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For various reasons, I've moved servers, and due to timing, am welcoming a number of new followers. This seems like an excellent time for a new post.

Hello! I'm Kattni (she/her).

I am a maker, photographer, programmer, mentor, community builder and maintainer, intermittent chef, one-time gardener, and collector of excellent bags. I am and from many angles. I am tolerated by a cat who continues to let me live with her.

I am a content creator, creating approachable information, project builds, and tutorials. I am passionate about sharing what I learn and know with others who are interested, and this is my opportunity to do that full-time. Everything I find interesting is a potential topic, which means anything from history, to community, to tech, to programming, to photography, to biology, to office organisation, and onward. You can find me on Patreon and GitHub Sponsors. I am currently sharing all of my content on my blog, I am working to build a community around my content, so please consider joining me on my new adventure.

I am Conference Chair for PyOhio 2024. We're back in person for the first time since 2019. This is the first time I've done any kind of volunteering or conference organising of any kind, and it has been an adventure full of a ton of work. I am grateful to my amazing team, all of whom have made this situation possible for me. I will be Chair for 2025 as well, though I am hoping to spend next year spinning up my replacement for 2026.

I've done various speaking engagements, including being a 2019 keynote speaker at PyOhio, even though public speaking terrifies me. My most recent talks were at three summits at PyCon US 2024: the Education Summit, the Community Organisers' Summit, and the Documentation Summit. It was great to share things I was passionate about, but three talks at one event was entirely too much. I don't recommend it.

I left my job in September 2023 to pursue my passions. I spent the previous six years working with the CircuitPython project. I was an open source community leader, technical writer, new contributor coordinator, embedded software developer, CircuitPython library codebase manager, and embedded hardware designer, among other things.

There is definitely more to me than this, but I think this is a solid introduction to my current situation. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around the Fediverse!

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? 🙄 Hésiter puis fermer, et puis (système 1) rouvrir un compte, quand des auteur.ices qui me parlent de subsistance en maisonnées et de mines (Pruvost, Izoard) n'ont par cohérence pas de compte ni de mobile; que d'autres arrosent copieusement tous les réseaux sans doute par sens du "mal nécessaire" pour porter la bonne parole. Quel sens y a t-il à (re)poster des photos et vidéos tous azimuts, même sur un réseau décentralisé et "clean", quand l'extractivisme nous promet l'enfer et que mon vieux téléphone, privé de mise à jour depuis plus de 2 ans, menace de lâcher à tout moment dans un écosystème qui me pousse à le changer.
Que faire ici si on a lu ça?

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New server, new !

I'm an engineering professor, the author of HOW INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS, and a connector of things, people and ideas, especially around design, education, systems, materials, and intersections thereof.

To paraphrase Ursula K. LeGuin, I don't fit well into a pigeonhole since my tentacles come out in all directions.

When I'm not at a keyboard, I might be in the boxing ring, on a climbing wall, or in a glassblowing studio.

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My Introduction video! ৻( •̀ ᗜ •́ ৻)

ദ്ദി(• ˕ •マ.ᐟ Check out my Beacons link!

(˵ ¬ᴗ¬˵) I post "spicy" content on certain websites on that link

If you want casual DM's talk to me on the Fediverse (Mastodon).

I'm political, hating cars, loving walkable city design, I love FOSS (Free open source software), and I'm into learning.

Besides politics, I get into diet, exercise, textiles (what I wear and sleep in), femininity, and more!

Hopefully we get along :3


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Probably what go should have been in the first place

gvwilson, to random avatar

Consider the bicycle… or if not, consider the final chapter of "Software Design by Example in Python" My thanks again to everyone who made this book possible (; it's been a pleasure writing for you.

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Boa noite a todos e todas e todes! Não tão novo no saite do elefante (já superei o choque inicial), mas novo aqui na Ursal.

Me chamo Cassiano, sou um usuário de internet médio (ou medíocre, como preferir), e entusiasta por alguns assuntos aleatórios.

Tava indo tudo bem até que eu fui migrar de outra instância para cá, consegui trazer os seguidores, mas não tô conseguindo recuperar os perfis que eu seguia lá. Inclusive se alguém puder me ajudar já agradeço.

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(2 of 4) I've been taking pictures since age 12, but don't kid myself that this is serious work. I just like framing images and would miss it badly if I stopped. Over the next few weeks, I'll post some old and new ones.

Metro-North station in Poughkeepsie, NY. October, 2011. Old! We were there for the Walkway over the Hudson, but the view only changed angles during the very long bridge walk.

krib, to animals

(1 of 4) Er… hi! An intro in four parts, using to collect them.

I'm GenX and have never used social media for personal interests. Even a decade ago, Instant Graham felt sleazy—and Twitter toxic and shrill. 2024 Flickr is more of a cultural archive, so I'm mainly here to share photos.

I can only start with Sophie. Just over a year old, still full of beans, looking to go hard at any opportunity. Here's a brief moment at rest :)

arisummerland, to GenX avatar

New-to-me instance, so I suppose I should do an again -- and pin it.

Late-realized and more or less lifelong Kansan living once more in the blue bubble of . In one year I will have lived in my current house as long as I lived anywhere else in my entire life. That is kind of scary to me.

I have no idea what I said as an intro when I joined Mastodon in late 2022. I had just gotten slapped by the book of face because I said I wanted to drive to Texas to punch a Nazi. That'll tell you a lot about who I actually am.

I'm still because masking is punk as fuck, as is caring about other people in your community -- not just the shiny loud ones who are always talking and saying everything is fine.

It's not.

I believe it's going to be some version of OK, but it's going to be really different, and it might be pretty difficult, and a lot of people are going to be really uncomfortable -- but you probably already know that.

I love reading, learning, sleeping, foraging, unlearning, listening, learning to repair things, and being quiet for long stretches. I grow as much food and medicine as I can on my own small property. I try to be a good steward and give back to the land and the animals.

I am a chicken tender, and they are the joy of my existence. Those goofy birds helped me get through some really rough years recently. When you've got creatures that you have to get up and tend to many times a day, there's a reason to keep your feet on the ground on this earth for a while.

I have two dogs, three cats, and never enough time to do all the learning and reading or even work that I want to do.

I've been in my profession of bodywork for over 30 years and still love it. I'm only able to work part time due to my AuDHD and chronic physical conditions, so my work fits my needs very well.

I'm redheaded, left-handed, short, fat, and existentially angry most of the time, but I am also one of those people that will usually shut up after complaining and try to find a solution.

I'm a , meditation teacher, certified teacher, certified listener , am becoming a certified , and I like to question everything, especially authority. I have too many and only two hands, and never enough time for all the poems that want to be scribbled down or typed out.

I'm a big fan of classic sci-fi, new sci-fi, speculative fiction, memoirs, and packed with useful information. I'm on the hunt for an entire set of encyclopedia, as I'm increasing my useful paper book collection. My TV choices tend toward , British comedy, and documentaries about weird cults/religions.

I'm very literal, and my sense of humor is very dry. I cut my teeth on 1970s , to give you and idea of what I mean.

I am a weird combination of mostly vegan/vegetarian, but I do eat some chicken -- and the eggs my hens produce. So figure that one out if you can. (I can't!)

I love to cuss but I am very, very bad at it.

Some things I love about Mastodon: My Au friends here, all your cat and dog and rat and plant posts, watching monster movies on Sunday nights, my Novid and Covid-cautious friends, my soccer friends, and the character limit on this new-to-me instance. Woot!

Any questions? Thanks for reading.

teodozjusz, to random Polish

[English text below]

Stwierdziłem, że warto by było w końcu w końcu się przedstawić 😅 Nazywam się Adam, w Internecie najczęściej posługuję pseudonimem Teodozjusz, tutaj opcjonalnie skracanym do Teo. Pracuję jako programista integracji, czyli zasadniczo piszę programy, które umożliwiają współdziałanie innych programów, które niekoniecznie są do tego stworzone. Odkąd poszedłem do pracy w IT, to szukam sobie hobby, obecnie najczęściej grzebię w komputerach lub czytam książki. Co mi strzeli do głowy w przyszłości, czas pokaże...

I think it's high time to introduce myself. I'm Adam and I work as integration developer, which is basically gluing various services to work together. When I started working in IT I also started looking for new hobby. Currently I spend most of my free time tinkering with computers or reading books.

hspmauli, to random German

Ich werde öfter gefragt was für Hobbys ich habe.

Ich habe kein klassisches Hobbys und erst recht keines die man animmt das sie Blinde hätten wie Hörbücher hören zum Beispiel.

Ich habe Interessen die Vielseitig sind. Ich interessiere mich z.b. für alte Filme und Serien, für Musik, für Geschichte, für Psychologie und Verhaltenswissenschaft, Natur, Tiere, Menschheitsgeschichte und vieles mehr. Handwerke auch gerne was ich noch so kann. Schreibe gerne Gedichte

Was die Interessen angeht so

HistoPol, avatar

Guten Morgen

Du könntest diesen Post als pinnen.--Platz scheinst du noch zu haben.

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good to be in a place just for illustrators for a change. Thanks for setting this up @darrendilieto @hireillo I am very happy to be here. Seems a little different to what I am used to but yhat said the X and the Insta is changing at such a rapid pace that I feel so behind in how to use it already… maybe I’m getting older. Either way it’s good to be here with you all. Here’s a photo of my studio.

aotfw, to random German

Hallo zusammen!

Ich bin ein Hobbymusiker, spiele (mäßig gut) Bass und Gitarre und produziere seit einiger Zeit auch elektronisch mit open source Software und insbesondere nyquist. Ein Freund hat mir empfohlen, zum Zweck des Austausches doch mal auf mastodon aktiv zu werden. Ich bin gespannt!

Im richtigen Leben untersuche ich mathematische Modelle der Populationsgenetik 😎

JigglyWyvern, to trans

My name is Zee, I'm a entity and I’m very likely a mess most of the time ​:drgn_hyper:​

When I am not losing my mind, and are my deal also a huge nerd. MMO's are my go to, and I'm a pretty huge and fan as well a massive lover ​:drgn_rainbow:​

I’ve been trying to get into as well, love 3D art and all the joys that come from working stuff. Huge into and expressing creativity of all kinds, hoping to do more so myself 🎨 ​:drgn_happy:​

Very much a likely a ​:drgn_verified:​ although still working and exploring that and hoping to find more furry friends here. and pretty lewd at times ​:drgn_flat_blush:​

To note that I have been in and out from here alot I typically find it hard to stay online or anywhere really as I feel unwanted heavily at times very much a trauma response forgive me, I am working on this one and sorry for any trouble this has cause ​:drgn_lol_nervous:​

So yes I am that same Zee that has instance hopped to no end and likely followed you at some stage then appeared elsewhere, really hope that isn't too annoying ​:drgn_flat_nervous:​

But anywho would love to get back on here again and reconnect with folks I use to talk to. Oh and boost are greatly appreciated ​:drgn_nuzzle:​

ElectronLibre, to movies avatar

Hello fediverse !

I took my time to make a proper but here I am.

I love , , hacking stuff ( and ), taking care of the , travelling (🚂) and new people.

You can use the pronouns he/him, but don't expect of me the usual reactions consistent with this genre. 🙄

I am open to any recommendation ! (or if you just want to drop by)

PS: I will post sporadically in and in . ✉️

mozitux, to random

Hello, il est de mise de faire une présentation par ici, je refais donc la mienne sur cette nouvelle instance. ​:blobcat_hidding:​

Je débarque depuis peu sur le Fediverse. 👋
J'aime les animes, les jeux-vidéo et la sf.

Je viens de terminer mes études en direction artistique et je suis désormais Game/Narrative Designer dans une ville non bretonne du nom de Nantes.

J'aime bien expérimenter et tenter des choses, vous aurez occasionnellement droit à du gribouillage très moche. ​:blobcat_bounce:​

Je serais sans doute plus actif avec @isekai_online dont je m'occupe de la programmation antenne. 📡

Si vous voulez en savoir plus :

cliffwade, to Blog avatar

For anyone who might have missed it, I wrote a more in-depth post to the blog and you can read it via the link below.

Please BOOST it as well for others to read and to get to know a bit more about me and the things I do.

fluffypaws, to transmasc avatar

hello fedisphere! :BhjFlag_Transgender: :BhjFlag_TransMasc: :BhjFlag_Polytricolor:

i'm joshie, your local thirty something puppy boy ( he / him ) from brisbane / meanjin.

i'm , , & & live with my anchor partner, @JigglyWyvern. we have four cats & i will definitely post a lot of pictures of them. my other partner, @CyberSaloperie, lives in france :neofox_heart:

i love ! some of my current favourite games are , , , , & . i'm primarily a steam / pc gamer, but i also have a switch. hmu if you wanna be steam / switch friends!

( golden retriever ) & ( also golden retriever, plus a few others ). i bark a lot and sometimes i bite :3 i will be posting a lot of thoughts about being both therian & furry.

i read like most people breath, mostly & , or as i like to call it, . i also read a lot of books. i'm a queer romantasy writer myself, currently working on a novel about a transmasc werewolf & a non-binary vampire that start a polycule full of other supernatural creatures. you can find more about my writing on @fluffypawswrites.

i love all kinds of , & i've been trying to get into & of late. i love & , though i'm not very good at it, but i have fun anyway.

i'm known to be a lewdposter, however i try to keep to contained to my after dark account, [i will add the link once my ad account has been approved]. feel free to follow me there for more hornyposting.

this is not the first instance i've been on, so you have likely seen me around the fedisphere before, but i'm hoping this will be the last for a long time :Blobhaj_Love:

i'd love to make connections with other trans, queer, autistic, adhd, therian, furry etc folks, so please give this a boost so i can find my people :neofox_flag_trans:

PanTransAutie, to Autism

Hello, everyone! My name is Ray and my pronouns are he/him. I'm a thirty year old pansexual trans male autie, hence my username. I'm also an anarcho-communist intersectional feminist.

My special interests include but aren't limited to: Japanese pop culture, pop music, social justice and video games.

I hope to get to know and befriend other users who share similar interests and beliefs.

nothingf-i-s-h-yhere, to random

So this is the official intro post for this new acc.

weclome to my page. It’s gonna be pretty much the same as the big bad tumblr but not there. Uhhhh Idfk support your local artists or something. Thas it for now


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Why hello (again), Mastodon!

Greetings! I'm Evo, no longer on my own single-instance server, which seemed like a good idea but, franky... I can't be bothered. That, and I'm already paying to run Podvibes, so...

Here's my latest which tells you want to expect from following me here on the Fediverse, in a handy🧵:

evoterra, avatar

#intro, part 2:

#AudioFiction - I exclusively listen to fiction podcasts, so you'll hear me shouting about those I love.

#Podcasting - Even though I retired from podcast punditry in 2022, I still have thoughts on we podcasters can make podcasting better. While I try to channel them towards #FictionPodcast creators, there's some over spill.

[#introduction continues 👇]

Salix, to random

Hello I'm Salix and am making a new account on this same instance. I am from the valley in Virginia.
I am into all sorts of art, books, writing, music, TTRPGs, nature, and photography. I play the trumpet and am learning guitar, and I have a strong distaste for how much we rely on cars, and cars in general.
I'll probably post art, ideas and stuff on TTRPGs, photos, and whatever else I feel like at the time.

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