indigenous Identity Fraud Summit opens with denunciations, statements of solidarity

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Oil company asks judge to arrest and jail Cree chief leading Alberta blockade

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@br00t4c are colonial tools that erase rights and title in .

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Pailona Ramirez from Guarani people looks on during rain at Pindo Poty village after it was flooded, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. REUTERS/Adriano Machado


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From our magazine: “This is all we have. This is our only window that’s left into this part of our history that’s not well understood. It’s our only chance to find out about ancestors.”

RustyBertrand, to random avatar

Developer contracts with Sámi reindeer herders ‘harmful’ to people

Analysis of secretive renewable energy contracts finds ‘the harmful outcomes generally outweigh the limited gains’

“Put simply, developers seek to curb Sámi resistance and avoid protracted court proceedings through obtaining a negotiated consent from herding communities in private contracts,” he said of the study, which looked at 15 of the agreements.

“However, virtually nothing is known about the content of these agreements and the factors that shape outcomes – a knowledge deficit that undermines our ability to judge the potential role that agreements could play in resolving conflicts and increasing legitimacy and societal acceptance of green transition projects in the European north.”

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Mother's Day just passed, but let's remember the Indigenous women who couldn't be mothers because of the stеriIizаtion programs led by the US like in the 1940s against Mexicans under California's 1909 Eugenics law or the 1970 law that stеriΙzed at least 25% of Native American women

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Watchdog finds Mounties failed to properly investigate Indigenous woman's death -- twice

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Indigenous-led environmental assessment and conservation offer huge benefits to Canadians

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I'm seeing a lot of colonials misusing ancient words.

Language may be a tool for dispossessing not only land, but twisting minds.

You could say, "They respect their land, as their ancestors are buried on it."

But they say, "They worship their land because its filled with ghosts and demons."

There must be many more examples of this. The white man misrepresenting animism. Respect of life is not worship of an invisible god.

Yet, so much has been lost in white male translation through

Maybe some history needs

It ain't 1871, and we know better now.

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“They almost annihilated us, and that genocide continues. To destroy the environment you have to destroy the people who protect it.”

From our magazine: An industrial buildout on the southern tip of is erasing the last traces of an ancient world that still hasn’t died. From Correspondent Dylan Baddour:

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