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Been catching up on Cinderella Tournament matches for Stardom... On the 4th night, and this is absolutely terrible booking. Even the match of Giulia losing her Strong Title, what a garbage finish.

Rossy's presence is missed.

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So I did an ebay order of the BBM Women's Pro-Wrestling Ambitious! special card set. Got some great random pulls!

Miyu Yamashita's and Haru's, both of of TJPW, autographs. Got an EX pull of Ram Kaicho, and SP pulls of Hikaru Shida and Saki Akai. Two other limited pulls were Yuki Arai and Riho, and I got the limited acrylic standee card of Saree.

#joshi #JoshiPuroresu #JoshiProWrestling #JapaneseWomensWrestling #ProWrestling #TradingCards

Joshi pro-wrestling trading cards sit on a desk. They are Miyu Yamashita's and Haru's autograph cards, EX Ram Kaicho card, SP Hikaru Shida and Saki Akai cards, Limited Yuki Arai and Riho cards, and an acrylic standee card of Saree.

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The new faction has been named.

Say hello to 'Empress Nexus Venus' or EXV and is written as E neXus V.

(Plus Xena who isn't in this photo lol)

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Yuka Sakazaki with a bit of a new hair colour before her move to the US. (and I could barely recognize her!)

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Stardom's New Blood 11 was a solid, fun event. But that Stardom 5* GP Finals.... fantastic! Some great upsets, and a great way to cap off a 5* series that saw multiple injuries. Suzu Suzuki and Maika absolutely killed it. :ds_shinobuclap:

Now to relax for a bit before bed. Tomorrow night we'll be watching TJPW Wrestle Princess IV

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Gonna be a busy 2 days of joshi PPV watching. Catching up with Stardom New Blood 11 and 5* GP Finals tonight on my Discord.

Tomorrow night is Wrestle Princess IV.

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Watched the latest Ganbare Joshi event and it was an okay show. A couple really good matches, but the rest was just mediocre

Watching Sukeban now. The wrestlers are great as expected... but this commentary team is dreaful. Just doing a super poor jobs with names of moves, sometimes the actual wrestler names...

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Minoru Suzuki facing his mightiest challenge in Mei Suruga

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A happy 25th birthday to Stardom’s Red Queen, the leader of Queen’s Quest, Utami Hayashishita!

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Baka Gaijin & Friends latest stream finished about an hour ago.

Volume 7 features the following matches





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