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"My fourth time loop was different. I returned as my sister, and now I'm engaged to my best friend."

My Happy Time Loop Fail is out! You can read more and find purchase links on my webpage at

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My Happy Time Loop Fail comes out on Sunday! You can read more and find purchase links on my webpage at



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You have four more days to download an early review copy of My Happy Time Loop Fail on BookFunnel. The book comes out on April 28th.

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One of my resolutions for 2024 was to get into a new hobby I can do at home, which doesn't include any electronics. Well, it seems like I officially entered my own villainess isekai arc.

I'm actually pretty happy with the result, considering it was my first try and I just looked up a variety of stitches and a pattern, but didn't look into how to incorporate them the best way possible.

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I know, I know! I shouldn't expect too much from the genre, but I'm still baffled by the level of decline in story and animation with every new Shield Hero season.

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Y’all it’s time for NASA & Dragons! :drgn_3c_evil:​

NASA made a TTRPG and not gonna lie it looks pretty good. A short 3-4 hour game but fun! Kind of a cross between sci-fi and fantasy. It could make for a good way to spice up your campaign or just vibe with friends on the weekend. Definitely needs more space worms.

Adventure design by Christina Mitchell. Graphic design by Michelle Belleville.

Map of Aldastron, a land where The Lost Universe takes place. The map has an aged parchment appearance with forests, mountains, landmarks, and towns labelled.

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My CP's #LitRPG #ProgressionFantasy on #RoyalRoad is now getting homophobic review bombs--which was expected but still sucks. If you're interested in a fantastic #isekai story about an actor who dies and is reborn as a glass bottle of ink expected to do housework, who has to escape with an elf trapped in a clockwork toy before a void monster catches them, this story is for you!

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Ok, back and forth are still relatively rare - ment with the charmingly ruthless Mitsuha is about the only other one I can remember. But has already amused me somewhat.

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I don't need much to get excited for new material of one of the best Isekai shows. I'm already aboard the hype train.

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glitches save ... lesbians

clip from the Japanese dub of the Chinese show "Pause! Let Me Check The Walkthrough First" also called Kouryaku Wanted in Japanese, Tian Enya, a 3D blonde white girl with purple eyes in a white dress (the co-lead of the game and the society's chosen one, also isekaied from Earth) is fighting a demon woman in a tournament and realizes the demon woman (unable to kill her due to Enya's ability to respawn immediately after death) is trying to knock her out of the ring to win the match, she mocks the demon lady who knocks her so fast and far seemingly out of the ring before she suddenly appears in the ring. Protagonist Liu Yinuo (a white haired girl who on Earth was a 30 year old veteran gamer and office worker who was isekaied to the game world by accident by the moderator/god) watches on in a flashback as Enya pauses the game to figure out what to do, the NPCs and world around her is paused and she is stuck in midair, but Yinuo notes that once she unpauses, Enya will still fly out of the ring, curious as to how Enya will get out of it. Enya then clicks on the camera function of the game's UI and takes several selfies in set poses which changes her character model from flying out of the ring to standing on the ground again. Enya realizes that Yinuo is using a glitch like some games have where changing armor mid combat undoes a knockdown effect or removes debuffs. She then says "I smell a patch coming."

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- I wasn't as excited for an Isekai Anime in a long while as I am for The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. It's already one of my favorite Manga in the genre, and the animation also looks neat. Can't wait to watch this one.

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It's nice that tries to at least link that it's an a bit where he talks about his past life a little, but it's kinda irrelevant? It's like a footnote "was isekaied".

There's no innovation of 'modern' knowledge or tactics or philosophies. It's not like Gracefeel was the one who brought him back either, he chooses her to be his guardian deity in S1. Him being brought up by undead heroes is more relevant. Was he a devoted priest in his past life that makes him a good paladin? Was he a good person before? We never do find out. :meowthinking:

The show is a fine The Hobbit clone, but it's just... Him talking vaguely about his past life out of the blue is just jarring. I'd like more details please. Maybe some flashbacks. :blobfoxnomcat:

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Next year's crazy is

A salaryman and a Java Sparrow get reborn in a fantasy world...??? :meowthinking:

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Hey there!

Figured I'd create a handy little video about some places to find indie novels for free.

If you know of any other places to support indie authors for free, please drop them in the comments!

#indieauthor #indiebooks #indiefantasy #selfpublished #webnovelist #writing #novel #writers #book #books #bookstodon #webnovel #fantasy #mystery #thriller #scifi #paranormal #historicalfiction #romance #YA #comedy #poetry #fiction #nonfiction #isekai #adult #xianxia #progressionfantasy #cultivation @bookstodon

The video begins on a graphic created using a picture of a black book on a red tablecloth. The picture has been edited to replace the cover of the book. The edited cover is an illustration of a landscape that is dark, a sprawling castle with a kingdom surrounding it, misty clouds twisting between structures. In the sky framing the tallest center spire is a vast circular halo made of glowing flame and light. The captions in these frames of the video read: "Places to find indie books for free!" The next frames include a real life video of mountains with a dark cloudy sky in the background, large pines and other trees in the foothills and midground, and a field of wheat with a rusted farm-grade rolling sprinkler in it on the foreground. The captions in this portion of the video read: "Webnovel! You can find novels, webcomics, and fanfic on this website. Isekai, LitRPG, Fantasy, SciFi, Comedy, Slice of Life, Fanfic, and Romance are just a few popular genres! Royal Road! This website is a great place to find novels and book series with asian and/or anime influences. Isekai, Xianxia, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, SciFi, and Comedy are just a few popular genres! Scribblehub! This website is also good for finding novels and book series with asian and/or anime influences. Isekai, Xianxia, LitRPG, Fantasy, SciFi, Comedy, Supernatural, Fanfic, and Adult are just a few popular genres!"

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À deux doigts de tenter un truc dingue : écrire mon projet isekai en anglais 😵
Mon anglais est assez fluide pour tromper son monde en situation conversationnelle, mais je ne suis pas bilingue, en fait. Donc c'est l'assurance de me vautrer. Et pourtant, j'ai envie d'essayer.

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Mal eine Frage in die große Runde (darf auch gern geteilt werden).

Habt ihr gute empfehlenswerte mit weiblichen Hauptfiguren?

Gesehen habe ich in die Richtung bisher nur "Ascendance of a Bookworm", aber auch SAO, Konosuba, Mushuku Tensei und Overlord, die ja aber den Fokus auf dem männlichen Hauptcharakter haben.

Gern auch etwas, was ich auf finden kann 😊

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Isekai protagonists and their rice. :meow_hungry_anim:

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The single fact that this screenshot isn’t an edit is ridiculous

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Officially caught up on Vending Machine anime. I'm gonna be honest, I was skeptical when I first saw the ads for this. But it's really outperformed my expectations.

It's such a unique concept, and it seems like it shouldn't work. But it does work. And I love it. Maybe it's time for some Boxxo emojis :ChikaYay:

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This is The Clubhouse where I meet with the cool kids who are going to help me build out New, interactive, Worlds: of Color and Adventure; and who yearn to learn patterns of Creation that will encourage them to Make! something of them Selves.

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I have been watching various series lately and will probably have a rundown of them on . Maybe even a kind of ranking of them. I see neat things in all of them but also I have my fair share of annoyances.

Should be a good session on Sunday.

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