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After working on the FX TV series, historian Frederik Cryns explores the life of William Adams in detail for his biography, "In the Service of the Shogun." #culture #books #shogun #jamesclavell #williamadams

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James Clavell’s 1975 novel "Shogun" introduced a generation to Japan. Almost 50 years on, the challenges are different for this new big-budget streaming adaptation.

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I watched the original series in the 80s (and read the book) in junior high, leading to enjoying most of 's novels (especially King Rat and Whirlwind) but am wondering what the remake intends to achieve? There is a lot in it to unpack, and I'm not sure what will stay and what will be changed to suit current sensibilities.

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Hello, you lovely people, this is my

I think it is pretty obvious that I am a massive fan - or rather, Tolkienist 😀 - but my second literary love certainly is .

Other writers I love are , , and .

But I also love - , , and . , , the I grew up in, , , , , work and much, much more. 😍

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